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Dehya, a fierce and strong warrior known as the “Flame-Mane” Dehya, is considered a legend among the Eremites for her might, passion, and conscientiousness. She is a mercenary from the deserts of Sumeru who wields a claymore and owns a Pyro vision. Dehya appeared in Genshin Impact as part of the Sumeru lore in Version 3.0 but was only playable in Version 3.5.

Genshin Impact: Dehya Complete Character Guide


Dehya Genshin Impact Character Background

Dehya is fierce and brave; the lion’s moniker invokes an analogy for her might. The nickname itself, meanwhile, denotes her passionate nature. Unwilling to be trapped by the conditions that force most from the desert to stay there, she aspires to deliver hope back to the sands that she considers her home.

dehya 003

Dehya, once part of the “Blazing Beasts,” cherished the unspoken bond formed with her fellow mercenaries, reminiscing about their shared experiences even when away from the desert. Despite her warrior nature, Dehya stands out with her striking beauty and meticulous attention to personal care, maintaining high standards in contrast to the often unkempt appearance of her peers.

Proud of her desert heritage, Dehya recognizes the limitations imposed by her upbringing, particularly the lack of education. Encounters with diverse cultures and technological marvels have ignited in her a desire for more, a wish to elevate her people beyond the desert’s constraints. Regardless of her future, Dehya remains deeply connected to the sands, aspiring to bring hope and change to her homeland.

dehya 004

Dehya unexpectedly received a Vision during a period when she was struggling financially. As a mercenary, being weak meant not being able to take on enough commissions. This, in turn, meant no Mora for food. A Vision suddenly appeared when she was so consumed with thoughts of growing stronger. Dehya felt that the special gem’s practical value was limited and recognized that true combat mastery comes from skill, judgment, and physical prowess, not just divine intervention.

How to Get Dehya in Genshin Impact

Dehya is a 5-star character released as a playable character during the Version 3.5 update of the game. She can only be obtained by making wishes on a time-limited Character Wish Banner, which will only feature a special 5-star character if that character is involved in the game’s current contents, like story quests and events. If Dehya is currently featured on the Character Wish Banner, you can do a test run of the character and see if you like her play style.

dehya 001

Dehya was added as a 5-star character in the Standard and Character Event wish banners. To learn more about acquiring characters in Genshin Impact, please see our guide by clicking this link.

Dehya Genshin Impact Team Role and Playstyle

Main DPS Character or Damage Dealer

Based on her kit, Dehya is the main damage dealer of your team, and her combat style needs her to stay on the field as much as possible. Despite having Claymore as her weapon, her Attack Speed is quite faster than other Claymore users, making it easier to damage opponents.

dehya 005

Dehya’s play style requires you to use her Elemental Skill to create a special field that will also deal damage to opponents within it. This can be cast twice, and between the usage of her Elemental Skill, you can simply do Normal Attack or Charged Attack combos.

Team Composition

As the main DPS of the team, all the other characters with Dehya should be support ones. They should either be a healer, a shield maker, a damage booster, or a combination. Bennett as a healer and damage booster, Zhongli and Noelle for shields, and Mona for another damage boost are easily the supports for any team.

Aside from activating the Pyro Resonance, which increases the team’s ATK, Xinyan can create a shield and increase the damage of Dehya’s Normal and Charged Attacks. Having Bennett will, instead, further increase Dehya’s ATK. They will also convert her attacks to deal Pyro Damage if Bennett has unlocked the 6th level of his constellation.

dehya 006

Having 2 Hydro characters in the team will activate the Hydro Resonance, which increases the team’s Max HP. This, in turn, will boost the damage of Dehya’s Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst because the damage of both talents is based on her Max HP. This will also increase the amount of HP that Dehya can absorb from the damage taken by her teammates.

If your Dehya lacks Critical Rate, a good teammate would be Rosaria. This is because she can increase her party members’ Critical Rate when she uses her Elemental Burst. If Rosaria has unlocked her Constellation level 6, her Elemental Burst will decrease the opponents’ resistance to Physical Damage by 20% for 10 seconds. Since Cryo is Rosaria’s elemental, Dehya can trigger the Melt Elemental Reaction.

Dehya Genshin Impact Talents

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Dehya Genshin Impact Combat Talents

Normal Attack: Sandstorm Assault

Pressing Dehya’s Normal Attack talent consecutively will allow her to strike 4 times using her claymore and martial arts. When held down, she will perform continuous slashes and do a more powerful slash at the end of the sequence. However, using the talent this way drains Stamina over time.

This talent can also be executed as a Plunging Attack when used in mid-air. When done so, Dehya will strike the ground, damaging opponents along the path, and deal AOE DMG upon impact.

Elemental Skill: Molten Inferno

“Walk this fiery ordeal with me and purge all impurity, just as a beast of flames that must descend from the blaze.”

dehya 012

Dehya’s Elemental Skill is an art of her invention, which changes its method of use depending on the combat situation: Indomitable Flame or Ranging Flame.

