Feature: Pure PlayStation's Game of the Year 2019 – Our Top Ten Games


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2019 is now in the dust, but we’re holding onto it for just a little while longer as we knock out our annual Game of the Year article. We’ve played hundreds of games between us at Pure PlayStation, and reviewed just as many. It’s been a very, very busy year for games, and here’s hoping 2020 is just as fulfilling on that front.
We’ve all voted for our top games, and the results are as follows:

Feature: Pure PlayStation's Game of the Year 2019 - Our Top Ten Games

#10. Death Stranding

Kojima’s Death Stranding was always going to be divisive, but it resonated with enough of the team to nab the number 10 spot on our yearly list.
Those in the team that enjoy it say that the gameplay loop is what keeps them going and that it’s the usual bonkers story from Kojima’s equally bonkers brain. If you’re a fan of his previous work, you’ll find comfort in his latest bout of video-game craziness. You can read our Death Stranding PS4 review here.

#9. Days Gone

Sony Bend Studio finally took the leap to developing a full console game with Days Gone. Previously, the Oregon-based outfit had been making games for Sony’s portable machines, most notably Uncharted: The Golden Abyss on the PS Vita.
Unrestrained from mobile hardware, Sony Bend Studio put together an open world that’s equal parts beautiful and horrific. Sure, it cribs from other games, but there’s just enough there to give it its own legs. A sequel is no doubt in the works, and everyone at Pure PlayStation is looking forward to it. You can read our Days Gone PS4 review here.

#8. The Outer Worlds

If The Outer Worlds is Obsidian Entertainment’s last multiplatform game, at least it’s the best of the bunch. Critically acclaimed upon release, The Outer Worlds was a throwback to the days that made Obsidian a household name among gamers. There’s so much to see and do that you’ll be exploring The Outer Worlds’ worlds for a long, long time. Or you can speed-run it in three hours like some kind of sicko. You can read our The Outer Worlds PS4 review here.

#7. Catherine Full Body

Catherine came out on the PS3 back in 2011 and received a warm reception – not just from anime fans, but people out not clued up on the genre. It was a relatively unknown title (Persona hadn’t picked up enough momentum for mainstream gaming), but it held it’s price. Fast-forward 8 years and it gets a re-release on the PS4 with a new character and new title Catherine: Full Body.It’s the same game but with sharper graphics and another love interest of sorts thrown into the mix. This is a full-blown presentation, occasionally breaking the fourth wall and teaching life lessons (if you need them) and having seen the hype, this is a game that leapfrogs to the top.

#6. Dragon Quest Builders 2

Another anime-influenced title, based on the popular Dragon Quest series of the same name, Dragon Quest Builders 2 is the sequel to the first game(!) and is a different take on to the open world-building game.Taking on inspiration from both Minecraft and classic JRPGs like the Zelda series, you take on the role of a master builder that isn’t from the Lego universe. It looks a bit like Lego Dimensions, but Japanese style. It’s a massive sandbox and once time permits, a game to get stuck into.

#5. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Infinity Ward’s reboot of the Modern Warfare storyline has been a critical and commercial success, and while the multiplayer may be what most spend their time in, us lot as Pure PlayStation voted for the single-player campaign. It’s a tightly put together shooter and an early glimpse at what we can expect from future Call of Duty games on PS5. You can read our Call of Duty: Modern Warfare PS4 review here.

#4. A Plague Tale: Innocence

A Plague Tale: Innocence is bleak and beautiful. Told through the eyes of siblings Amicia and Hugo de Rune, this stark depiction of France’s dark past, one stricken by war, zealotism and The Black Death, is consistently compelling and affecting. Excellent storytelling, arresting performances, inventive gameplay and a relentless atmosphere make A Plague Tale a truly exceptional experience. You can read our A Plague Tale: Innocence PS4 review here.

#3. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order didn’t rub us all the right way, but it did enough to take third place. It offered an authentic Star Wars story, complete with twists, turns, enemies, new friends, and above all else, sweet lightsaber slashing action. What more could you ask for from a Star Wars game? A decent frame rate, but maybe next time, eh? You can read our Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order PS4 review here.

#2. Control

Control is a mesmerizing fever dream of a game. It is often said that the world a game takes place in is a character all of its own, yet that has never been truer than in Control’s The Oldest House. This ever-shifting brutalist labyrinth is alive with all manner of paranormal forces including the insidious Hiss, an entity that threatens to destroy reality itself. Control is a smart, strange and sublime experience thanks to captivating storytelling, strong performances and one of the most dynamic and gratifying combat systems in any game.

#1. Blood & Truth

Virtual reality may not be for everyone, and there are some who will never accept it for their own reasons, but Sony London Studio’s thrilling action-movie infused first-person shooter struck enough chords with us at Pure PlayStation to crown it our 2019 Game of the Year. And deservedly so. It’s a fantastic shooter and worth every penny you pay for it/every day in jail you get for stealing it. Buy this game, steal this game – just make sure you play it, and then try and criticise virtual reality without looking like a boob. You can read our Blood & Truth PS4 review here.

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