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Coal is a resource used to craft many functional items in Stardew Valley. Coal is required in making Preserves Jar and Beehouse which are advantageous in the Artisan business. It is not an exaggeration to say that you need stacks of Coal for your playthrough, so here is a guide telling you how to farm Coal effectively.

How to Farm Coal in Stardew Valley

Uses of Coal

Like Clay, Coal is quite a common item, but you need hundreds of them because of its versatility. You will be required to use Coal to craft a Scarecrow from the start. It also takes one Coal and five Ore to create a Bar in the Furnace. Even in mid-game, you will still likely need Coal as you can use it to craft multiple Bombs for mining.

In addition to that, here are all the craftable items that use Coal as an ingredient:

  • Beehouse
  • Preserves Jar
  • Seed Maker
  • Cherry Bomb
  • Bomb
  • Warrior Ring
  • Explosive Ammo
  • Slime Egg-Press
  • Cookout Kit
  • Wicked Statue
  • Braziers (Wood, Stone, Barrel, Stump, Gold, and Carved)

How to Farm Coal Effectively

There are several ways to get Coal, but the most efficient and foolproof method to farm Coal is killing Dust Sprites. However, you have to remember to bring some necessary equipment before busting into the Mines. 

These are the things you will need when hunting Dust Sprites:

  • Good or Great Daily Luck: Always remember that luck affects almost everything you do in Stardew Valley, including farming loot from monsters.
  • Monster Musk: Use this for a high chance of getting monster-infested floors. The recipe for this item can be obtained after completing the Prismatic Jelly quest. 
  • Burglar’s Ring: Equip this ring to farm a good amount of loot from enemies. This accessory can be acquired from the Adventurer’s Guild after killing a total of 500 Dust Sprites.

The Mines is where Dust Sprites mainly crawl. They can specifically spawn in huge numbers on floors 41 to 79, especially when you use the Monster Musk and equip Burglar’s Ring. Note that completing the Monster Eradication Goals of Killing 500 Dust Sprites will double your chance of getting Coal from slaying Dust Sprites.

This method can easily give you 200 to 250 Coal per run, which is not a terrible way to spend your day. Of course, if you are not big on going to the Mines to kill a bunch of Dust Sprites, we have also listed down various methods to farm Coal.

Other methods to get Coal

Mining: Coal is also obtained from breaking rocks in the Mines. Some floors also have minecarts that drop Coal when clicked on.

Crab Pots: Use Crab Pots and place them on your farm or anywhere with water in Pelican Town. You can harvest trash from Crab Pots and put them into a recycling machine. There is a 30% chance you will get coal from recycling trash.

Fishing: Fishing can also give you Treasure Chests that sometimes contain Coal.

Panning: Use the Copper Pan tool to gather Coal from rivers with shimmering lights. These lights may also appear on lakes or ponds.

Slimes: Red, Purple, and Black Slimes may also occasionally drop Coal.

Charcoal Kiln: If you have any wood to spare, use them to make Coal in the Charcoal Kiln. Every ten pieces of wood will only give you one Coal, so it is not recommended unless you have an abundant supply of wood.

Buying Coal: Suppose you are already overflowing with Gold. You may spend some of them buying Coal from Clint. You can buy them from the Blacksmith for 150 to 250 Gold. The Traveling Merchant will sometimes also sell Coal for a random price (100 to 1,000 Gold).

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