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There are tons of never-before-seen mechanics in Genshin Impact, and friendship is one of them. The developers didn’t follow the usual RPG mechanics, or try to copy them at all, hence their success.

Genshin Impact Friendship

The mechanics and systems are very unique and new to this scene, but today we will focus on a particular mechanic called “Friendship.” The basic premise is to introduce the role in a fun way with its players.

But how does friendship work, and what does it do?

Genshin Friendship – What Does It Do?

Like I said above, it gives you the lore and the story of this world presented in an interesting way. The friendship mechanic mostly focuses characters lore.

Each character has a story, origin, and special life lessons. So, every one of them gets a friendship level. As you gradually increase a character’s friendship level, more and more of the lore gets revealed.

To start leveling friendship, you need to unlock Adventure Rank 12 first, this is when friendship gets unlocked.

At Adventure Rank 12 the Commission Quests get unlocked as well. Doing these can increase friendship level, along with doing dungeons, eliminating bosses, secret quests and interactions.

Is it worth it?

Well, for now there are no strategic advantages that can be gained from this mechanic. Other than revealing lore, no other rewards are given.

However, there is some talk going around that, miHoYo have hinted that there might be a certain reward for those who have leveled up their friendship level.

We didn’t find any evidence of this, but the Genshin Impact community has been overwhelmed with this topic lately.

If you want to learn about the characters story and origin, by all means level up your friendship level. If you choose to do so, you don’t need to worry about limited leveling options, since you can do re-runs on dungeons and quests. Good luck!

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