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There are many levels in Genshin Impact. And once you reach the highest level, you can ascend to even higher ranks by doing some shenanigans in-game.

Genshin Impact: Level | How To Level Up

Furthermore, there are different ways of leveling up. The leveling is mostly straightforward, and it is an RPG with a moderate difficulty of ranking up. But are there any ways to do it more efficiently and faster?

Well, there are. Thankfully, we will tell you how to level up in Genshin Impact as effectively as possible.

How to Level Up in Genshin Impact

The highest level you can reach right off the gate is level 20. After that, though, there are ways to increase the level cap.

Also, there is a lot of talk about increasing the level of up to level 100. For now, the highest level with ascensions is level 50.

To level up in Genshin Impact, you need to obtain experience, surprise surprise. To increase experience, you need to use Character EXP materials.

There are three Character EXP materials:

  1. Traveler’s Experience – 1000 EXP
  2. Adventurer’s Experience – 5000 EXP
  3. Hero’s Experience – 20000 EXP

But how do you get these materials? Well, you can get them in a few ways. Missions and treasure chests usually are your go-to if you want to farm EXP.

Nevertheless, if you are up for clearing dungeons, you can acquire Experience materials this way too. These three options are the best ways of leveling up fast. Furthermore, consider looking for side and hidden quests.

There are many hidden quests in this game. Most of them will be shown on the map. These missions are a different way of getting exp while also receiving item rewards. They can be the right way of learning about the lore too.

When you reach a level cap, you can use ascension to increase that cap. Keep in mind that you have to have a certain adventurer rank to use ascensions!

On the second ascension, the max level cap increases to 50. The developers plan to add more ascensions, so this game might get more exciting as time passes. Until then, good luck!

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