Casting this will have Dehya unleash an Indomitable Flame attack that deals AOE Pyro Damage and creates a field Fiery Sanctum. If the said field still exists, Dehya can still use the talent, but this time, the attack will be a Raging Flame where she will do a leaping strike that deals AOE Pyro Damage before recreating a Fiery Sanctum field at her current position.

dehya 015

The Fiery Sanctum field created with a Raging Flame will only inherit the remaining field duration created when casting the Indomitable Flame. This means that it will not be extended or reset even if you use Raging Flame at the last seconds of the Fiery Sanctum field’s duration.

Fiery Sanctum has the following effect:

  • When an opponent within the field takes damage, the field will unleash a coordinated attack that deals AOE Pyro DMG to them based on Dehya’s ATK and Max HP. This effect can be triggered once every 2.5 seconds.
  • Active characters within this field will have an increased resistance to interruption, and when they take damage, a portion of that damage will be mitigated and flow into something called a Redmane’s Blood. Dehya will take this damage instead for 10 seconds. When the mitigated damage stored by Redmane’s Blood reaches or goes over a certain percentage of Dehya’s Max HP, she will stop mitigating damage this way.
  • Only 1 Fiery Sanctum created by Dehya herself can exist at the same time.

Elemental Burst: Leonine Bite

“Even the flowing flames must obey her rage and her command become her fangs and claws.”

dehya 018

When her Elemental Burst is used, Dehya will cast her blade aside to enter the Blazing Lioness state and unleash her burning anger. In this state, her resistance to interruption will be increased, and she will automatically and continuously unleash the Flame-Mane’s Fists. This attack will deal Pyro Damage based on Dehya’s ATK and Max HP. When the duration of the attack ends, she will unleash an Incineration Drive that deals AOE Pyro Damage based on her ATK and Max HP.

In the Blazing Lioness state, Dehya cannot cast her Elemental Skill or perform Normal, Charged, and Plunging Attacks. Roaring Barrage will temporarily replace these talents, which can be unleashed multiple times while Dehya is in the Blazing Lioness state. Doing so within 0.4 seconds after each Flame-Mane’s Fist strike will increase the speed at which the next strike will be triggered.

Suppose a Fiery Sanctum field created by Dehya’s Elemental Skill exists when the Elemental Burst is used. In that case, Dehya will retrieve it and create another field once the Blazing Lioness state expires. This field will take on the retrieved field’s duration at its retrieval.

Dehya Genshin Impact Passive Talents

Unstinting Succor

Leonine Bite will take 60% less DMG when receiving DMG from Redmane’s Blood. This effect can be triggered once every 2 seconds.

Additionally, within 9 seconds after Dehya unleashes Molten Inferno: Indomitable Flame, she will grant all party members the Gold-Forged Form state. This state will further increase a character’s resistance to interruption within the Fiery Sanctum field. Gold-Forged Form can be activated once every 18 seconds.

Utility: The Sunlit Way

When Dehya is in the team, the entire party will have an increased Movement Speed of 10% during the day, around 6:00 and 18:00 of the in-game time. However, this does not take effect in Domains, Trounce Domains, or Spiral Abyss. This effect cannot be stacked with Passive Talents that provide the same effects.

Dehya Genshin Impact Constellation: Mantichora

dehya 022

Constellation Level 1: The Flame Incandescent

This constellation level will increase Dehya’s Max HP by 20%. She will deal a bonus damage based on her Max HP when using her Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst. Molten Inferno’s damage will be increased by 3.6% of her Max HP. Additionally, Leonine Bite will have an increased damage of 6% of her Max HP.

Constellation Level 2: The Sand-Blades Glittering

This constellation will enhance the effect of Dehya’s Elemental Skill, specifically the second use of the talent called Molten Inferno: Ranging Flame. When she uses this, the duration of the recreated Fiery Sanctum field will be increased by 6s. Additionally, when a Fiery Sanctum exists on the field, DMG dealt by its next coordinated attack will be increased by 50% when active character(s) within the Fiery Sanctum field are attacked.

This means that the Fiery Sanctum field created with a Raging Flame will no longer just inherit the duration of the field created by Molten Inferno: Indomitable Flame. However, to maximize this effect, it will be better to use Molten Inferno: Raging Flame when the duration of the Fiery Sanctum is close to ending.

Constellation Level 3: A Rage Swift as Fire

The third level of Dehya’s constellation will increase her Elemental Burst Glacial Illumination level by three and upgrade the talent’s maximum level from 10 to 15.

Constellation Level 4: An Oath Abiding

Unlocking the fourth level of Dehya’s constellation will affect her Elemental Burst, which helps her easily replenish her Energy. When Flame-Mane’s Fist and Incineration Drive attacks unleashed during Leonine Bite hit opponents, they will restore 1.5 Energy for Dehya and 2.5% of her Max HP.
However, this effect can only be triggered once every 0.2 seconds.

Constellation Level 5: The Alpha Unleashed

The fifth level of Dehya’s constellation will increase her Elemental Skill, Icetide Vortex level by three, and upgrade the talent’s maximum level from 10 to 15.

