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Divine Plant of the Depths is a world quest in Genshin Impact on Watatsumi Island in Inazuma, the Electro Nation. For this quest to be available to you, your Adventure Rank needs to be 30, and you should have completed the first part of the Archon Quest Chapter II: Act I – The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia.

Genshin Impact: Divine Plant of the Depths Quest Guide

This quest tells you a little story about the beliefs of the people in Watatsumi Island, which are somewhat different from that of the people of Narukami Island.

Quest Location

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This mission occurs explicitly in Bourou Village, a small neighborhood of locals under the leadership of the Sanggonomiya Clan. The person you need to talk to initiate this quest is an elder villager named Komaki. An exclamation mark will appear on the map and above the head of this NPC to help you navigate.

Quest Steps

Step 1: Talk to Komaki.

Komaki is an elder of the Bourou Village on Watatsumi Island. When she realizes you are some traveler, she asks if you would like to stop in the village for a while and divine your way forward. She asked this of you, not because she has foreseen that the road ahead would be difficult, but because the shrine to Watatsumi here in Bourou Village is most efficacious. Komaki wants to offer divination to traveling youngsters like yourself.

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When you asked for the cost of such fortune-telling, the old woman refused and said that if those who man the shrines were to collect money over such a thing as “wishes,” they would surely disturb Omikami’s Great Spirit. Watatsumi Omikami or Orobashi no Mikoto was the ancient dragon-like serpent god worshipped by the people of Watasumi Island as their guardian deity.

Before Komaki performed the divination, she shares that seeing you and Paimon warms the cockles of her old heart. She is impressed that you, as outlanders, treat the traditions of Watatsumi Island with respect, which is rare. She says there is little peace to be found anywhere at this time and that the village’s young people are busying themselves elsewhere.

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Before Komaki can begin fortune-telling, she asks you for help with something related to the shrine in the village. She said that the efficacy of the shrine in Bourou Village is derived from the “Deep Sea Spiritherb” grown there. As the name might indicate, this plant once grew at the bottom of the ocean, which is where their ancestors came from.

Thousands of years ago, the progenitors of Bourou Village transplanted those herbs from the deep sea onto land and raised them very carefully. Under the care of generation after generation of the village’s people, neither wars nor natural disasters, or even the great sorrow of the Omikami’s martyrdom, have managed to destroy the long-lived Spiritherbs.

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The Spiritherbs grow beneath the waters, so it needs a regular supply of water to survive. And it also gives off a gentle, constant light, owing to having lived in utter darkness. As such, the villagers use the brilliance of its light to judge if the wishes made can be realized, and the heart of this mystery is the water source.

The younger maidens often doubt the trustworthiness of the divining ritual. They feel it is insufficiently official or tantamount to spreading superstitions and other things. They prefer clearer and easy-to-understand theories and lack fondness for word-of-mouth legends that tend to decay over time. While it may not be easily unified into some clear theory or another, it still contains certain truths that cannot be ignored.

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Komaki would like to fetch water from the Offering Pool on Watatsumi Island’s shrine, which is required to raise Spiritherbs. This is because the water there contains “wishes.” Everyone’s “wishes” will accumulate within that pool and dissolve into the water, just like honey.

She also warned you that if you go and draw water from that source, you need to be careful and quick because the water’s power will soon dissipate into the air once you leave the Offering Pool. The dissipation of the wishers, too, can be detected by their touch and weight. You must return to the shrine immediately and not tarry once you have drawn the water. Otherwise, the power of those wishes will fully dissipate, and the Spiritherbs will not receive proper nutrition.

divine plant of the depths 007

When asked if there were any shrine maidens to help her out, Granny Komaki sighed and said that the young shrine maidens nowadays consider such things bothersome. They turn their noses up at such ancient traditions and refuse to help. But the old woman still believes that the young people will someday learn to respect the meaning behind the traditional stories.

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Konaki then hands you a Strange Bottle that seems fragile and odd, which you will use to draw water from the Offering Pool.

Step 2: Go to the Offering Pool.

You need to draw from the water source in Mouun Shrine, which is northwest of Bourou Village and just west and above Sangonomiya Shrine.

divine plant of the depths 009

The easiest way to get to the location is to teleport to the Status of the Seven in Watatsumi Island and go up the shrine.

To the left of the last torii gate at the top of the shrine hill, you will find a small stone wishing pond. This is Offering Pool where you will need to draw water from.

divine plant of the depths 010

Step 3: Obtain water welling with “wishes.”

Go near the Offering Pool and draw water from it using the Strange Bottle.

divine plant of the depths 011

Step 4: Return to the village in time.

