Does Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Have Cross-Platform?



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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has hit all the points of a ‘crazy fun game’ with one large power punch! Thousands of players every second are jumping, tumbling, falling and ultimately – knocking each other out for a chance of being the winner!

Does Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Have Cross-Platform?

We’ve been enjoying Fall Guys a lot and we have no doubt that you’re having a blast too. But some of our friends are PC gamers and some of them are console gamers – and it proved very difficult to gather them all and just have fun!

The Cross-Platform Situation Of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Here is the hard truth: Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout does not have a cross-platform feature.

That simply means that if you are playing Fall Guys on your PC and your friend is playing it on his PS4 – you won’t be able to connect and play the game together. We’ve seen such an option on many modern video games, yet we are sad that it’s not the case with Fall Guys too.

You also cannot play Fall Guys in a local multiplayer mode, such as split-screen crossplay. It is allowed for only one jellybean to have fun on one screen and those are the rules

Strong Promises For The Future of Cross Play in Fall Guys

True, Fall Guys was never intended to be launched with cross-platform play. As it turned out, even the regular servers were in big trouble, being overcrowded ever since the game came out. But that never meant crossplay was out of the question forever!

Source: Fallguys Support

In one Q&A, the developers informed us that even though crossplay won’t be present in the launch, it is a feature they strongly want to implement in the game! They’ve also hinted at achievable versions of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout for Nintendo and Xbox. And with those being possibly on their way, it’s safe to assume that crossplay will be here as well.

Many things weren’t ready for the great success of Fall Guys – so features like crossplay and availability on other gaming platforms would have to wait just a little bit longer. And with the promises of Mediatonic and Devolver Digital – we can smile at the bright future of Fall Guys!

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