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DOTA 2 is known for its exciting comeback mechanics. A team that’s getting thumped for most of the game can still triumph by winning a single clash. Nevertheless, newer players—or even some with more experience—sometimes want to throw in the towel if they are getting trampled. Even professional teams have bowed out of competitions early when they’ve faced toxic heroes like Techies.

DOTA 2 pro scene viewers might have seen teams type in “gg” to end the game when their bases are being attacked and all five team members have no gold for buybacks. This is a surrender akin to tapping out in MMA. However, you can’t surrender a DOTA 2 match by typing “gg” in any public game mode. This is only an option in private lobbies where professional games are hosted.

How to Tap Out of a DOTA 2 Match

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A private lobby

Forfeiting the game is only available in private lobbies you set up with your friends or guildmates. This is not available in other modes, such as ranked, unranked, and turbo mode. In private lobbies, when you type in “gg” or “GG,” the option to concede will appear. Other members of your team can cancel the surrender when the timer shows up. If the other team members of your team do not cancel the surrender, their Ancient expires.

Is GG-ing Out of a DOTA 2 Match in the Pipeline?

Other competitive games allow teams to end the game early, but DOTA 2 developers say this feature defeats the purpose of the comeback mechanics baked in the core gameplay. Instead of surrendering to end the game quickly, players must learn to face an uphill battle when they fall behind early in the game.

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