How To Fix Excessive Oversteer in Forza Horizon 5


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In the first few minutes of Forza Horizon 5, the player is given a choice of three different cars. Tuner heads and JDM fans will quickly reach the spiritual successor to the 90s JDM Legend Toyota Supra: the A90 Supra.

How To Fix Excessive Oversteer in Forza Horizon 5

However, players will quickly realize how excessively tail-happy this new Supra is, making it less competitive in the early races, which feature a mix of on-road and off-road racing.

Oversteer is not as much of a problem in Forza Horizon 5 as Understeer is. However, in Forza Horizon 5, oversteers can cost you time and positions during races.

What Is Oversteer?

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Oversteer is the tendency of a car to push its tail out, which causes the entire car to rotate into a corner. Too much oversteer and you spin out, but enough oversteer will help point your car into the direction you want to turn to faster.

The best example of an oversteer situation is a Drift. When drifting, the car will be in a controlled sideways slide to clear a turn with style. Sometimes, drifting out of the corner can even be the fastest way to exit a corner. Just watch Keiichi Tsuchiya clear corners by drifting in non-drifting events.

Oversteer only becomes a problem when the car induces oversteer in situations where you do not want it.

Different Types Of Oversteer

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FR or front-wheel-drive cars will tend to oversteer the most because of where their driven wheels are located. Take note we only want to reduce oversteer and not eliminate it, as oversteering at the right time can help you turn your car into the corner better. You can always control the oversteer by counter-steering and throttle modulation.

Like understeering, oversteering can happen at one or more sections of a turn:

  1. Corner-entry Oversteer
  2. Mid-corner Oversteer
  3. Corner-exit Oversteer

Corner-entry oversteer often occurs when the weight transfer towards the front of the car removes weight from the car’s rear. This situation makes the rear tires lose traction because of reduced road contact.

Corner-entry oversteer can be a good thing because a controlled rotation towards the inside of the corner can help you place your car’s nose towards the Apex faster. Too much, however, can make your car feel loose and wild.

Mid-corner oversteer occurs when there is not enough grip at the rear tires when you get back on throttle mid-corner. Mid-corner oversteer is the type of oversteer that’s indicative of the type of behavior you are going to get during the corner exit.

Corner-exit oversteer is almost similar to mid-corner oversteer. This type of oversteer usually arises whenever you touch the throttle too much on the corner exit.

The weight transfer from the front to the rear can affect how the car behaves. In this case, Corner-exit oversteer can result from poor suspension setup at the rear of the car.

How To Fix Oversteer in Forza Horizon 5

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Follow these simple suspension tuning guidelines whenever you feel like your car is oversteering at any of the different sections of a corner.

  1. Corner-enry Oversteer
    • Increase Rear Camber
    • Increase Rear Toe-in
    • Stiffen Front Shock
    • Stiffen Front Anti-roll Bar
  2. Mid-corner Oversteer
    • Soften Rear Anti-roll bar
    • Soften Rear Spring
    • Reduce Rear Ride Height
    • Increase Rear Camber
  3. Corner-exit Oversteer
    • Reduce Rear Ride Height
    • Soften Rear Spring
    • Soften Rear Anti-roll Bar

Note: You will have to upgrade your car’s suspension to “Race” and purchase the adjustable Antiroll bars front and rear to change any of these settings.

We advise that you change each parameter in small increments and then go for a test run after each change.

Oversteer is Fun

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Unlike Understeer, which only slows your car down, oversteer can help you clear a corner faster. Oversteering can help your car “point” its nose towards the direction of the turn and help you position the car better on almost every section of the turn.

Oversteer is also very controllable as long as you are confident in your steering technique and throttle application. With enough experience and practice, you might even begin to welcome almost absurd amounts of oversteer because of your ability to harness and control it.

If you want to reduce oversteer, though, then follow the settings mentioned above to tune your car’s suspension settings according to how you want it to behave.

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