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Usually, these puzzles in Genshin Impact, open certain dungeons or domains. But this one doesn’t. Before discarding it, you might consider doing it, read more below to learn why.

Genshin Impact – Dunyu Ruins Puzzle

Ignore that this is a really fun challenge, because it really is. The point is that you get outstanding rewards after solving this puzzle, two of which are luxurious chests.

We will tell you how to solve Dunyu Ruins puzzle, the easiest way in Genshin Impact.

How to Solve Dunyu Ruins Puzzle – Genshin Impact

This is one of the biggest puzzles in Genshin Impact. Maybe they’ve made it that big and challenging because it doesn’t open any dungeons, so it can’t do much damage if not solved.

What it instead offers is rewards, and a lot of them.

Okay, let’s get to it. This is how to solve the Dunyu Ruins puzzle:

  1. Go here:
  2. Find not-lit torches. Activate them with fire elemental damage, there are four in total.
  3. Activate this pillar with your main character:
  4. After water level goes down, in the middle you will see a luxurious chest which will have a shield around it so that you won’t go in.

Activate three pillars around it by finding blue ghosts at the locations, and bringing them to the pillars.

  1. The first two you will find easily. You have to start this challenge to get the third one:

After bringing all the ghosts to the pillars, the shield will disappear from the middle and you can loot the chest. Keep in mind that, this puzzle is really challenging even though it looks simple and straightforward.

There will be so much enemies around at this location, you will fight at least 3-4 times while doing this puzzle so be careful!

You will need to search around for the activation of the pillars, but don’t get discouraged since they can be in very weird places, look around in every nook and cranny.

This is how the non-lit torches look like:

This is how the blue spirits look like:

It might take you some time to find these, and they might move around at this location, so keep that in mind. Stack up on food before you solve this puzzle for the fights. Good luck!

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