FIFA 21: How To Make Coins



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Coins will be very important in your journey in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. The game has just come out and players are rushing to start banking big buck.

FIFA 21: How To Make Coins

As you know, you can use these coins to buy players, appearance items, team perks, etc. This means it’s pretty important to jump on this as fast as possible. But how to make coins in FIFA 21?

Well, stick around because we will give you a detailed guide on making money in FIFA.

How to Make Coins in FIFA 21

Like I said above, this game just came out, and if you do this right, you will be way ahead of a big portion of the competition.

Coin farming can be similar to the other FIFA games, but it there are some different aspects which are very apparent.

Nevertheless, this is how to make coins in FIFA 21:

  1. Drafts

If you are considerably good at FIFA and can get into finals consistently, then this way is for you. You can make quite some money by doing this method. However, don’t buy in with coins.

  1. Rivals Placement Matches

You can skip through a lot of divisions this way, which means you can get rewards from winning in high divisions.

It’s a pretty hard method, but make sure to make a safe and strong squad. You can spend a little bit more to combine the squad, since you will get a big return.

  1. Squad Battles

If you are planning on playing squad battles, don’t crank up the difficulty to the highest level. It’s not like it’s not doable, but chances are you will win with only a one or a two-goal difference.

This will mean that you don’t get maximum points, the more points you manage to reach, the more coins you will earn.

  1. Save Strong Players
    Don’t go around selling star players with above 90 OVR. After a certain time, values rise on these. The game is still new so good players might be cheap now, so don’t rush it.

It’s not a sure thing, but you can make mind-blowing profits if the marketplace is in need of these players.

  1. Flip Chemistry and Key Consumables

Because of the lack of players for now, you can stack up on chemistry and key consumables. Like the strong players, these will go up in value once more people start getting on FIFA 21.

These days you can get chemistry items for less the 200-300 coins, which is one hell of a bargain.

The main thing is to note is that this game is “NEW”. This means you can jump ahead on these things, and make an unbelievable profit in a few months.

That’s why getting FIFAs on early access is overpowered. However, patience is key, so good luck!

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