How To Get The Secret Ending In Far Cry 6



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Like previous Far Cry entries, Far Cry 6 gives you a selection of endings to choose from. In most titles, the ending comes after hours of hard work and plot twists that leave you hanging for more. Ubisoft apparently did not get the memo as they always have a secret ending for their games.

How To Get The Secret Ending In Far Cry 6

Starting with Far Cry 4, Ubisoft has been offering a secret ending to entries in the series. Most of these can be seen during the early parts of the game. The same can be done with Far Cry 6, as there is a secret ending in the game that you can achieve during the opening hours.

How To Get The Secret Ending

The opening mission in Far Cry 6 is titled Libertad Rises. The secret ending is easy to miss, even though the game tells you what you need to do to achieve it. After completing Libertad Rises, you will be leaving the island of Isla Santuario and you will be tasked with opening Libertad HQ.

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However, upon arriving on the next island, you will be given a choice to sail off into the sunset on a boat. In most games, the obvious move would be to continue the fight against Giancarlo Esposito’s Anton. However, you can sail off using the boat as an alternative.

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Enter the boat and travel to the edge of the map to leave Yara. You know you are doing things correctly when the screen notifies you are leaving Yara. Continue doing so, and the secret ending will begin to play.

Aside from beating the game fast, you can unlock certain achievements by getting the secret ending in Far Cry 6. It is good for achievers and trophy hunters. If you do not want the trouble of having to go through the opening mission again after seeing the ending, make sure you save your game before riding the boat.

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