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Do you want to achieve that 100% completion challenge but you’re having a tough time finding a Prismatic Jelly to finish a certain quest? Look no further. This guide will give you some tips on how and where to find one, so keep on reading if you want to know more about this jar of colorful substance.

How to Get Prismatic Jelly in Stardew Valley

Prismatic Jelly is a monster drop that can only be obtained from slaying Prismatic Slimes. Prismatic Slimes are very rare, so there’s only a 1.2% chance of you finding them in the mines.

Unfortunately, you cannot breed them in a Slime Hutch, and you will only be able to locate these special Slimes after accepting a quest from the Special Orders Board.

Starting the Quest

The Special Orders Board is situated just south of Mayor Lewis’ house, and it only becomes available on the 2nd day of Fall in your first year. Just like in the “Help Wanted” Bulletin Board, you can check out the Special Orders Board to accept quests from the residents, How to Obtain Prismatic Jelly in Stardew Valley

The Wizard is the one who gives you the Prismatic Jelly Quest. You will only be given a one-week deadline, but you’ll only need one jar of Prismatic Jelly to finish the Wizard’s bidding.

Finding Prismatic Slimes

Prismatic Jelly is not actually that uncommon. Every time you slay a Prismatic Slime, you’ll have a 100% chance of getting them. Prismatic Slimes may appear like a regular Slime at first, but if you look at them closely, you’ll see that their skin can cycle through the colors of a rainbow.

You will have better odds of finding Prismatic Slimes if you have a very high luck stat. Tune in to the television to check your Daily Luck, wear your Lucky Ring, and try to look for the Special Charm before heading into the Mines. Keep in mind to always bring food that can temporarily boost your luck whenever you’re exploring dungeons for rare materials.

Normally, Prismatic Slimes will appear between floors 95 and 115 in The Mines. But there is a trick to making them spawn on lower floors to save you time and energy. You need to go to floor 5 and zoom out all the way to see if there are any rainbow Slimes on that floor. If you’re not able to spot any, go to the 1st floor again, and repeat this process until they finally appear.

Prismatic Slimes are more resilient than the average Slimes, but it will be easy for you to defeat them if you have the Galaxy Sword and a Slime Charmer Ring. The Slime Charmer Ring works best against Slimes since you’ll be invulnerable from their attacks when you equip it as an accessory. You can get it from Gil after finishing an Adventurer’s Guild Quest.

Rewards for Getting a Prismatic Jelly

Talk to the Wizard and hand him over the Prismatic Jelly once you’ve completed the quest. The Wizard doesn’t leave his tower unless there’s a festival held in town, so you will have no trouble finding him when you collect your rewards.

Here are the rewards you will receive upon completing his request:

  • 5,000 Gold
  • The recipe for Monster Musk

Monster Musk is an item that you can craft using 30 Slimes (monster loot) and 30 Bat Wings. You can use this item buff to lure out enemies, making them spawn in huge numbers when you enter a floor. Monster Musks can be very useful if you’re trying to look for monsters with rare drops in dungeons or caverns.

More Quests to Go

Some special orders repeat, but this particular one does not. Clearly, whatever the Wizard used the Prismatic Jelly for, he has moved on from it. There are other quests from the Special Orders Board with decent rewards that you can take. Now that you have the recipe for Monster Musk, you’ll have a better chance of completing other quests that require you to slay elusive monsters to obtain more loot.

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