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Forza Horizon 5 features hundreds of customization options for the fleet of cars on its roster. However, cars are not the only thing that players can customize in the fifth installment of the ever-popular Horizon series.

Forza Horizon 5: How to Customize Your Character

Dress to Impress

Character customization was already present in the previous iterations of the Horizon series. This time, with Forza Horizon 5, customization for the in-game main character makes an expected return with a few more customization options compared to its predecessor.

How to Access the Character Customization Menu

  1. Press ESC from anywhere on the map:

2. Click on “My Horizon”:

3. Click on “Go to Home”:

Select “YES” when prompted to Fast Travel to your Home:

In the succeeding menu, simply select “Customize Character”:

Character Customization Menu

Forza Horizon 5’s Character Customization Menu offers customization options ranging from thousands of Name and Nickname changes to clothing options from top to bottom. There is a seemingly endless number of customization options for Forza Horizon 5 players through the customization menu.

The Character Customization Menu can be accessed from the “My Horizon” Menu from the Pause Menu:


Forza Horizon 5 offers 25 different present characters for players to choose from. These preset options will serve as the player’s base face structure and features since Forza Horizon 5 does not offer deeper facial make-up options for the in-game character. Facial features such as eye shape, nose shape, and cheekbone structures cannot be altered.


Unfortunately, the base facial features for the chosen in-game character cannot be changed. However, Forza Horizon 5 allows you more flexibility in terms of hairstyles instead.

Hairstyle is one of the many customization options for the in-game character in Forza Horizon 5. There is a total of 27 different hairstyle options in the Hair Customization menu.

Hairstyles are free and ready to use immediately.

Hair Color

Since the character’s hairstyles are customizable in Forza Horizon 5, it is only fitting that they also added a Hair Color customization feature.

The Hair Color menu offers 20 different hair colors to choose from. All of the colors are unlocked and ready for use immediately.


With Forza Horizon 5, it is obvious that the Developers tried their very best to appeal to a huge demographic. This is a very welcome part of the game as it opens up the Forza Horizon social world to a whole lot of different types of people.

Prosthetics are not something that our PWD friends should be ashamed of. If anything, prosthetics tell a unique story on their own and add a ton of enigmatic characteristics to the in-game character. There are a ton of Prosthetic options in Forza Horizon 5.

Since Forza Horizon 5 is set in Mexico, some of the in-game prosthetic options even feature breathtaking Mexican-art-inspired designs.

With that said, prosthetics are the newest addition to the Forza Horizon 5 character customization options. Prosthetics are free to use and are unlocked from the get-go.


Continuing the trend of appealing to as many demographics as possible, Forza Horizon 5 also lets players change their Sexual Orientation. There are three options in the character customization menu:

  1. He/Him
  2. She/Her
  3. They/Them

This is an amazing choice by the Developers as cars and racing isn’t a hobby that’s confined to a singular sexual denomination. All people of different walks of life are free to enjoy the culture and camaraderie that the love for cars brings.


The next customization option in-game is a choice between two voice options: A deeper-sounding voice and a lighter, less bassy tone. Players may equip whichever Character Voice they prefer regardless of the Identity choice.


We now head over to the clothing section of the character customization menu.

There are currently just 15 different tops available in the Character Customization Menu. Tops choices range from round-neck tee-shirts to tank tops. The Tops are purchasable using in-game CR or Credits. The prices are from FREE to 50,000 CR for the rare Forza Horizon Exclusive Tank Top.

Jackets, on the other hand, are plenty as there are 62 different Jackets and shirt options to choose from. We grouped Tops and Jackets as the two clothing types that are most likely going to be layered on top of the other in Forza Horizon 5.

The purchasable clothing under the Jackets section has prices that range from FREE to 44,000 CR. The rest of the clothing options are LOCKED, and can only be won from a Wheelspin or bought from the Forzathon Shop.


There is no discrimination in Forza Horizon 5’s Character Customization options as the game allows players to change the character’s clothing regardless of the character’s Identity.

The Dresses in Forza Horizon 5 comprise of just two types:

  1. Pencil Dress
  2. Sundress

However, there are 22 different Dress options between the two Dress types. Their patterns and colors are the only main differences.

