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There is only one way to gain Matchmaking Rating (MMR) in DOTA 2: winning ranked games. Winning in DOTA 2 is very hard to pull off because nine other players are playing with you in each game. If you are easily tilted, discouraged, or angered by “all chats” and taunts, you will find yourself being your worst enemy. This guide will assist players in winning DOTA 2 games to gain MMR.

How to Gain MMR in DOTA 2

What is MMR?

MMR, as previously stated, is the numerical value that indicates a player’s skill bracket. This is usually utilized in matchmaking to find the optimal skill matchup. MMR, however, is not the only consideration in ranked matchmaking. There is also a behavior score. This separates players who have not been toxic in a stretch of games from those who engage in unsportsmanlike behavior.

MMR is based on the Elo rating system. The Elo rating in video games is based on a method devised by Arpad Elo, a Hungarian-American physics professor. When used in competitive gaming, the Elo rating system allows the game to judge the gamers’ skills fairly. Then, based on their ratings, these players are matched. As a result, participants’ skill levels are roughly comparable for each battle.

Like with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valve does not share the inner workings of MMR and matchmaking. It is theorized that for new accounts, the baseline is 3000 MMR, and then it moves up and down as a player is thrust into the matchmaking.

When you play your first game, the Dota 2 algorithm goes into action. It evaluates your performance based on specific metrics such as the KDA, XPM, and GPM. That means the real calibration and computation of the MMR does not begin when you are placing your rank in calibration games: all of your normal matches are taken into account.

Ranked games in DOTA 2 are one of the most competitive things in the gaming industry. It is rather sensible and logical; when Valve allows a player into the ranked matches, it must be ensured the player is in the right bracket with players playing with and against him sharing similar skills levels. Hence, a stomp is not an attractive proposition for the player base.

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What are the DOTA 2 MMR Ranks?

On November 22, 2017, Valve added MMR ranks. Aside from the numerical value, some badges visualize specific ranges of MMR numbers. Below are the medals/badges for MMR ranges as of October 11, 2019,

MedalTier MMR (Estimated)
Herald2154 – 307
Herald3308 – 461
Herald4462 – 615
Herald5616 – 769
Guardian1770 – 923
Guardian 2924 – 1077
Guardian 31078 – 1231
Guardian 41232 – 1385
Guardian 51386 – 1539
Crusader11540 – 1693
Crusader 21694 -1847
Crusader 31848 – 2001
Crusader 42002 – 2155
Crusader 52156 – 2309
Archon12310 – 2463
Archon22464- 2617
Archon32618 – 2771
Archon42772 – 2926
Archon52926 – 3079
Legend13080 – 3233
Legend 23234 – 3387
Legend33388 – 3541
Legend43542 – 3695
Divine 24820
Immortaltop 1,000
Immortaltop 10
Immortaltop 10
Immortaltop 1

How to Win Ranked Games in DOTA 2

These are some tips that should enable you to have the mentality needed to win a game.

1. ) MMR is just a number – Iconic DOTA 2 Pro player Dendi’s quotes are words to live by in playing DOTA 2. People should not be overburdened by the MMR and should play the game for fun, not as a punishment.

2.) Misery loves company – Try to play ranked games with friends. While the MMR gains are more significant when playing (and winning) alone, your friends should ease the pain of losing. It is also a test of the strength of your friendships.

3.) Obey the laws of physics – When you have an awful Internet connection, do not play a ranked game. Wait for it to be stable or go to an Internet cafe with a good connection to avoid ruining your match or teammates’. Do not be a free MMR just because you insist that you can play on high ping.

4.) Practice first – Do not make the ranked games as you practice grounds. There is no shame in playing against bots and then taking your newfound talents into unranked games.

5.) Mute everyone – When your enemies and teammates are starting to get toxic, just mute everyone during the hero-picking stage.

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