Right when you fill the bottle with water from the Offering Pool, a timer will be triggered, indicating how long before the power of water will dissipate.

divine plant of the depths 012

Within 120 seconds, you should return to the shrine in Bourou Village and hand the bottle of water to Granny Komaki. You can jump from the cliff southeast of Mouun Shrine and glide your way to Bourou Village for faster travel.

Step 5: Talk to Komaki.

After arriving at Bourou Village within the set time, you talk to the village elder and give her the bottle of water from the Offering Pool. She then excuses herself to provide the water for the Spiritherbs immediately.

divine plant of the depths 013

This is only the first step in making the Spiritherbs more radiant because the stem and leaves of the Spiritherbs will only display the vibrant color of the “wishes” when it is truly at home in an environment rich with Hydro from the deep sea.

Now, Komaki would like you to go and fetch water from another source. This time it should be from a cavern to the north where the Hydro composition of the water is closest to the natural environment of this plant. The concentration also differs from place to place within the said cavern. Of them, the Hydro concentration you need to look for is crystal-clear and transparent.

divine plant of the depths 014

That cavern is tightly bound to the secret of the villagers’ ancestors. Unfortunately, few young people have gone there with the recent war to draw water and nourish the Spiritherbs. However, Komaki is worried that things might get complicated if the water grows turbid or if you are interrupted by other life forms.

Step 6: Go to the cave that Komaki mentioned.

The cave that Komaki was talking about is the large underground cavern where the Hydro Hypostasis can be found.

The easiest and fastest way to get there is to travel to the northern teleport waypoint of the island and glide your way down to the cave’s opening.

divine plant of the depths 015

Step 7: Obtain the clear water.

Enter the cave and look for the spots where you need to fetch clean water from. The spots that you need to get to are the surrounding waters and the waterfalls inside the cave.

divine plant of the depths 020

You do not need to fight and defeat the Hydro Hypostasis for this part of the quest. But it would help if you were careful because Hydro slimes will appear. After all, the elements in the water are now all mixed up.

Step 8: Bring the Spiritherb Water back to Komaki.

After obtaining the clear water from the source, head back to Bourou Village and give it to the village elder Komaki.

divine plant of the depths 021

The old lady is glad to see you back and that you brought a good amount of clear water she asked for. She immediately waters the Spiritherbs with great care, and after doing so, the Spiritherbs show their radiance. And based on this, Komaki can tell that the year to come will surely be a peaceful and abundant one.

divine plant of the depths 022

Komaki said that the color of the Spiritherbs has always depended on the moisture it gets and the nourishment it gains from the wishes of the people. This soul-light is the embodiment of those wishes – the better, the more vibrant the light, and the more hope there is in our future. Wishes drive and encourage people, and the results of their actions verify their wishes in turn. As long as the people can protect their peaceful lives, and as long as they can hold on to hope even during dark days, the divinations of the Spiritherb will always be efficacious.

divine plant of the depths 022 1

The Bourou Village elder then assures you that the power of the wishes within the water will last a few days more. If you are willing, you can come by again anytime for another divination.

NOTE: Completing this world quest will complete one of the Reputation-related tasks for Inazuma.

divine plant of the depths 023

Post-Quest Puzzles and Hidden Mission

Spiritherbs’ Fortune in Mouun Shrine

After completing this quest, you can talk to Komiko again and ask her to tell you your fortune. She will tell you that from the pattern of the Spiritherbs’ leaves, you will have good fortune. The older woman will also tell you that you will find that fortune at the highest point on Watatsumi Island, in an ancient place dedicated to the gods.

Step 1: Go to the highest point on Watatsumi Island.

The “lucky high place” granny Komaki was talking about is the Mouun Shrine, so you must return to that place and look for your fortune.

Step 2: Solve the puzzle.

To get the treasure in Mouun Shrine, you will have to solve a puzzle that involves Electro Seelies. The first one you will notice is the one under the fallen roof of the shrine. Follow it to the back of the shrine, and it will turn into an ancient stone lampstand called the Electric Lamp.

The next Electro Seelie is on top of the shrine’s roof.

Spiritherbs 1 002

The last two Electro Seelies are on top of the torii gate right in front of the shrine. These two are easy to miss due to their color and the color of the sky. Get close to these two, and they will quickly move to their designated spots before turning into Electric Lamps.

Spiritherbs 1 005

After the last two Electro Seelies have gone to their places, a standard chest will appear.

Note: The Spiritherb’s Fortune in Mouun Shrine is part of the five Spiritherbs’ Fortune hidden mission that Komaki can tell you by observing the Spiritherbs. Obtaining all five fortunes will unlock the hidden achievement “As You Wish.” The succeeding fortunes can be obtained the following day.

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