How to Find Relics in God of War Ragnarok


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Learn how to find relics in God of War: Ragnarok!

How to Find Relics in God of War Ragnarok

We know that Kratos and Atreus have a great arsenal of weapons, from the Blades of Chaos to the Leviathan Axe, but the game also gives the pair more moves with magical relics.

In the game, relics can cast various spells and powers during combat, which could be very nifty in a jam. While some relics come naturally with the story, there are some that players will have to seek out. Some can be crafted at the dwarven forges as well.

God of War: Ragnarok Relics and Hilts

God of War: Ragnarok has 14 relics and hilts, each with special effects during combat.

Talisman of Meign

Effect: Get bonus melee damage

Location: Located in the Applecore at Svartalfheim; you can receive it during the “Quest for Tyr” main quest.

Hilt of Gram

Effect: Applies stun and grants a burst of rage.

Location: Located in the Temple of Light in Alfheim. During the main quest, “Groa’s Secret,” players can unlock it as part of a puzzle with a twilight stone.

Hilt of Angrvadall (Lost Page)

Effect: Attack with waves of light; effective against sonic-afflicted enemies.

Location: Located in The Barrens at Alfheim. Defeat the Gravel Belly in the “Desert Door” favor.

Glaive of Dodher

Effect: Kratos throws Bifrost projectiles at targets.

Location: Found in the Abandoned Village in Vanaheim. Defeat Fiske during “The Reckoning” main quest.

Hilt of Ridill (Lost Page)

Effect: Unleashes Shock waves at enemies.

Location: Located in The Lost Treasury in Midgard. Complete the “Animal Instincts” favor and defeat Oluf Nautson.

Hilt of Dainsleif (Lost Page)

Effect: Create a poison hazard effect when slamming into the ground.

Location: Found in the Forbidden Sands in Alfheim during the “Lost Treasure” favor.

Mystical Heirloom

Effect:  Awakens slumbering bosses.

Location: Found in the Lake of Nine in Midgard. Break the ice in the lake with the use of the Draupnir Spear.

Hilt of Hofud

Effect: Slows down time by creating a Realm Shift.

Location: Located in the Abandoned Village in Vanaheim

Hilt of Hrotti

Effect: Marks enemies that reduce cooldown when struck by them and applies blessing when that enemy is defeated.

Location: Found in The Plains of Vanaheim. Found after defeating two mini-bosses.

The Hilt of Tyrfing (Lost Page)

Effect: Sacrifice Health and deal damage based on lost health.

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Location: Found in The Crater in Vanaheim. Defeat the Blatton during the “Creatures of Prophecy” main quest.

Huldra Project 9

Effect: Use Mimir as a weapon and have him create a controlled Bifrost blast.

Location: This item is crafted by Brok and Sindri at their workshop after completing the “Realms at War” main quest.

Motosingnir’s Call

Effect: Deal high Stun around Kratos after creating a shockwave.

Location: It can be located in Niflheim; it will be granted after the “Realms at War” main quest.

Hilt of Forsbrander

Effect: Gives an Unstoppable Aura of protection while simultaneously pushing enemies back.

Location: Found in Niflheim after defeating Odin’s Raven Keeper in the “Eyes of Odin” favor.

Hilt of Skofnung

Effect: Attack nearby enemies with several spectral swords.

Location: Found at the King’s Grave in Midgard. Kratos will receive this after defeating King Hrolf in the “Fit for a King” favor.

16 God of War Ragnarok Sindri

Lost Pages

Note that some relics have been marked with “Lost Pages,” meaning they can be obtained via a side quest with Kratos searching for these relics around the realms. They contain blueprints for specific relics that can be crafted at the dwarven forges when collected.

Only four are in the game, but they also make for some interesting items.

Though not relic is for everyone, they all come with special perks that could benefit players depending on their play style. Just note that these relics also come with their lengthy cooldown, so it’s best not to depend on them too hard during gameplay.

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