Constellation Level 6: The Burning Claws Cleaving

This last level of Dehya constellation will increase the Critical Rate of her Elemental Burst by 10%. Additionally, after a Flame-Mane’s Fist attack hits an opponent and deals Critical Hits during a single Blazing Lioness state, it will cause the Critical Damage of the Elemental Burst to increase by 15% for the rest of Blazing Lioness’s duration. It will also extend that duration by 0.5 seconds for every Critical Hit dealt.

The abovementioned effect can be triggered every 0.2 seconds, and the Blazing Lioness state can be extended for a maximum of 2 seconds, with the Critical Damage increase capped at a maximum of 60%.

How to Build Dehya in Genshin Impact

dehya 023 1

HP Build

Despite having Pyro as her Vision element, Dehya’s kit is focused around her Max HP. The damage dealt by her Elemental Burst and the effects of her Elemental Skill are all based on the amount of HP she has. But she can still do Physical Damage through her Normal and Charged Attacks, and the casting damage of her Elemental Skill is of the Pyro Element. Like most DPS characters, Dehya must also increase her Critical hits stat for maximum damage output.

Weapon: Claymore

Claymore or Greatsword is Dehya’s weapon, and the ones you need to equip her should increase the stats that boost her damage. You can choose from the ones that boost her Physical Damage, Critical Rate, and ATK among the existing and available claymores.

5-Star Claymores

Beacon of the Reed Sea

A large, flat-tipped sword designed to fit as the weapon of an ancient king or some ceremonial instrument.

claymore card beacon of the reed sea 1

This weapon can give up to 608 Base ATK and a 33.1% Critical Rate from its secondary stat bonus. With Desert Watch, the weapon’s passive ability, after the character’s Elemental Skill hits an opponent, their ATK will be increased by at least 20% for 8 seconds. When the character takes damage, their ATK will also be increased by at least 20% for 8 seconds.

Both effects can be triggered even when the character is not on the field. Additionally, if the character using this weapon is not protected by a shield, their Max HP will be increased by 32 to 64%, depending on the weapon’s refinement level.

This claymore is Dehya’s Best-in-Slot weapon, and with her playstyle that needs her to stay on the field to maximize her Elemental Burst, this weapon is a good choice. This is because staying on the field has more chances of taking damage and thus triggering the two ATK bonus effects. It would also be best not to include a shield-maker in her team. That way, the Max HP bonus effect of the weapon’s passive ability also gets activated.

Wolf’s Gravestone

A longsword used by the Wolf Knight. Originally just a heavy sheet of iron given to the knight by a blacksmith from the city, it became endowed with legendary power owing to his friendship with the wolves.

claymore card wgs 1

This weapon is considered the most versatile 5-star claymore in the game and can be equipped for most DPS claymore users. It offers Base ATK of up to 608 and ATK as a secondary bonus of up to 49.6%.

Its passive ability, called Wolfish Tracker, increases the character’s ATK by at least 20%. When opponents with less than 30% HP get hit by the character using this weapon, all party members will gain an increase to their ATK of at least 40%. However, this effect can only occur once every 30 seconds.

Song of Broken Pines

A greatsword as light as the sigh of grass in the breeze, yet as merciless to the corrupt as a typhoon.

claymore card song of broken pines 1

Song of Broken Pines currently has the highest Base ATK among the available claymores. At maximum enhancement level, its Base ATK is 741, and its secondary stat is a Physical Damage bonus of up to 20.7%.

Rebel’s Banner-Hymn is the weapon’s passive ability, described as a part of the “Millennial Movement” that wanders amidst the winds. This increases the user’s ATK by at least 16%. The character gains a Sigil of Whispers when their Normal or Charged Attacks hit opponents.

Sigil of Whispers can be triggered once every 0.3 seconds, and if 4 of these are possessed, it will all be consumed, and all nearby party members will obtain the “Millennial Movement: Banner-Hymn” effect for 12 seconds. Such buff increases Normal ATK Speed by at least 12% and ATK by at least 20%.

However, once this effect is triggered, you will not gain Sigils of Whispers for 20 seconds, and buffs of the same type will not stack. This means it will be best to have only one character in the party to use this weapon, especially in a co-op game.

If you choose Dehya as a main DPS character, this weapon is a good option for her because her playstyle will be doing Normal Attacks. Another thing is, if she uses this claymore, you can also almost ignore her Elemental Burst and do Normal and Charged Attacks because they both deal Physical Damage.

The Unforged

Capable of driving away evil spirits and wicked people alike, this edgeless claymore seems to possess divine might.

claymore card the unforged

With its Base ATK reaching up to 608 and a secondary stat of up to 49.6% ATK%, The Unforged is a claymore that will greatly increase the character’s overall ATK. The passive ability of this weapon, Golden Majesty, increases the Shield Strength of the user by 20-40%.

If the character scores a hit on opponents, their ATK will be increased by at least 4%. While protected by a shield, the ATK increase bonus will be doubled. This effect can be stacked up to 5 times but only triggered once every 0.3 seconds.

The stats provided by this weapon are safe and decent enough for a DPS character since it can increase the overall damage output. However, to maximize the passive ability of the weapon, the character using this claymore should have a shield on, either created by a team member or the character themselves.

