Valve Steam Deck Price | How much will it cost


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Valve is getting dangerously close to creating one of the most spectacular consoles to ever exist. Essentially, the Valve Steam Deck is a handheld, Nintendo Switch-like portable gaming machine. Valve claim that this little device will be able to run all games available on the Steam library. But how much will the Valve Steam Deck cost? That’s the true question, and one which most are asking themselves.

Valve Steam Deck Price | How much will it cost

How Much Will The Valve Steam Deck Cost?

What’s great about this little device is the fact that it hasn’t got the same constraints as something like a Nintendo Switch for example. To elaborate, it is essentially a mini-PC, so technically you can do everything on it, like a normal computer.

But in all honesty, I’m trying to keep my expectations as low as possible. The handheld PC idea has been around for years now, and up until now, not one single company has managed to pull it off.

Nevertheless, that might not be as important as the attractive price. The Valve Steam Deck will start at $399 and at most, it will cost around $649.

The price depends largely on what version you get, as there are three versions: 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB. Now, it has a scheduled availability of Q1 in 2022, for the first 64GB model, with the other ones coming later that year.

While $399 is quite an attractive price for what seems to be revolutionary, there is a big downside with the 64GB model. It won’t use an NVMe SSD like the other two, and will use a embedded multimedia card or eMMC for short.

This is what most are complaining about with the entry model, but in terms of running games, that might not make much of a difference, since we can see that hard drives and SSDs have similar performance when it comes to games, despite SSDs being a lot faster.

That might only be a downside if you’re planning to use the Valve Steam Deck for other things like productivity, multimedia, and all that jazz.

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