Genshin Impact Keqing Guide: Artifacts, Weapons & Team


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While Keqing was released a while back, she fell under the radar, compared to other characters of her caliber. It is really surprising, since Keqing is a character in Genshin Impact, that can be an exceptional main damage-dealer. However, there is a lot of conflicting information about her build, her artifacts, weapons, and team composition. We dove deep though, so read on to get a full Keqing guide!

Genshin Impact Keqing Guide: Artifacts, Weapons & Team

Keqing Guide – Artifacts, Weapons & Team

For those that are not aware, Keqing is an Electro character. She is swift with her attacks and dodges, which makes her playstyle very interesting. Keqing can both devour powerful bosses, and dodge their attacks with relative ease.

Artifacts – Keqing

Fun fact, many players don’t know that Keqing actually has the strongest charged attack in terms of damage, in the whole game. Nevertheless, let’s look at which artifact set is best for her.

There are three sets which are great for Keqing. Simply put, all those which increase ATK, Electro DMG, and CRIT damage. The best artifact sets for this character are:

  • Gladiator’s Finale – ATK +18%
  • Thundering Fury – 15% Electro damage boost
  • Thundersoother – Increase Electro RES by 40%, and damage increased against enemies affected by electricity

Depending on your other choices, like weapons, and other aspects, choose one of these which fits into your build.

Weapons – Keqing

Basically, the main mission when making Keqing build is to make her a CRIT monster.

For weapons, there are two swords which fit the build. Those are: Primordial Jade Cutter or The Black Sword.

With the Primordial Jade Cutter, players’ health is increased anywhere from 20 to 40%. In addition, there is an ATK increase, depending on the full HP of the character, ranging from 1.2 to 2.4%.

As for the Black Cutter, it increases the damage dealt from charged and normal attacks, ranging from 20 to 40%. It will also regenerate 60 to 100% of the attack that was dealt, if it was a critical hit. However, this can happen only every five seconds.

The first sword is a bit more tanky one, and a kind of bruiser build. The second one is full-fledged DPS sword, but players’ will be squishy in battles.

Team – Keqing

There are multiple team compositions for Keqing, but the best one is most definitely this one:

  • Keqing
  • Fischl
  • Mona
  • Venti

The main reason for this is that there is a lot of AoE damage. Players’ main mission should be to group the enemies as much as possible into a supercharged vortex.

Mona is great for adding onto the combo, but also providing Electrocharge frequently. Bennett can be used also, instead of Mona, but in any case, both will do just fine.

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