Redhorn Stonethresher

According to its previous owner, this weapon is the “Mighty Redhorn Stoic Stonethreshing Gilded Goldcrushing Lion Lord” that can send any monster packing with its tail between its legs.

claymore card redhorn stonethresher 1

This claymore can give up to 542 Base ATK and 882% Critical Damage from its secondary stat. Its passive ability, called Gokadaiou Otogibanashi, increases the user’s Defense by at least 28%. Moreover, the weapon user’s Normal and Charged Attack Damage will be increased by at least 40% of the character’s Defense.

This is not the best weapon for Dehya. However, if this is your only 5-star weapon, and you don’t have even a good 4-star claymore, then this will do. The Base ATK of this weapon will always be high, given that it is a 5-star item. It’s just that the character can only benefit from the passive ability if they have a high Defense stat.

Skyward Pride

A claymore that symbolizes the pride of Dvalin soaring through the skies. When swung, it emits a deep hum as the full force of Dvalin’s command of the sky and the wind is unleashed.

claymore card skyward pride 1

Skyward Spine’s Base ATK at maximum enhancement level is 674, while its secondary stat of Energy Recharge bonus can be up to 36.8%. Its passive ability, called Sky-ripping Dragon Spine, can increase all damage dealt by the user by at least 8%. Aside from that, a vacuum blade will be created after the character’s Elemental Burst, Normal, or Charged Attack hits an opponent. This deals damage 80-100% of the character’s ATK to opponents along its path. This effect lasts 20 seconds or eight vacuum blades.

Despite having Energy Recharge as its secondary stat, this claymore can still be a decent choice for Dehya due to its high Base ATK. However, if you have to ensure her artifacts make up for the Critical Stats, she could have had other weapons.

4-Star Claymores

Serpent Spine

A rare weapon whose origin is the ancient ocean. One can hear the sound of the ageless waves as one swings it.

claymore card serpent spine 2

Serpent Spine grants 510 Base ATK and 27.7% Critical Rate as its secondary stat. Wavesplitter, its weapon passive ability, will grant the character a damage boost every 4 seconds that they are in the field. The boost is 6 to 10% Damage. This depends on the weapon’s refinement level, and a maximum of 5 stacks can be obtained. But, simultaneously, the character will take 3-2% more damage.

This effect does not disappear if the character leaves the field. However, one stack will be removed every time the character gets hit.

Serpent Spine is a good weapon for any DPS Claymore user. The increased damage that the character takes can be remedied with a shield. However, a stack still gets removed if the character gets hit, regardless of whether they take damage. Another problem with this weapon is that it can only be obtained by unlocking Battle Pass.

Talking Stick

Most people will find this obsidian-inlaid club quite convincing indeed.

claymore card talking stick

This claymore has a maximum Base ATK of 565 and can give a Critical Rate up to 18.4% from its secondary stat. Talking Stick has a passive ability named “The Silver Tongue.” This grants the user an increase in ATK for 15 seconds after being affected by Pyro.

However, if the character is affected by Hydro, Cryo, Electro, or Dendro, then the character will be granted an increase in All Elemental Damage for 15 seconds. The effect brought by “The Silver Tongue” can only be triggered once every 12 seconds, just right after the duration of the effect wears off.

Like the Serpent Spine, this weapon can only be obtained by unlocking Battle Pass. However, it is not a Free-to-Play (F2P) option.

Blackcliff Slasher

An extremely sturdy greatsword from the Blackcliff Forge. It has a dark crimson color from the blade to the pommel.

claymore card blackcliff slasher 1

The Base ATK of this weapon is 510 at maximum enhancement level and a secondary stat of 55.1% Critical Damage. Its passive ability, Press the Advantage, increases the user’s ATK by at least 12% for 30 seconds after they defeat an opponent. This effect has a maximum of 3 stacks, and the duration of each stack is independent of the others.

To maximize the effect of this weapon, make sure to defeat weaker or smaller enemies first and obtain the maximum stack of Press the Advantage. However, the passive ability may be rendered useless in fights against a boss enemy that does not have or does not summon weaker ones.

You would need to spend 25 Masterless Starglitter to obtain this weapon, which can be costly.

Prototype Archaic

An ancient greatsword discovered in the Blackcliff Forge. It swings with such an immense force that one feels it could cut straight through reality itself.

claymore card prototype archaic 1

With a Base ATK of 565 at maximum enhancement level and a secondary stat of 27.6% ATK%, Prototype Archaic is one of the safe weapons to equip a claymore-using DPS character. Its passive ability, named Crush, will grant the character’s Normal or Charged Attacks a 50% chance to deal an additional to opponents whenever it hits one. The damage is at least 240% of the character’s ATK and is dealt with in a small AOE. This effect can also only occur once every 15 seconds.

Given Dehya’s playstyle, which involves a lot of Normal Attack combos and slightly quicker Attack Speed, she can easily trigger the passive ability of this weapon.

