Escape From Tarkov : Flash light Guide


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Flashlights and lasers can be extremely helpful in Escape From Tarkov, but in classic EFT fashion, their usage and benefits are left completely for you to figure out.

Escape From Tarkov : Flash light Guide

Using Flashlights and Lasers

With default controls
⦁ Pressing T will toggle any lasers or lights on your weapon one and off.
⦁ Pressing Ctrl+T will cycle between different modes depending on the device.

Depending on the device you have installed, you’ll also have access to different modes.

Combo units like this can include a visible laser, a normal flashlight, an IR laser, and an IR flashlight.

What’s the difference?

Currently, lasers will both give you a bright beam showing you where your weapon is actually pointed, and actually grant a slight buff to your recoil handling. Lasers must be on to grant this buff, and having multiple lasers does not grant a stronger effect. Also note that lasers are offset from the barrel of the gun, and so at very close distances your bullet will not land exactly where the laser is. For example, a laser mounted on the left of a gun will be pointing slightly to the left of where your shot will actually land in a close range fight.

Flashlights do not give a recoil buff, but are just very handy for seeing in dark buildings. Unfortunately, both lasers and flashlights are also very good at giving away your position. Always be mindful of where you’re pointing your lasers and lights.

Night Vision and Infrared

Infrared versions of lasers and lights will appear as a dim red that serve two purposes. With night vision equipment on, IR lasers and lights will be bright as day and serve not to give away your position to those without night vision.

⦁ Pressing N will toggle night vision gear on and off.

But even without night vision equipped, IR lasers still grant a recoil handling buff without letting your opponent know what door you’re watching, andIR flashlights can also be handy for giving yourself a very dim light in dark areas without shining a bright light through every window you pass.

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