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Dendro is one of the seven elements in Genshin Impact. Although it has been part of the game since its initial release and has been noted to be used by a few enemy monsters, it was not until version 3.0 that it was fully added to the game. This element arrived with the Nation of Wisdom, Sumeru, which has Dendro as its main element. 

Genshin Impact: Guide to Dendro Element

Like all other elements, Dendro has its own Elemental Resonance and Elemental Reaction, which are a little more complicated than what players are used to compared to the other elements.

Dendro Elemental Resonance

If two Dendro characters are present in the party, the Sprawling Greenery Elemental Resonance will be activated. Its effect is to grant an increase of 50 points to the Elemental Mastery of all party members. After triggering Burning, Quicken, or Bloom elemental reactions, all nearby party members will gain an extra 30 points to their Elemental Mastery for 6 seconds.

Dendro Element Reactions in Genshin Impact

Applying one element to enemies after they are affected by another element will trigger certain Elemental Reactions. For Dendro, however, only the elements Hydro, Electro, and Pyro can trigger Elemental Reacts. It should also be noted that no Elemental Reaction is triggered if Dendro is combined with Geo, Anemo, and Cryo.


This Elemental Reaction gets triggered when Electro is applied to enemies affected by Dendro or vice versa. When this Elemental Reaction is triggered, a Quicken Aura will be applied to the target.

dendro 004

Aggravate – This happens when another Electro elemental attack hits the target affected by a Quicken Aura. When an enemy is affected by Aggravate, the damage they will receive from Electro elemental attacks will be increased.

dendro 005

Spread – Gets triggered when Dendro elemental attack hits targets affected by a Quicken Aura. If Spread is triggered, the target it affects will receive more damage from Dendro attacks.

dendro 006

Aggravate and Spread are second-level Elemental Reactions of Dendro and Electro because Quicken needs to be triggered first before these two can be triggered. To maximize this Elemental Reaction, if Electro is the element of your main DPS character, you should trigger Aggravate. Still, if your main DPS is a Dendro user, triggering the Spread Elemental Reaction would be best.


This Elemental Reaction gets triggered when Hydro is applied to enemies affected by Dendro or vice versa. When this Elemental Reaction is triggered, a Dendro Core will be created. It will stay on the field for 6 seconds. Dendro Cores explode after the said duration and will deal AOE Dendro damage.

Hyperbloom – This Elemental Reaction gets triggered when Electro is applied to a Dendro Core. Doing so will turn the Dendro Core into a homing Sprawling Shot that will be sent to hit a nearby enemy. This homing projectile will AOE Dendro damage.

dendro 009

Burgeon – An Elemental Reaction that happens when a Pyro attack hits a Dendro Core. When this is done, the Dendro Core will be detonated immediately and will deal with an increased AOE Dendro Damage.

dendro 010

Hyperbloom and Burgeon are second-level Elemental Reactions of Dendro and Hydro because Bloom, its first-level Elemental Reaction, needs to be triggered. This means that Dendro Cores need to be created for these two Elemental Reactions to be possible.


Burning will be triggered when a Pyro attack is thrown at a target affected by the Dendro element. This Elemental Reaction deals AOE Pyro Damage Over Time to the target and then applies Pyro to that target, giving room for more Pyro-related Elemental Reactions.

dendro 011 1

Please note that the damage dealt by the Elemental Reactions is greatly affected by the Elemental Mastery of the character that triggers the Reaction. Suppose your Dendro character has a higher Elemental Master than your Hydro, Electro, and Pyro characters.

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In that case, you should have the latter apply the element to the target first and then have your Dendro trigger the Reaction.

Enemy-Afflicted Dendro Status

Dendro Samachurls and Large Dendro Slimes are the earliest enemy monsters that use the Dendro element in the game. 

The Dendro Samachurl can inflict Dendro on the player’s active character, indicated by a green cloud and falling leaves. Combined with an arrow from a Pyro Hilichurl Shooter, this will trigger a Burning Elemental Reaction that can quickly deplete the character’s HP.

A Large Dendro Slime can also cast a Dendro infliction on the players. Still, unlike the one that the Dendro Samachurl does, this one is like a toxic cloud where the character is affected by the Poison status and continuously loses HP.

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