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What? The VAL 57 Error in Valorant popped up again? Here is how to fix it.

How to Fix VAL 57 Error in Valorant

Gameplay and content aside, Valorant is impressively solid from a game application standpoint. Fans have to keep in mind that the Riot Games’ tactical FPS game is barely two years old. Sure, a few bugs and errors might pop up now and then, but none of them have been game-breaking.

It also helps that Riot Games acts on bugs, errors, and exploits fairly quickly through updates and patches – the team works around the clock to make sure everybody playing Valorant has a solid experience.

Unfortunately, Valorant’s developers can only keep an eye on so many things at once, and once every full moon, the Riot Vanguard app stops working and spews out a VAL 57 Error in Valorant.

The good news? Fixing the VAL 57 Error in Valorant is fairly easy, and we will walk you through How to Fix VAL 57 Error in Valorant in this guide.

Why does VAL 57 Error Occur in Valorant?

Riot Vanguard is Riot Games’ premiere anti-cheat software that ensures evildoers from CSGO and other FPS games can’t bring the same unfair negative vibe and gameplay to Valorant.

Cheaters are always no fun to play against – there is simply no fun knowing you cannot win no matter how hard you try. Fortunately, cheaters are rare in Valorant, keeping the matches well balanced and competitive for everyone – all thanks to Riot Vanguard.

With that in mind, the Valorant app will deny any attempt to enter the game itself when it detects an error with Riot Vanguard. Whenever Riot Vanguard fails to load and hook into the Valorant launcher, the game will throw the VAL 57 Error.

How to Fix VAL 57 Error in Valorant?

Riot Games frequently releases patches and minor updates to fix bugs and exploits in Valorant. Alongside the usual game updates, Riot Vanguard is also regularly updated to the latest release versions available – all of which happen in the background.

To fix the VAL 57 Error in Valorant, we have to reinstall the Riot Vanguard app.

Follow the steps below to Fix the VAL 57 Error in Valorant.

  1. Right-click on the Windows Start Button:

2. Click on ‘Apps and Features:.

3. In the following window, scroll down and search for the ‘Riot Vanguard’ app:

4. Left-click then choose ‘Uninstall’:

5. This warning window should pop up. Click ‘Yes:’

6. Launch the Riot Games client:

7. Click on the Update Button for Valorant:

8. After updating Valorant, click on the Valorant thumbnail to launch the game:

9. Whenever Riot Vanguard is updated or reinstalled, a system restart will be required to initiate the service.

Just restart your computer to complete the reinstallation process.

Anti-cheat Vanguard

Cheaters are the bane of every online gamer’s experience – a hacker’s twisted idea of entertainment ruins the fun for everyone else trying earnestly to play their favorite game within the developer’s rules.

Riot Vanguard is at the forefront of stopping cheaters from ruining a competitive yet fun game such as Valorant, and in the past two years, Riot Games has, so far, been able to curb the cheating issue that other FPS games such as CSGO could not fix in a decade.

With the VAL 57 Error in Valorant now fixed, players can rest assured that pure skill and playtime are the only things separating you from the top dogs in the game. So, what are you waiting for? Get into the game and start fragging!

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