Genshin Impact: The Gourmet Supremos Quest Guide



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The Gourmet Supremos is a series of world quests that will be available to you upon unlocking Inazuma and completing the Ritou Escape Plan quest.

Genshin Impact: The Gourmet Supremos Quest Guide

These quests involve three people traveling the world to improve their culinary skills. By the looks of their clothes, you can tell they are from three different nations. You will find them five times during your exploration in Inazuma, and helping them every time will complete this storyline.

The Gourmet Supremos: Assemble!

The first quest is when you first meet these people outside Ritou along the sandbar going to Konda Village.

Xudong, one of the chefs, will ask you to get a Special Sakura Bloom inside the Thunder Barrier just behind them.

tgs 1 electrograna

When you give the item to Xudong, he will reward you with a recipe for Sakura Tempura.

sakura tempura recipe

Xudong will tell you they plan to stay in Inazuma and may go to Kannazuka next. But since one of them wants to see the Great Sakura Tree, they will probably drop by there first.

The Gourmet Supremos: Of Shrines and Sakura

All you have to do is go to the Narukami Shrine and check the Great Sakura Tree yourself for this second quest. Once you have clicked on it, the quest will be completed.

The Gourmet Supremos: The Seashore Strider

The third part of this quest chain will be available when you visit Kannazuka. It is the region in Inazuma located west of Narukami Island. Ride your Waverider to the northern part of Kujou Encampment, and somewhere near the Thunder Sakura tree, you will see the Gourmet Supremos.

Xudong wants to try and see what a crab living under the Thunder Sakura would taste like. But he is too afraid to go near the tree because he will surely get struck by lightning. He will ask for your help to get one of the said crabs and give you bait to lure it out.

tgs 3 crab

Julie will mention that summoning an Electrograna may help avoid getting struck by the Thunder Sakura’s lightning during the conversation. So make sure to summon one to keep yourself safe.

tgs 3 thunder sakura
Eletrograna protecting you from Thunder Sakura’s lightning strikes

Get one of the thunder crabs and give it to Xudong. He will cook a dish called Crab Roe Kourayaki and provide you with the recipe as a reward.

crab roe kourayaki recipe

The three will once again depart for the next leg of their journey, heading to Yashiori Island, so you should look for them there.

The Gourmet Supremos: Deep Divers

As mentioned by Xudong, when you parted ways in Kannazuka, the Gourmet Supremos went to Yashiori Island. You can find them around Serpent’s Head just south of the Momiji-Dyed Court domain. If the world quest is active, these three will be marked on the map, but they are underground.

On the map, you will see a little hole on the ground south of the above-mentioned domain, and right next to it is an Eletrograna.

NOTE: You probably have unlocked the area underground if you have completed the Orobashi’s Legacy quest chain.

When you go down this underground ruin, you will be greeted with the trio’s latest dilemma. Xudong wants fresh Seagrass from this cave, but you need to dive under because the cave is flooded with water.

tgs location 4 trio

There is a mechanism that might help, but it is inside a Thunder Barrier. To get through it, you need to climb back up to the surface and summon an Electrograna and then go back down with it to get through the barrier.

Activate the mechanism, and it will drain the water in the lower area of the ruin. The area further down is blocked by a gate, and to open it, you need to solve a puzzle.

Be careful because three Ruin Sentinels guard the puzzle, and you will have to defeat them. After the fight and solving the puzzle, the gate will be opened.

Go further down the ruin, take the Seagrass, and bring it back to Xudong. He will make Onigiri using the seaweed and give you the recipe as one of the rewards for the task.

The Gourmet Supremos: On the Road

For the last quest of this series, you will find Xudong, Julie, and Parvaneh in Inazuma City. They want to collect some cooking ingredients from the forest north of the city. However, they heard that the woods are lurking with monsters, and they want you to come with them to take care of that problem.

tgs location 5 trio

The chefs are talking about Chinju Forest, so teleport to the waypoint at the woods entrance.

Upon checking the surroundings, you will come across a samurai searching for anything he can cook. His name is Kamei Munehisa. He was also picking up ingredients and said he only took what he needed so you can still find what you need.

tgs 5 kamei

Collect the three ingredients around the unconscious hilichurls and give them to Xudong. The three chefs will once again thank you for escorting them on their journey.

tgs 5 ingredients

After completing this world quest series, The Gourmet Supremos Commissions will be available to you. It is a set of five different daily commissions that you can get on any random day.

Hidden Achievements

Two of the commissions related to The Gourmet Supremos storyline will unlock hidden achievements. As you know, daily commissions are given to you at random and may take a long time until you get the same commission again. So you have to do it right the first time to get the hidden achievements.

Boom Shaka-Laka, More Boom Shaka-Laka

The first The Gourmet Supremos commission will most likely be “The Gourmet Supremos: Breakthrough Thinking.”

This commission will start with talking to Xudong beside the Adventurer’s Guild in Inazuma City. He will ask you to consult Chef Mao of Wanmin Restaurant in Liyue Harbor on creating a new and exciting dish.

tgs boom location

When talking to Chef Mao, you will be presented with a dialogue response choice: asking Chef Mao what might help Xudong or asking if Xiangling could help him. In this part, you have to select the latter, and Chef Mao will tell you that Xiangling is currently in Qince Village.

tgs boom wanmin

After the conversation is the tricky and most important part of getting the hidden achievement, Chef Mao will ask you to bring Jeuyun Chili and Fowl but tell you that he doesn’t know how to cook Sakura Blooms.

Instead of giving him his request, go to Qince Village and look for Xiangling. She will be somewhere near the south teleport waypoint of the village checking out some bamboo shoots.

Ask Xiangling for help, and she will write down her suggestion.

tgs boom xiangling note

Bring this handwritten note to Xudong, and you will unlock the hidden achievement Boom Shaka-Laka, More Boom Shaka-Laka.

tgs boom achievement

Meal for Two

This hidden achievement can be unlocked by doing the “The Gourmet Supremos: Cook-Off” daily commission. The condition is that you need to do this twice: once to help one, and the second time to help the other.

The commission is located in Chinju Forest, where you will find Xudong and Kamei Munehisa preparing to have a cook-off challenge.

tgs cookoff participants

These two need help in preparing the food, and you will be asked who you are going to help.

tgs cookoff choices

If you choose to help Xudong, he will ask you to pick three Fresh Snapdragons. But if you are assisting Kamei Munehisa, you have to gather two Fresh Bird Eggs for him.

Choose whoever you want to help and wait until either one of them has finished cooking. The progress of both participants will be displayed above your screen.

tgs cookoff progress bar

After that, the Gourmet Supremos leader and the Samurai will thank you for your help.

tgs cookoff thanks

You need to remember who you chose to help the first time you get this daily commission because when you get it the second time, you have to help the other person to unlock the hidden achievement: Meal for Two.


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After finishing The Gourmet Supremos world quest, one of the daily commissions you will randomly get is called “The Gourmet Supremos: Extreme Cookery.

Like the other two hidden achievements, you will need to get this daily commission, and each time you have to make a different choice.

extreme cookery kamei talk1

In this commission, Kamei Munehisa will be waiting for you in Chinju Village and will ask for your help retrieving some ingredients.

extreme cookery kamei talk2

There are two locations where the ingredients will be collected from. However, both areas are swarming with monsters. Kamei Munehisa will make you choose one place where you can both deal with the monsters simultaneously.

If you choose the monsters on the left side of the cliff, make sure you select the other area the next time you get this commission.

After being able to clear both areas, the hidden achievement will be unlocked.

extreme cookery achievement
1 45

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