Royal Greatsword

An old greatsword that belonged to the erstwhile rulers of Mondstadt. Made from the finest-quality materials, it has stood the test of time. A weapon for use by royals only.

claymore card royal greatsword 1

With a Base ATK of 565 at maximum enhancement level and a secondary stat of 27.6% ATK%, the Royal Greatsword is another safe weapon to equip a claymore-using DPS character. Focus, its passive ability, will increase the character’s Critical Rate by at least 8% when they damage an opponent. Up to 5 stacks can be obtained from this bonus. However, all existing stacks will be removed once the character triggers a Critical Hit.

You would need to spend 25 Masterless Starglitter to obtain this weapon, which can be costly.

Lithic Blade

A greatsword carved and chiseled from the very bedrock of Liyue.

claymore card lithic 1

Lithic Blade’s Base ATK can reach up to 510 and the secondary stat of ATK% to 41.3% at maximum enhancement level. This makes it an okay weapon for any DPS character that uses a claymore. Its passive ability, named Lithic Axiom: Unity, will give a buff to the user based on the composition of their current party.

Specifically, for every character in the party who hails from Liyue, the character who equips this weapon gains at least a 7% ATK bonus and a 3% Critical Rate increase. This effect can be stacked up to 4 times, and one stack will be obtained by default if the character using this weapon is from Liyue.

If Dehya is to equip this weapon, only a maximum of 3 stacks can be obtained. However, this is only the case if all the characters in her party are from Liyue.


The beloved sword of the legendary “Akuou.” The blade is huge and majestic, but is surprisingly easy to wield.

claymore card akuoumaru 1

Akuomaru is another claymore with Base ATK that can reach up to 510 and the secondary stat of ATK% to 41.3% at maximum enhancement level. Watatsumi Wavewalker’s passive ability also grants a bonus dependent on the weapon user’s current party composition.

For every point of the entire party’s combined maximum Energy capacity, the Elemental Burst damage of the character equipping this weapon will be increased by at least 0.12%. At weapon refinement level 5, the Elemental Burst damage increase per point of Energy capacity is 0.24%. The maximum increase of Elemental Burst damage achieved this way will only be 40% to 80%. This depends on the weapon’s refinement level.

The Energy cost of Dehya’s Elemental Burst is 70, which is already pretty high. This weapon’s passive ability can increase the explosion damage of Lightfall Sword created by her Elemental Burst. But to maximize the maximum damage increase, the members in her party should also have a high Energy Cost to their Elemental Burst.

Luxurious Sea-Lord

The great king of the ocean. Having been air-dried, it makes for a fine weapon as well as emergency sustenance.

claymore card luxurious sea lord 1

This claymore has a low Base ATK of 454 but a high ATK% of 55.1% for its secondary stat. Oceanic Victory’s passive ability increases the weapon user’s Elemental Burst damage by 12%. When the said character’s Elemental Burst hits opponents, a huge onrush of tuna will be summoned. These deal damage equal to 100% of ATK as AOE Damage. This effect can only occur every 15 seconds.

Luxurious Sea-Lord is one of the event’s exclusive items. This means it can only be obtained by participating in the game’s time-limited event. Some event-exclusive items have become available for purchase from certain NPCs of the game. As of the writing of this guide, there is no other way of getting the Luxurious Sea-Lord.

3-Star Claymores

Debate Club

A handy club made of fine steel. The most persuasive line of reasoning in any debater’s arsenal.

claymore card debate club

Debate Club Base ATK of up to 401 and can have up to 35.2% ATK% bonus as its secondary stat. Blunt Conclusion, the weapon’s passive ability, will trigger an additional damage of at least 60% ATK Damage in a small area when the character’s Elemental Skill, Normal Attacks, or Charged Attacks hit an opponent. This effect lasts 15 seconds, and the additional damage can only occur once every 3 seconds.

Since the above weapons are only 3-star in rarity, they are recommended as temporary equipment for your character. They should be replaced when you reach higher world levels because the enemies and challenges will be much tougher.

Dehya Genshin Impact Artifacts

Again, Dehya’s main stat is HP. Therefore, artifact sets that increase this particular stat should be prioritized for her equipment.

4-Piece Sets

Vourukasha’s Glow

card vourukashas glow

This artifact’s 2-piece set grants the character a 20% HP bonus. If a 4-piece set is equipped, the character’s Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst will have a damage increase of 10%. After the equipping character takes damage, the bonus is increased by 80% for 5 seconds. This conditional effect can be stacked up to 5 times, with each stack counted independently. This effect can also be triggered even if the equipping character is not on the field.

For both a main DPS or damage support type Dehya, this artifact set will be perfect for her. The 2-piece effect follows her kit, while her combat style can trigger the 4-piece effect. This is because Pyro will set fire to grass and deal damage to Dehya herself, and one of her talents will have her take some of the damage taken by her teammates even if she is not on the field.


card lavawalker

The 2-piece set of Lavawalker artifacts will only give a bonus of increased resistance to Pyro. If four pieces are equipped, aside from the 2-piece set effect, the character’s damage against opponents affected by Pyro will be increased by 35%.

It may seem that the 2-piece set is negligible, but if your character uses Pyro, the things around you can catch fire and then cause your character to get affected by Pyro. This is where the increased Pyro resistance bonus becomes useful.

