F1 2021: Best Car Setups



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Finally, the F1 2021 just got released, and there are more changes than players expected. The main thing which changed other than some rework to the graphics was the mechanics. Things like steering, suspension, brakes, and other changes were made. F1 2021, truly feels like a whole new game. Therefore, some of the best car setups which were viable in F1 2021, changes as well.

F1 2021: Best Car Setups

Best Car Setups – F1 2021

Most of the tracks we all love, cannot be completed with the same setups you might have used in F1 2020. Now, it is so different, that players are looking for setups on the daily.

But, in terms of what might be the best car setups, can you get away with only using a few setups on most tracks? To answer it truthfully, no, there aren’t no ‘best’ car setups.

Each track is different, and setup for each car is different. So, creating one which accommodates those two variables is pretty difficult. For each track and car, there are different setups which can be used.

But for those that are new, and use some AI help, it doesn’t quite matter for the car to be properly set-up. Most of the time, players can get away with using only one setup, but this is only at the rearrest of circumstances where the player’s ability should be improved before thinking about competitive advantages with setups.

In light of that fact, here’s a common build which you can use on most tracks in F1 2021:

  • Aerodynamics. Front and rear aero should be 5-10 for best overall performance.
  • Transmission. On-throttle should be around 70%, while a 55% off throttle will do just fine.
  • Suspension Geometry. Same as F1 2020. Front camber all the way to the right, and rear to the left. Set front toe at 0.06.
  • Suspension. For suspension front/rear- 4-7, anti-roll bars front/rear- 3-6, and height front/rear- 4-6.
  • Brakes. 90% brake pressure and 55% brake bias.

For tires though, it varies a lot, so it is best that you test out a couple of tire pressure combinations before the race.

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