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Fortnite introduced many NPCs in the last season or two. Most of them were in some ways “gods”, and those are the characters that enter the game’s lore. Other than that, though, there were many animals that were added. Animals like wolves, chickens, boars, and more made their way into the game. Nowadays, you can tame many of these animals, but each animal is different, hence taming is different.

Fortnite: How to Tame a Boar

Many wonder how they can tame a boar in Fortnite. Why that would be, is because boars hit for a lot, which I’m sure that many of you have experienced.

Taming a Boar – Fortnite

It is fairly “difficult” to do this, partly because there is a special way to tame boars in Fortnite. Wolves and other animals are more straightforward.

What players need to do to tame a boar is to craft a Hunter’s Cloak. With this item, it gives the ability for the players to tame boars. Otherwise, there is no other way to tame a wild boar. To craft this item, players basically need two ingredients:

  • 2x Bone
  • 1x Meat

Since many boars are in one pen, an easy way to craft a Hunter’s Cloak would be to kill one boar, craft the cloak, and then tame another boar.

Once a boar is killed, it drops 2x bone and 1 meat. So, technically, you can craft the very item you need to tame a boar, from a boar.

Other than that, players can get the materials from wolves or any other animal in the game. After that, it is just a matter of crafting the said cloak, and then finding a boar pen. Now, there are many around the map, but an easy one to get to is the one at Colossal Crops.

At the south side of this “town” there is a pen with wild boars in it. How many there are usually random, but most of the time, you can expect to find two or three wild boars.

These animals in Fortnite provide a little strategic advantage, and should be considered to be implemented in your gameplay.

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