Game of the Month: February's Best PS5, PS4, PSVR Games


Chris Harding

Writer and Storywriter


February is done and dusted, but did you play the best games that released? It was a great month for indie developers and publishers alike as our top games were all from indies, and there were some real gems among the pile. There were a few stinkers, too… but the less said about them, the better.

Game of the Month: February's Best PS5, PS4, PSVR Games

5. Yupitergrad – PS4, PS5, PSVR (Backwards Compatible)

This VR puzzle platformer was the best PSVR game last month… because it’s the only PSVR game we actually reviewed. What can I say? There aren’t that many new PSVR games coming out at the moment. Still, the solid 8/10 awarded to Yupitergrad wasn’t a mercy score – we don’t them – it’s a genuinely fun game and the mechanics are rock-solid. If you want to swing your way around a space station like Spider-Man, Yupitergrad is the best game to do it in. Review here.

4. Taxi Chaos – PS4, PS5 (Backwards Compatible)

Reception to this one has been a bit hit and miss. Some reviews are really harsh and downright cruel in their assessment of this wannabe Crazy Taxi clone. Personally, I really enjoyed it for what it was and the potential it has going forward. It’s not perfect but it is a decent effort that sits slightly above the original Crazy Taxi, if only because it’s full of modern tweaks. Review here.

3. Speed Limit – PS4, PS5 (Backwards Compatible)

I personally played this one for review and it was amazing. I was really surprised to find myself enjoying it if I’m honest; normally, pixel-art games don’t really do it for me, but Speed Limit’s balls-the-wall arcade mayhem with a death a minute tickled me in places I’ve not felt in a long time. Plus, the pixel-art in this game is some of the best out there; it’s slick, stylish, and at times it literally pops out of the screen. Review here.

2. Pumpkin Jack – PS4, PS5 (Backwards Compatible)

Pumpkin Jack released out of season on PS4 and PS5, but even though our Halloween decorations have been stuffed in a box until Halloween comes around again, Pumpkin Jack is still worth a look. As I noted in my review, the game pays massive homage to older action-platformers like Jak & Daxter and MediEvil, but it’s not a simple clone. The fact it was all developed by one man with just a handful of external help makes it an even more impressive accomplishment, and it’s easy up there with the best mascot platformers. Review here.

1. Die Young – PS4, PS5 (Backwards Compatible)

This one seems to have flown under just about every radar going. None of us on the team had heard of it before the review code dropped in on us, but my dear colleague Stuart was brave enough to take it on, despite the trailer not doing much to inspire confidence.
The end result? It’s our Game of the Month for February! The open-world survival horror title did enough to earn a solid 9/10 – Must Play rating from us. Congratulations to developer/publisher IndieGala – you win… nothing? Our admiration is the best prize though, surely? Review here.

Notable mentions

  • Kill It With Fire
  • Anodyne 2: Return to Dust
  • Disjunction
  • Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood
  • Mighty Fight Federation


  • Destruction AllStars
  • On the Road – Truck Simulator
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