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Upon the arrival of the third nation in Genshin Impact’s world of Teyvat, a world quest series titled Neko is A Cat has been included to allow players to immerse into the lore Electro nation Inazuma. This collection of world quests will be unlocked once you complete another series of world quests titled Seirai Stormchasers.

Genshin Impact: Neko Is a Cat Quest Guide

In Seirai Stormchasers, you will need to ask help from a talking cat in an abandoned shrine to repair the broken wards in the region. These wards need to be fixed to make it safer to explore Seirai Island.

neko is a cat location

Before Neko gives you details on how to repair the broken wards, she will first ask you to help her repair the shrine’s offering box so that people can deposit Mora again. Neko is not aware that the residents of Seirai Island have left the region, and she would like to bring the shrine to its former glory so that people will visit again. If this happens, she believes, her human friend Asase Hibiki will return to the shrine and live with her and the other cats again.

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Teleport to Asase Shrine to start the Neko is a Cat world quest series. This part of Seirai Stormchasers will be your first encounter with Neko. After completing the said quest, an exclamation mark indicating an available world quest will appear on Neko’s head.

nc 002

An important thing to note is that one world quest can only be done per day despite being a series of quests. This means that after completing a quest, the next one will only be available the following day.

Day 1Neko is a Cat: Shrine Cleanup

As mentioned above, after you have completed the Seirai Stormchasers world quest series, head to Asase Shrine to accept the first mission of the Neko is a Cat series.

For the first day, Neko will update you on the event that follows after you have repaired the shrine’s donation box. She will talk about people in green outfits visiting the shrine and offering Mora after doing the job. The ones she was talking about are the adventurers Eiko and Taisuke.

Neko will ask you to clean up the dirt around Asase Shrine, specifically on the floor on both the left and right sides of the shrine building.

nc d1 01

You can use Anemo or Hydro to clean up four lumps of dirt.

After cleaning, talk to Neko to give you her thanks and hand you a simple reward.

Day 2 – Neko is a Cat: Offering Box

On this second day of the world quest series, Neko will tell you how only Eiko and Taisuke have visited the shrine so far. She also noticed that they checked the wooden shelf ahead of the shrine hill.

nc d2 01

The wooden shelf is the shrine’s prayer rack, where visitors would hang wooden plates with their prayers and wishes written on them. Neko believes that since the prayer rack is ruined, it is one of the reasons why people have not returned to visit the shrine yet.

nc d2 02

Now, Neko would like to ask you to repair the wooden rack. After fixing the prayer rack, report back to Neko.

nc d2 03

Tell the adventurers about the prayer rack and go with them to hang some wooden plaques.

nc d2 04

Neko is hopeful that people can now hang wooden tablets on the rack and bring other people with them when they visit the shrine.

Day 3 – Neko is a Cat: The Children

On the third day of the Neko is a Cat series, you will find Neko a little bit stressed out and seem to be looking for something or someone.

nc d3 01

Neko is worried sick about the ones she named Konbumaru and Hachihou and would like to ask for help finding them and bringing them back. These two are younger cats that are nowhere to be found.

As per Neko, Konbumaru loves sleeping in high places, and as for Hachihou, you can find this agile little fellow near bodies of water, looking for fish or crabs.

nc d3 02

When you finish talking to Neko, a marking on the map will appear as your guide. However, the exact location of the cats is still something you need to figure out yourself.

Also, note that a timer counting down 3 minutes will be displayed on top of your screen. This means you need to locate the two little cats before the time runs out.

nc d3 03

The second thing you will see on your screen, just below the timer, is a number indicating the target’s distance. So aside from the marking on the map, this distance from the target indicator will further guide you in finding your target.

Hachihou will be southeast of the shrine, sitting on the beach right below the cliff.

nc d3 04

Konbumaru, on the other hand, is in the trunk on top of the large tree that is just behind the shrine. Climb up this tree, and you will find Konbumaru.

nc d3 05

Bring these two fellas to Neko as she requested.

Day 4 – Neko is a Cat: Shrine Recipe

Revisiting Neko on the fourth day will have the fourth quest of the series available.

This time, Neko is having trouble making the cats in the shrine behave. She was then reminded of when the same thing happened in the past. Hibiki would be a delicious dish to bring the cats in line with each other. She also said that even the people who visited the shrine would also share the special dish.

nc d4 01

Now, Neko would like you to make the same dish, and although she cannot teach you how to make it, she remembers the ingredients so well. You need fish meat, animal meat, water-grown grass or seagrass, and white rice.

nc d4 02

Since you do not know how to make it, ask Eiko and Taisuke if they can cook something out of the ingredients that cats would love. As adventurers themselves, they might know something.

nc d4 03

Eiko will suggest that you go to Inazuma City and look for Kiminami Anna at Kiminami Restaurant. She owns that place and is a very good chef. She can help you out.

nc d4 05

Teleport to the northern waypoint of Inazuma City and go to Kiminami Restaurant, which is situated opposite the Amenoma Smithy.

nc d4 04

Talk to oKiminami Anna, who will take it as a challenge to the Kiminami family name to create the first recipe of a dish that both cats and humans would love. She will then ask you to prepare three servings of seagrass.

nc d4 06

After a while, the dish is complete, and Kiminami Anna will call it the Invigorating Kitty Meal. She will hand you the meal and then write the recipe for you to cook it yourself in the future.

nc d4 08

Before returning to Asase Shrine, make sure to learn the new recipe and cook at least three servings of this new dish. You will give Neko, and the kittens separate servings of the Invigorating Kitty Meal, and you can not find a tool you can use to cook in that place.