Marechaussee Hunter

card marechaussee hunter

This artifact grants an increase of 15% to the character’s Normal and Charged Attacks when a 2–piece set is equipped. If 4 pieces are equipped, when the character’s current HP changes, their Critical Rate will be increased by 11% for 5 seconds. This effect can be stacked up to 3 times.

This artifact set is a good choice for DPS characters whose combat styles involve a lot of Normal and Charged Attacks. However, if that character’s kit does not naturally increase or decrease their HP, they need to take damage and be healed to trigger the maximum effect of this artifact.

Since Dehya’s element is Pyro, which burns grass, she will most likely take damage from it. Since she takes some of her teammates’ damage, this artifact set can be a good option for her.

Shimenawa’s Reminiscence

card shimenawa 1

Aside from the 18% increase to the character’s ATK for the 2-piece set, the 4-piece set will have an effect where the character loses 15 energy after using an Elemental Skill if they currently have 15 or more energy. But, in exchange, the damage of their Normal, Charged, and Plunging attacks will be increased by 50% for 10 seconds.

Since Dehya’s playstyle involves a lot of Normal Attacks, the 4-piece set of this artifact can be a good choice. She just has to cast her Elemental Skill once to trigger this effect.

Echoes of an Offering

card echoes of an offering 1

Like the one above, the 2-piece set of this artifact gives an 18% ATK bonus. If a 4-piece set is equipped, when normal character attacks hit opponents, there is a 36% chance it will trigger the Valley Rite buff. This buff will increase the Normal Attack damage by 70% of the character’s ATK.

With Dehya’s combat style involving a lot of Normal Attack combos, triggering the Valley Rite buff will be easy.

Vermillion Hereafter

card vermillion hereafter 1

The 2-piece set of this artifact gives an 18% ATK bonus. With the 4-piece set, aside from the ATK% bonus, after the character uses an elemental burst, this character will gain the Nascent Light effect, increasing ATK by 8% for 16 seconds.

When the character’s HP decreases, their ATK will increase by 10%. This further increase can be triggered once every 0.8 seconds and can be stacked up to 4 times. Nascent Light will be dispelled when the character leaves the field, and if an Elemental Burst is used again during its duration, the original Nascent Light will be dispelled and replaced by a new stack.

With Dehya’s vulnerability while trying to obtain the maximum Energy stack of Lightfall Sword created by her Elemental Burst, she will be able to trigger the maximum effect of this artifact set. Again, since this needs her to lose HP, the playstyle for this artifact set will be risky.

Gladiator’s Finale

card gladiators finale 1

This artifact set is probably designed to fit melee characters whose play style involves flawlessly normal attacks. Equipping the character with four pieces of this artifact set will increase their ATK by 18% and further damage their normal attacks by 35% if they use a sword, polearm, or claymore as a weapon.

Given that Dehya’s kit and combat style are mostly doing Normal Attacks, and with the effects of this artifact set, she will be granted a boost to her overall damage output.

Noblesse Oblige

card noblesse 1

The 4-piece set of the Noblesse Oblige artifact is a decent option for Dehya, especially in a coop game where other characters are also active in the field. Its 2-piece set increases the damage of the character’s elemental burst, and with four pieces equipped, an additional effect of granting the entire party a boost to their ATK of 20% for 20 seconds whenever Dehya uses her Elemental Burst.

In a solo play, the 4-piece set of this artifact can also be a decent option since Dehya can also increase the damage of her Elemental burst. But she must stay on the field for 4 seconds to not waste the duration of her Elemental Burst before you switch to another character to use the 20% increase in ATK.

Golden Troupe

card goolden troupe

This artifact’s 2-piece set will grant the character a 20% increase in their Elemental Skill damage. The 4-piece set will increase the damage of the character’s Elemental Skill by another 20%. Additionally, when not on the field, the artifact user’s Elemental Skill damage will be further increased by another 20%. However, this effect will be cleared 2 seconds after the character takes the field.

With how the effects of this artifact set work, it is best equipped on the support DPS or sub-DPS characters, who can still deal damage while not on the field. Since the field that Dehya creates with her Elemental Skill can still do coordinated damage without her on the field, she can use this artifact.

Physical Build: Pale Flame and Bloodstained Chivalry

These two artifacts are best if you go for a Physical Type Dehya. It will increase the damage of her Normal and Charged Attacks. However, the damage of her Elemental Skill, Elemental Burst, and the coordinated attack of Fiery Sanctum are Pyro and are based on her ATK. Max HP will not benefit from the effects of Pale Flame and Bloodstained Chivalry.

Pale Flame

card pale flame 1

When two pieces are equipped, this artifact will give a 25% Physical Damage bonus. With four pieces, aside from the 25% Physical damage bonus, when an Elemental Skill hits an opponent, the character’s ATK is increased by 9% for 7 seconds. This effect can be stacked up to 2 times. When two stacks are reached, the 2-piece set effect will be increased by 100% or doubled.

Bloodstained Chivalry

card bloodstained chivalry 1

The 2-piece set of the Bloodstained Chivalry artifact also gives the character a 25% Physical Damage bonus. With four pieces equipped, when the character defeats an opponent, that character’s Charged Attacks will have an increased damage of 50%, and its Stamina consumption will be reduced to 0 for 10 seconds. This effect will also be triggered when the defeated entity is an animal such as a boar, squirrel, or frog.

