How to Expand the Map in Genshin Impact



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Genshin Impact transports you to a vast fantasy realm like other open-world games. Players can explore the seven nations of Teyvat, discovering new adventures in every corner of the game world.

How to Expand the Map in Genshin Impact

Players can purchase maps from vendors in some fantasy games, but open-world games like Genshin Impact do not allow this. This promotes exploration and gives players a sense of progress and achievement.

Here is what the Statues of the Seven (red circles) will look like on a map that hasn’t been unlocked.

In Genshin Impact, you need to activate a Statue of the Seven to unlock parts of the map for that specific region. These sculptures represent the god—or “archon”—worshipped in each nation.

These statues are marked on maps even if the area is unexplored and does not show other details. You can also see the figure with your naked eye if you are close enough. It will appear as a column of red light in the distance.

To get to the statues, you must walk to mark them on your locked map. You may need to cross bodies of water or climb structures and mountains to get to them. Of course, you will encounter monsters and other enemies along the way.

Once you activate a statue, it will reveal a portion of the map.

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