Genshin Impact: Shrine of Depths Locations in Inazuma



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In Genshin Impact, there are special structures called Shrines of Depths that adventurers need to find and unlock as part of the game’s world exploration progress. These shrines are ancient pavilions that were sealed when the first civilization was lost.

Genshin Impact: Shrine of Depths Locations in Inazuma

Aside from exploration progress and achievements, unlocking a Shrine of Depth will also give adventurers access to the treasure that’s being kept inside.

Of course, you will need keys to unlock these structures and the keys are obtained as rewards for increasing the level of the Statue of the Seven, as well as that of the Sacred Sakura’s Favor.

There are 10 of these shrines in each nation and this guide will help you find the location of all Shrines of Depths in Inazuma.

Narukami Island

There are 2 Shrines of Depth in Narukami Island.

The first one is on a small island northwest of Ritou.

inazuma sod 1

The second shrine is in Chinju Forest. It is on a rock cliff just east of the teleport waypoint.

inazuma sod 2


2 shrines can also be found in Kannazuka.

One of these shrines is above Tatarasuna. It is south of the teleport waypoint situated at the entrance to the Mikage Furnace cave.

inazuma sod 3

The next one is just below the highest cliff of the island. Just teleport to the waypoint at the top of the mountain, which is its southern part, and then drop down slightly to the west.

inazuma sod 4

Yashiori Island

There are also 2 Shrines of Depths in Yashiori Island

One can be found southeast of Serpent’s Head. To get to it just teleport to the waypoint above the cliff that is west of Maguu Kenki’s lair.

inazuma sod 5

The other shrine on this island is on another cliff southwest of Jakotsu Mine. You can teleport to the Formation Estate domain and walk up the hill to the south and you can easily see the shrine.

inazuma sod 6

Watatsumi Island

In Watatsumi Island, you can only find one of these shrines. You can teleport to the waypoint north of the island and glide down southeast to the bottom of the cliff. It is slightly hidden inside a wall caving next to a waterfall.

inazuma sod 7

Serai Island

There is also only one of these Shrines of Depths in Serai Island. From the teleport waypoint in Koseki Village, just face northwest down the cliff and you will immediately see it.

inazuma sod 8

Tsurumi Island

The last 2 shrines are found in Tsurumi Island.

One is on a cliff south of Chirai Shrine. The easiest way to get to it is to teleport to the Statue of Seven and walk through the big gate to clear the fog that is covering the map. From the teleport waypoint, you can walk up northwest to get to it.

inazuma sod 9

The last Shrine of Depths is on another cliff south of Shirikoro Peak. You can teleport to the waypoint in that area and glide down the cliff below to where the structure is.

inazuma sod 10
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