If you choose to equip Dehya with the 4-piece set of this artifact, you should defeat an enemy or kill an animal first and then do a Charged Attack combo to maximize its effect.

2-Piece Sets Combination

Tenacity of the Millelith

card tenacity of millelith

The 2-piece set increases HP by 20%, and the 4-piece set increases all party members’ ATK and shield strength when the artifact user hits an opponent with an Elemental Skill. This effect lasts only 3 seconds but can still be triggered even if the artifact user is not on the field.

Tenacity of the Millelith is designed for characters that focus on the main role as a support character that provides shield and off-field attacks with their Elemental Skills. For Dehya, however, you can simply use a 2-piece of this artifact to increase her Max HP and combine it with other artifact sets.

Pale Flame and Bloodstained Chivalry

When a 2-piece set of Bloodstained Chivalry is paired with another 2-piece set of the Pale Flame artifact, Dehya will be given a 50% Physical Damage bonus without needing to meet any condition or trigger an effect. This is probably the best set for a consistent damage output.

Other Combinations

You can also combine 2-piece sets of Gladiator’s Finale, Shimenawa’s Reminiscence, Echoes of an Offering, and Vermillion Hereafter with each other because each can provide an 18% increase in ATK, which is still decent for Dehya.

The 2-piece sets of the Noblesse Oblige, Pale Flame, or Bloodstained Chivalry can be combined with 2-piece sets of other abovementioned artifacts.

Artifact Parts’ Main Stat

Since Dehya is a DPS character with her overall damage scaling off of her Max HP stat, it can easily be said that you should equip her with a Goblet of Eonothem that has Max HP Bonus as its main stat.

sands hp

For the Circlet of Logos, one with Critical Rate as its main stat should be preferred. Her special ascension stat has already taken care of her Critical Damage. Then, try to get Critical Rate, Critical Damage, ATK, and ATK% for the sub-stats of all artifact pieces.

Dehya’s Genshin Impact Character Ascension

What is Character Ascension in Genshin Impact

Each character has a certain level cap depending on their current ascension phase. A character can be ascended to 6 phases to reach the maximum character level of 90. Passive talents and special ascension stats will also be unlocked when a character is ascended to certain phases.

Dehya Genshin Impact Ascension Materials

Ascending a character will need several items to be used as ascension materials. For Dehya, the materials and the amount needed for each ascension phase are listed below.

Mora: 420,000

other mora 1

Mora is Genshin Impact’s main currency unit. It is accepted in all the nations of Teyvat and is used to upgrade weapons, artifacts, talents, and character levels.

Light Guiding Tetrahedron: 46

boss drop world liht guiding tetrahedron

This item is a core component of a mysterious ruin machine that has not forgotten the dreams of its masters or their duties, such as building a thousand places, administering three thousand machines, and even recreating a paradise now buried beneath the desert sands. This core component can be obtained when defeating the Tomb Guard of the Desert King, known as the Algorithm of Semi-Intransient Matrix of Overseer Network found in the Hypostyle Desert, Sumeru.

Sand Grease Pupa: 168

specialty sand grease pupa

This material is a hardened shell deep in the desert where the Quicksand Eels breed. It is meant to protect such creatures’ larval bodies until they finally acclimate to the conditions of the desert. Specifically, Sand Grease Pupae are collected from the desert caves of Sumeru.

Eremite Red Fabric

The Eremites use these red cloths to cover their eyes for reasons only known to them. One is believed to be because a seasoned warrior can detect weaknesses from their foe’s eyes and thus take advantage. Another is that the Eremites are more than convinced that all things betray, even their own eyes. Others believe that when the King of the Desert was still alive, his people covered their eyes as they dared not look upon him, whose brilliance was beyond the sun’s.

The red fabric that the Eremites use to cover their eyes comes in several types and decorations, but they are all red. Some are slightly torn like the Faded Red Satin, some are silk trimmed with simple decorations, and others use a red brocade woven with golden thread.

These materials can only be obtained when you defeat all Eremite enemies. Different types are dropped depending on their level. The amount needed for each material type to ascend Candace is as follows: Faded Red Satin: 18; Trimmed Red Silk: 30; Rich Red Brocade: 36.

Agnidus Agate

These mineral crystals can be obtained from boss enemies manipulating the Pyro element. Boss enemies include the Pyro Regisvine, Pyro Hypostasis, Primo Geovishap, Signora, and Azhdaha. You can also get these from quest and commission rewards by crafting them using the ones with lower rarity levels. The amounts needed for each are as follows: Agnidus Agate Sliver: 1; Agnidus Agate Fragments: 9; Agnidus Agate Chunks: 9; Agnidus Agate Gemstones: 6.

Dehya Genshin Impact Ascension Phases

Dehya Genshin Impact Ascension Phase 1

This first ascension will be done after the character reaches level 20. They cannot proceed to the next level without ascending to the next phase. The character level cap will be increased to 40, and Dehya’s first ascension passive talent, Unstinting Succor, will be unlocked.


