Fallout 4: How to Run – Sprint Backwards



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Even though many weren’t a fan of the latest Fallout, Fallout 4, these games will always make it into the hearts of many different players.

Fallout 4: How to Run – Sprint Backwards

When it comes to Fallout, there has always been debates and stands that some Fallout games were better than others. Nonetheless, at least Fallout 4 is the best-looking of the bunch, but many are quite frustrated with its movement system.

A particular issue keeps popping up, and that is a common frustration with running backwards. Walking backwards in Fallout 4 is at least 50% less fast, than walking forwards.

How to Run – Sprint Backwards in Fallout 4

Many are speculating that the main reason for this feature, is to increase immersion, and make the game as close to reality as possible. However, it is also important to note that some people have achieved 60% of sprinting, backwards.

While that might be true, in Fallout 4, it seems much less than that. Unfortunately, sprinting backwards in Fallout 4 is not possible, and there aren’t any mods or similar tools that would help players achieve this.

Whatever the case might be, there is no doubt that this was overlooked during development. It is unfortunate, since there was much better movement in previous generations of Fallout even if it didn’t feel as fluent and as realistic.

Because of this, players have to turn around to run at full-speed, which also robs players of the possibility to “kite”, i.e. shoot and run.

Particularly VR players are aware of how big of an issue this is. Unfortunately, ever since its release, it has not been changed that much, and there doesn’t seem to be an initiative to do so.

The only thing that could somewhat mitigate this issue is to increase walking speed of the characters in the game. It’s unorthodox and somewhat game-breaking, but unfortunately, there are no other ways.

If you do want to change walking speed, then find the Fallout 4 folder in your documents, and in it, search for “Fallout4Prefs.ini”. Under VR, make sure that you alter “fDirectMovementSpeedScale”. This won’t change the speed of sprinting, but rather the speed of walking in the game.

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