The Common to Rare types of Dresses range from FREE to 90,000 CR for the most expensive purchasable Dress – The Horizon Exclusive Sundress.

Some of the Dress options are LOCKED and can only be unlocked through a Wheelspin or bought through the Forzathon Shop.


We now head over to legwear, ankle wear, and footwear.

Legwear in the Character Customization Menu range from shorts, jeans, trousers, skirts, and joggers. There are currently 68 pieces of legwear that players can choose from. However, like the tops, jackets, and dresses, most of the legwear options are LOCKED until they are unlocked through a Wheelspin or appear in the Forzathon Shop.

The Common to Rare types of Legwear prices range from FREE to 40,000 CR for the most expensive purchasable legwear – The Summer Skirt.

Ankle wear is just a fancy way of saying socks. That said, the Character Customization Menu offers three different socks or ankle wear:

  1. Ankle Socks
  2. Crew Socks
  3. Knee-high Socks

Designs range from plain colored socks up to some very cool Mexican-art-inspired designs. Common to Rare types of ankle wear range from FREE for the cheapest piece and 3,400 CR for the most expensive purchasable ankle wear.

Some of the socks are LOCKED and can only be acquired through a Wheelspin or appear in the Forzathon Shop.

As for footwear, the Forza Horizon 5 Character Customization Menu offers different types of footwear. The in-game footwear range from Trainers, Boots, Canvass, Hightops, Running Shoes, and a lot more.

Common to Rare types of footwear range from FREE to 100,000 CR for the most expensive purchasable footwear – The Horizon Exclusive High Tops.

Epic-Legendary rarity footwear can only be unlocked through a Wheelspin or may appear in the Forzathon Shop.


We now head over to the head accessory customization. In Forza Horizon 5, players can apply hats, sunglasses, and even face masks!

It is nice to see the Forza Horizon development team go with the times and include face accessories that we now use daily due to the global pandemic.

All three pieces of the face and head accessories can be used in conjunction with one another. This means that headwear, eyewear, and face wear can be used at the same time in different combinations at the player’s discretion.

As with the other pieces of Customization pieces, Common to Rare accessories will be available to buy. Prices range from FREE up to 80,000 CR for Headwear, FREE to 100,000 CR for Eyewear, and FREE to 12,000 CR for Face wear.

Hats, Eyes, and Face accessories can be unlocked through a Wheelspin or appear in the Forzathon Shop.


Wrist accessories in Forza Horizon 5 feature bracelets, bracelet stacks, and time wear only. These accessories just add a little more spice to your in-game character’s looks.

As for handwear, there is currently just one piece of handwear – Cream Mittens. The sole handwear costs just 10,000 CR.

Most of the other wrist/hands accessories are LOCKED and can only be unlocked through a Wheelspin or may appear in the Forzathon Shop.


You can have a racing game without proper racing suits. Forza Horizon developers know this and so they have decided to add overalls and racing suits in-game. The racing suits add a very serious “racer-boy” type vibe to your character’s looks.

These serious, yet cool-looking racing suits are not the only “Outfits” in the Character Customization Menu. A chicken suit and some Lucha Libre overalls are also available.

Rare race suits can be bought for 100,000 CR, while the Epic-Legendary suits can only be unlocked through a Wheelspin.


Last but not least on this list of in-game Character Customization options are Emotes.

Emotes are character actions or gestures that usually play out during pre-race loading screens as well as the post-race loading screen. There are 49 Emote choices to choose from, which are plenty.

There are a few emotes available for free on the get-go. Most of the other emotes are LOCKED and can only be unlocked through a Wheelspin or appear in the Forzathon Shop.

Name of the Game

Playground Games should name this game Customization Horizon because of the infinite customization options available in-game. Jokes aside, this game truly is a great example of giving players ways to express themselves and flaunt their unique style.

The Forza Horizon series wasn’t always just about cars and car culture, the Horizon series always gave importance to the in-game social experience as well. It makes a lot of sense because Forza Horizon is a haven for car lovers who just love to chill out with friends, as well as serious and more competitive racers.

It doesn’t matter what preferences you have in the Horizon, as there are endless customization options to support it.

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