  • Mora – 20,000
  • Agnidus Agate Sliver – 1
  • Sand Grease Pupa – 3
  • Faded Red Satin – 3

Unlocked Talent: Unstinting Succor (1st Passive Talent)

Dehya Genshin Impact Ascension Phase 2

Ascension Phase 2 can be reached at character level 40 and will increase the character level cap to 50. After this ascension, the character’s talents can be upgraded or leveled up. Dehya will also unlock a special ascension stat on this phase: the Max HP Bonus of 7.2%.


  • Mora – 40,000
  • Agnidus Agate Fragments – 3
  • Sand Grease Pupa – 10
  • Faded Red Satin – 15
  • Light Guiding Tetrahedron – 2

Unlocked Special Stat: 7.2% Max HP Bonus

Unlocked Feature: Allows leveling combat talents from 1 to 2

Dehya Genshin Impact Ascension Phase 3

After reaching level 50, Dehya can ascend to ascension phase 3, increasing her character level cap to 60. The 3rd ascension phase will also increase the Max HP Bonus special stat from 7.2% to 14.4%. Additionally, Dehya’s combat talents can then be increased up to level 4.


  • Mora – 60,000
  • Agnidus Agate Fragments – 6
  • Sand Grease Pupa – 20
  • Trimmed Red Silk – 12
  • Light Guiding Tetrahedron – 4

Unlocked Stat: Max HP Bonus increased from 7.2% to 14.4%

Unlocked Feature: Allows leveling combat talents from 2 to 4

Dehya Genshin Impact Ascension Phase 4

At level 60, you can ascend Dehya to ascension phase 4 and upgrade her character level cap to 70. After ascending, you will unlock her second Ascension Passive Talent called Stalwart and True, and all her Combat Talents can then be leveled up to 6.


  • Mora – 80,000
  • Agnidus Agate Chunks – 3
  • Sand Grease Pupa – 30
  • Trimmed Red Silk – 18
  • Light Guiding Tetrahedron – 8

Unlocked Feature: Allows leveling combat talents from 4 to 6

Unlocked Talent: Stalwart and True (2nd Passive Talent)

Dehya Genshin Impact Ascension Phase 5

The 5th ascension phase can be reached when Dehya is at level 70. Ascending will increase her character level cap to 80. Her special ascension stat, Max HP Bonus, will be increased to 21.6% at this phase. Dehya’s combat talents will upgrade their level cap from 6 to 8.


  • Mora – 100,000
  • Agnidus Agate Chunks – 6
  • Sand Grease Pupa – 45
  • Rich Red Brocade – 12
  • Light Guiding Tetrahedron – 12

Unlocked Stat: Max HP Bonus increased from 14.4% to 21.6%

Unlocked Feature: Allows leveling combat talents from 6 to 8

Dehya Genshin Impact Ascension Phase 6

Dehya’s final ascension phase is at level 80, and it will increase her character level cap to 90. Her special ascension stat, the Max HP Bonus, will be increased to 28.8%. Also, her Combat Talents can now be upgraded to the maximum level of 10.


  • Mora – 120,000
  • Agnidus Agate Gemstones – 6
  • Sand Grease Pupa – 60
  • Rich Red Brocade – 24
  • Light Guiding Tetrahedron – 20

Unlocked Stat: Max HP Bonus increased from 21.6% to 28.8%

Unlocked Feature: Allows leveling combat talents from 8 to 10

Dehya’s Genshin Impact Talent Level-Up Materials

What are the Talent Level-Up Materials for Dehya

Aside from Mora and Eremite Red Fabric, you will need a few Puppet Strings to increase Dehya’s combat talents.

Puppet Strings

boss drop weekly balladeer puppet strings

These tubes were inserted into the mechanical puppet’s back to provide power to it while serving as the strings that control it and bind it. The colors that flow within them are sometimes dull and, at others, vibrant. The contrast is so great as to be fearful. When the support of these tubes was lost, the puppet became as weak as a newborn infant.

Puppet Strings can be obtained as a weekly dropped item after defeating the Shouki no Kami, the Prodigal Everlasting Lord of Arcane Wisdom in the Joururi Workshop Memories: Altar of the Everlasting Trounce Domain in Sumeru.

Talent Level Book: Praxis

The talent-level books of the “Praxis” series are needed for Dehya’s combat talents. You can obtain these by completing the challenge in the Steeple of Ignorance Domain of Master: Basket of Discipline, available on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

These books include The Teachings of Praxis, Guide to Praxis, and The Philosophies of Praxis. The last two can be crafted using the crafting bench in the town.

Crown of Insight

other crown of insight 1

Leveling a combat talent up from level 9 to 10 will need a Crown of Insight. This special item can only be obtained as a reward from the game’s events.

  • Mora: 1,652,500
  • Faded Red Satin: 6
  • Trimmed Red Silk: 22
  • Rich Red Brocade: 31
  • Teachings of Praxis: 3
  • Guide to Praxis: 21
  • Philosophies of Praxis: 38
  • Puppet Strings: 6
  • Crown of Insight: 1
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