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The world of Genshin Impact is full of fascinating fauna, and its towns are home to lovable cats and dogs. Inazuma even has a tiny island full of cats called Asase Shrine.

Feeding Animals in Genshin Impact

This is a nice touch, but sadly the game does not let players pet any furry creatures.

Feeding a Dog in Liyue Harbor

There is one dog you can feed. It is not much, but it provides a cute little treat for animal lovers.

You can find this dog at the entrance of Liyue Harbor lying on the grass to the right of the gate.

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Go up to the lamp on your right. Next to it, there is a plate. Walk up, and an option that says “Feed” will appear.

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If you select it, you will need a piece of fowl to put on the plate.

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The dog will step up and chow down.

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This dog is also part of a world quest in Liyue, which you can get from Changchang. You can find her just across the bridge inside Liyue Harbor, checking out stalls.

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Talk to her between 6:00 and 19:00 to unlock the quest “Changchang’s Little Friend.

Feeding Foxes in Dragonspine

Snow Foxes are some of the beasts that are native to the Dragonspine area. There is a secret mission that requires you to feed them. Doing so unlocks a hidden achievement.

To find this, teleport to the Statue of the Seven in Dragonspine.

fox statue of seven

From there, go through the Entombed City – Ancient Palace and into the path leading up to the Peak of Vindagnyr.

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Right past the stone stairs, you will see a cave to the left where there is a little camp. In that camp is a vessel that prompts you with an option to place berries.

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When you do so, Paimon will talk about how the foxes are too shy to come near you.

fox paimon talk

If you do this every day for five days, the foxes will warm up to you and show up with a precious chest.

fox day 5 chest

Opening this will complete the mission and unlock the achievement “Untellable Tale.”

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The “Untellable Tale” achievement is unlocked.

Feeding Cats in Serai Island

To unlock this hidden achievement, you need to feed cats every day for four days. But before you can do this, you need to complete a series of world quests from the Shrine Maiden Neko of Asase Shrine.

cat shrine

After you have completed the Seirai Stormchasers quest, which removes the lightning barrier of the region, this world quest will be available.

Neko is a Cat

The name of the world quest series is “Neko is a Cat.” Each quest can be acquired once every day for up to eight days, in which you will help Neko bring the shrine back to its former glory. The quests require you to complete simple tasks but make sure to visit every day to finish this quickly.

  1. Neko is a Cat: Wooden Rack – Fix the prayer rack.
  2. Neko is a Cat: The Children – Find two little cats and bring them back to Neko. One is south of the island by the shore and the other one is above the big tree behind the shrine.
  3. Neko is a Cat: Shrine Recipe – Ask Kiminami Anna in Inazuma City to cook a meal that a cat would love. This dish should include fish meat, animal meat, water-grown grass, and white rice.
  4. Neko is a Cat: Cat and Stone – Go to the shell-shaped cottage north of Tatarasuna and look for an artisan who can carve stone and make a statue of Neko.
  5. Neko is a Cat: Stone Human’s Troubles – The artisan—Ooshima Junpei—broke his tools and would need iron chunks to repair it so you give him what he needs.
  6. Neko is a Cat: Shrine Canteen – Ooshima Junpei is hungry but is getting tired of fish and fowl so he will ask you to hunt him for some raw meat.
  7. Neko is a Cat: Ding-A-Ling Metal Ball – Neko will ask you to hang bells on three different places in the shrine to attract more people.
  8. Neko is a Cat: A “Good Turn” Comes Late – The statue is now complete and Neko will thank Ooshima Junpei as she waits for the return of her friend.

In one of the quests, you will cook the dish Delicious Invigorating Kitty Meal and obtain its recipe. This dish will be the one you are feeding the cats in Serai Island.

cat food

After completing the last world quest in the Neko is a Cat series, head to Fort Hiraumi. Teleport to the waypoint located southwest, the one right across the Statue of Seven in Koseki Village.

feed cat location

From there, walk down the cliff right next to the arena ruin. You will find this big rock with four smaller rocks positioned to look like a paw.

On one of these rocks is a cat sitting next to a bowl or a vessel. Go near it and feed the cat with the Kitty Meal.

In the following days, another cat will appear on the other smaller rocks. Do this for four consecutive days, and you will unlock the hidden achievement “A Cat’s Gift.” You will also get a Precious Chest as a reward.

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Random Events

When you roam around Teyvat or go about your daily routine, you might trigger random events where you will be asked to feed a dog.

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