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Taking care of your character in DayZ can be quite challenging, considering many things could happen as you explore. Aside from other players and zombies, you also have to worry about diseases as well. One of the most recent additions to the game is bone fractures, and these are very debilitating for your character in the game.

How To Fix Broken Bones In DayZ

In the early builds of DayZ, you could walk off your injuries in the game by taking morphine. That is no longer the case with the current build of the game, as with the introduction of bone fractures comes a whole world’s worth of problems to worry about. If you do not treat bone fractures, your character will limp and find it harder to move. If left untreated for a long time, it can even result in death.

Before we talk about how you can treat bone fractures, let’s first talk about how you can get injured in the game in the first place.

Where Can You Get Fractures In DayZ

In DayZ, fractures can come from all sorts of sources. The most common of which is when you jump or fall from a high place. It is highly recommended you avoid jumping from areas that are taller than your character. Aside from getting injured, it is very likely you will cause damage to your health, so be very careful.

Another common source of fractures in the game is combat engagements. Be it against a zombie or another human player; you can get injured during fights. If you are up against players, bone fractures can be caused by getting hit with blunt objects like shovels or bats. As for zombie encounters, you can get bone fractures simply by getting attacked by them.

How To Treat Bone Fractures In DayZ

As said earlier, you can no longer take a shot of morphine to numb the pain when you get a bone fracture. Instead, you will have to treat injuries with a splint. Wherever the injury is on your character, you are going to have to make a splint first. You can create a splint by combining one bandage with two short sticks. Luckily, these are very easy to find.

You can find bandages lying around the game’s world. They are more abundant inside pharmacies and hospitals, so make sure to stock up on them. Bandages are a common item, and you even start the game with one in your inventory, so that is one less thing to worry about.

If you can not find bandages, what you can do is drag your knife over some old clothing items. This will yield 1-6 rags. You will need a total of 4 rags to create a bandage.

As for short sticks, you will have to look for bushes around the world to get them. Head on over to the bush, interact with it, and your character will begin harvesting sticks from it. Keep in mind that you can get cuts from harvesting sticks from bushes, so be very careful as well. Alternatively, you can chop bushes with sharp objects as well.

Crafting the Broken Bones Splint in DayZ

With those items in your inventory, all you need to do is to craft the splint itself. Equip your stick and then drag the bandage over it. From there, you will have to treat yourself with the splint.

Now, the injury does not magically disappear. Instead, it will slowly heal over time. Once you apply the splint, your character will start to walk better, but it will take a few in-game days before the fracture completely heals. During this time, it would be best to avoid engaging in fights with others.

Bone fractures are dangerous in DayZ. You will be facing dangers left and right in the. You can not avoid getting injured. Being prepared with the right tools and knowledge to treat yourself in the game is vital for your survival.

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