Valheim: How to Get Pickaxe to Mine Copper and Tin


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Valheim is a pretty complex game. Those that are new to it, or want to get into it, might get overwhelmed by everything that its players should know in order to progress in it.

Valheim: How to Get Pickaxe to Mine Copper and Tin

Basic things like farming copper and tin might be not basic at all. That’s the point of Valheim, and it is very unforgiving for its player base. The point is to be as close to reality as possible, and it successfully does that.

Nevertheless, all of these things can be learned, especially how to get a pickaxe, and start mining copper and tin.

How to Get Pickaxe to Mine Copper and Tin – Valheim

It is important to note that one must have progressed to a certain point in the game in order to make a pickaxe and to progress to mining copper and tin.

valheim how to get a pickaxe to mine copper and tin

That is, to be well-equipped to take on the first boss Eikthyr, or have already taken him down. The main reason is because players get a pickaxe blueprint from the Eikthyr boss. So, in order to get the pickaxe in Valheim, players must beat the first boss in the game.

When players complete this portion of the game, they get the Antler Pickaxe recipe, as well as a Hard Antler, which can be used to craft said pickaxe.

To craft the pickaxe, you will need to make a Workbench. To ensure that you will be able to craft on it, you must put a roof above it, otherwise you won’t be able to craft. Get some wood before crafting the pickaxe, because that is a requirement as well.

After players get the Antler Pickaxe, they can start mining copper and tin. In order to get copper, players will need to travel to the Black Forest, where copper is quite abundant.

There, you will need to mine the copper deposits that you find, most frequently in rocky places, to get copper ores. As for getting tin, players need to mine the tin deposits that can be found on the shores of the Black Forest.

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