Fortnite: Durr Burger Location | Season 5 Chapter 2


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Chances are you are hunting down a 10k XP reward. The Durr Burger is a location where you will need to drop in at for the Beef Boss challenge which after completion, will get you the juicy 10k experience in Fortnite Season 5 Chapter 2.

Fortnite: Durr Burger Location | Season 5 Chapter 2

Durr Burger Location – Fortnite Season 5 Chapter 2

Because you can actually drop in on one other spot if you want to complete this challenge, we will show you both locations, and you can drop-in on the one which works for you.

You can either go to the burger store directly, or go to the famous Durr Burger food truck.

The Durr Burger location is a bit left of Weeping Woods in a small industrial factory’s yard it seems like. Nonetheless, whatever it is, here it is if you are having trouble locating it:

durr burger location fortnite one

The Durr Burger food truck though, is located relatively far away. It is located a bit north from Pleasant Park, more specifically, here:

durr burger location fortnite two

Durr Burger History

Why is this place so special, and why are there challenges to go to these locations?

Well, Durr Burger is a pretty famous burger chain in Fortnite. It had a few spots along the years, and frankly, terrible things happened to it for the most part.

Firstly, it was located in Greasy Grove. Came along Season 4, and the Durr Burger mascot was sucked in by a rift and teleported to a hill next to Pleasant Park.

Soon after that, almost two seasons later, a competitive pizza chain released cockroaches inside the restaurant in order to hurt the business. They successfully did so, and health inspectors closed down Durr Burger.

Well, a few years of war between food chains went on, and each of them was following the other one. They bounced around for years until they settled in Retail Row.

Then came the Volcano, then the ice, and Durr Burger was still being trashed and destroyed. An iceberg soon moved it.

Today, we see it has settled west of the Weeping Woods, and also has a food truck close to Pleasant Park. Considering everything that happened with this restaurant, I feel like they’re doing pretty good right now.

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