How To Do The Drag Back in FIFA 21



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FIFA has always been a skillful game, there is no doubt about it. There are millions of combinations and tricks you can do to destroy your opponent, and it also has the added benefit of more style-points.

How To Do The Drag Back in  FIFA 21

Most of the tricks are extremely challenging, and at that point you would have to be a veteran to master them. However, today we will talk about the drag back, which is a simple trick to do, yet very effective.

This is how to do the drag back in FIFA 21.

FIFA 21: How to Do the Drag Back

The Drag Back has been around in quite a few FIFA games. However, in FIFA 21 it has been reworked a bit, and it greatly differentiates from its predecessors, even though it might not seem like it.

Unfortunately, it has been nerfed and buffed at the same time. What do I mean by this? Well, the drag back has been slowed down just a touch, but the overall chain of moves you can do has increased.

In other words, you can do more moves after executing a drag back, something which you would have struggled with in old FIFAs.

Nevertheless, this is how to do the drag back in FIFA 21:

  1. Hold R1+L1 on PS4 or RB+LB on Xbox One.
  2. Immediately switch the direction using the left analog stick.

This is how straightforward it is to execute this move. Many players will tell you to move you stick back when holding R1+L1, but it is not common knowledge that you can move any direction you want when doing this trick.

So, based on the situation in which you execute this trick, choose the appropriate direction. Also, like I said above, you can do more tricks in sequence. In previous FIFA games, after the second or third trick, the ball gets far away from the player, which made for some big epic fails. Good Luck!

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