When you get back to the shrine, talk to Neko and let her try the new dish.

nc d4 09

Although it is different from what Hibiki used to prepare, Neko will still love the dish you gave her. She will then ask you to bring the meals to the kittens around the shrine. Therefore, you need to give three different servings to the little fellows. Three locations will be marked on the map.

nc d4 10

After feeding the cats, return and report to Neko to complete today’s quest.

Day 5 – Neko is a Cat: Cat and Stone

For the fifth day and the fifth quest for this series, Neko will share her desire to have a stone shaped in her image—a statue, to be placed beside the shrine. She wants something similar to the fox stones in Narukami Island.

nc d5 01

Since you do not know how to make a statue, you will have to ask Taisuke if he can help you with this task. Eiko will tell you about how craftsmen in Tatarasuna are looking for work and that you can look for one and have him do what Neko asks for.

nc d5 02

Teleport to the Statue of the Seven in Tatarasuna and then go to the peninsula with the shell-shaped cottage.

nc d5 03

On the shore next to the lightning probe puzzle, you will see a man standing next to a camp.

nc d5 04

This man is Ooshima Junpei, and he can do stone carvings, although he claims he is not an expert. Since he is looking for work after getting evacuated off of Tatarasuna, offer him making the carved statue that Neko requested.

Travel to Asase Shrine with Ooshima Junpei and introduce him to Neko.

nc d5 05

After the introduction and the discussion on the task at hand, Junpei will start gathering rocks for the statue.

Day 6 – Neko is a Cat: Stone Human’s Troubles

On this sixth day of the world quest series, visiting Neko will have her tell you updates on the statues that Ooshima Junpei agreed to make. You will also learn that the job has created noises, but it has stopped recently, which could mean that Junpei has halted the work.

nc d6 01

Check on Ooshima Junpei to ask him if there is any problem.

nc d6 02

Ooshima Junpei broke his hammer and chisel, causing him to stop working. He will ask you to gather three iron chunks to forge new tools and continue working.

nc d6 03

After giving the craftsman the material he needs, he will start forging, and while he is at it, go and report the situation to Neko.

nc d6 04

Day 7 – Neko is a Cat: Shrine Canteen

On your seventh visit and for the seventh quest, Neko seems very pleased with Ooshima Junpei’s progress on the statue despite being very noisy. Neko will then ask you to bring the fish she prepared to Mr. Ooshima, which she considers as the salary for the craftsman.

nc d7 01

When you talk to Ooshima Junpei, he will take a break and look for something to eat. As you hand him the fish Neko prepared, Mr. Ooshima would decline because he had already eaten fish for several days straight and wanted to have something else.

nc d7 02

Ooshima Junpei will ask you to get him three servings of raw meat because he is not a hunter and has failed to hunt some in the past few days.

nc d7 03

After giving Junpei what he requested, he will cook and eat it and then have the strength to continue carving Neko’s statue.

nc d7 04

Day 8 – Neko is a Cat: Ding-A-Ling Metal Ball

The eighth quest under the Neko is a Cat world quest series available the day after completing the seventh one. Upon talking to Neko, she will inform you that Ooshima Junpei will soon complete the statue. This time, Neko will ask you to help her decorate the surroundings of the shrine to make it a bit livelier.

nc d8 01

The task that Neko will give you this time is to hang bells around the shrine. There will be three locations where bells need to be hung.

One of the locations in the three on the right side of the shrine.

nc d8 02

The other location is the prayer rack you repaired a few days ago.

nc d8 03

The last spot to hang a bell is the tree beside the shrine up on top of the hill.

nc d8 04

After all three bells have been placed on their designated spots, return to Neko.

Neko now feels that the Asase Shrine is lively enough and that people will soon visit again. She will also remind you that the statue is almost complete and that you should visit again to see it.

nc d8 05

Neko also shared how when she asked Eiko and Taisuke about Hibiki, the tall green human said he had read about an “Aki Domeki” who seemed to be a bad person. Of course, Neko would not believe and continue wondering when Hibiki would return to the shrine.

Day 9 – Neko is a Cat: A “Good Turn” Comes Late

This quest will be the ninth and last for this series, and this time the statue made from Neko’s image is now complete.

nc d9 01

After talking with Neko, she will take you to meet with Ooshima Junpei and check out the statue.

nc d9 02

Neko wanted the statue built so that when Hibiki and Domeki returned, they could see it as a guide and not lose their way to the shrine. She also believed that something good would happen if the statue were made.

nc d9 03

As Junpei chiseled the last piece of rock, the clouds turned into the shape of a cat. This has pleased Neko and had her thinking that a good thing did happen since the statue is finally complete.

nc d9 04

Neko’s enthusiasm is now boosted, and she would want to attend to many matters, including the preparation of the return of Hibiki. She will also think about many people revisiting the shrine.

nc d9 05

Again, the “Neko is a Cat” world quests series involved nine quests that needed to be completed on nine different days. You can skip a day and choose to do the newly available quest differently. This will not affect the progress of the series.

nc 003

Completing this world quest series will unlock the achievement “Cat in the Clouds,” as well as four new daily commissions involving Neko and the Asase Shrine. These commissions are Shrine Clean Up (Leaves), Shrine Clean Up (Dirt), The Cat’s Trail, and A Fishy Flavor.

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