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Playing as other character has always been enjoyable, and this is not only the case for Gears 5. On the contrary, there are many games in which people have found themselves wondering how it will be like, playing the villain. In Gears 5, you can wonder no more!

Gears 5: How to Play as the Swarm in Campaign

The developers have added a feature with which you can see what is like being a monster. Granted, there is no content difference, is purely appearances, since it is only a skin.

Additionally, the voices aren’t exactly changed, so technically, you’re playing your own characters with a skin slapped on them. Nevertheless, it is still cool in any case!

How to Play as the Swarm in the Campaign – Gears 5

To play as the Swarm in the Campaign, what you need to do is relatively simple. Select a campaign in which the Swarm are your main targets.

After that, under the Act Selection menu, there should be settings. NOTE: All of this is when you’re in the lobby.

Click on the Settings and then navigate to the Mutators menu. In this menu, there will be an option to “Play as Drone”. Make sure that this setting is on.

When you enable it, a prompt will be shown on the top of your screen, telling you that “Your heroes are replaced with a “” Drone. This will override your skin selection.”

This is pretty self-explanatory. It tells you that you character skins are being changed, so your skin selection can go bye-bye. But on the flipside, you get to play as your arch enemy.

It is a bummer that these are only skins and that the voices aren’t changed. However, the developers have always found a way to keep things interesting in the game, and I’m delighted to say that this is one of them.

In the Mutators menu there are also some other unique features and settings that might interest you, so I recommend going through the menu thoroughly.

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