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One of the world quests in Genshin Impact is the Shuumatsuban Operations. It is part of a world quest series named “The Very Special Fortune Slip,” which will only be available once you complete the hidden mission related to the Strange Fortune Slip and the secret organization under the Yashiro Commission, the Shuumatsuban.

Genshin Impact: Shuumatsuban Operations Quest Guide

The day after the last Strange Fortune Slip mission, when you go to Inazuma City, an unknown person will bump into you and walk right away without saying a word. You will then notice a piece of paper that has been sneakily stuffed into your person. This note shows drawings that seem to be of a cage and a shuriken.

You and Paimon will realize that the shuriken meant the Shuumatsuban, and the cage is the metal gate that is the entrance to Gendou Ringo’s safe house. This means that you need to visit and check Ms. Gendou because she might have some matters to talk to you about.

As you already know, the safe house is located near the broken wooden bridge northeast of the Grand Narukami Shrine.

After the incident with the fake Gendou Ringo presently stationed at the Grand Narukami Shrine, the real one you are talking to has changed her appearance to proceed with the mission carefully. She will then ask you to address her by the name Momoyo from now on.

Momoyo will give you a new mission to figure out what the fake Gendou and the Fatui are plotting. She needs you to disguise as one of Fatui’s comrades to try and get some intel out of the three undercover Fatui that she discovered.

One of the undercover Fatui members is found by the seaside around Ritou and is disguised as Sumeru, while the other two are in Inazuma City. One is a man dressed like a merchant, and the last one is a woman who started working in disguise at the Royal Hot Springs.

Momoyo will also give you a Fatui Code Sheet that lists lines and phrases that its members use to relay messages with each other secretly.

You can read and memorize what those codes mean so that you can make smooth conversations with the three Fatui members without getting caught.

Undercover Fatui in Ritou

This first undercover Fatui can be found south of Ritou, standing on a wooden pier.

Talk to him and select the option “Attempt to make contact.”

This part is where the Fatui Code Sheet comes in handy. When talking to these undercover Fatui agents, you need to know what the code means so that you can respond correctly and avoid suspicion. A friendship meter will also appear on the head of these people to indicate the level of trust or suspicion they have for you.

Select “Fellow companions who’ve forgotten their homeland.

When Buzuleac mentioned “General Crabs,” choose the option that says, “Ugh, yeah, especially those taxes.

For the last one, Buzuleac will mention “north wind,” which means “things not going well” based on the code sheet. So you need to select “That’s terrible. You’ve had it rough, I see.

Undercover Fatui in Inazuma City – Town Center

This second undercover agent is disguised as a merchant and hangs around high places. When you walk past the Adventurers’ Guild front desk, looking up will reveal the spot where this person is lounging around. He is standing on the roof of Yayoi Lacquerware.

Go up the roof and introduce yourself to Nakatani by saying, “Fellow companions who’ve forgotten their homeland.

For the second set of choices, you should “Look enraged” because Nakatani is talking about how their fellow countrymen went “hiking” and encountered the “north wind.”

In the last set of choices, select the one that says, “So you suspect that she’s ‘loosened her left hand’?

Undercover Fatui in Inazuma City – Royal Hot Springs

Go to the Royal Hot Springs and talk to Mikawa Akane, a person from the Royal Bath Commission, to ask her about a newly employed woman.

She is also looking for the same person because she has been slacking at work and had even caused trouble by almost injuring a guest.

The said person is named Tae, and you will find her slacking off in the courtyard by the cliff, which can be accessed through the gate by the left-wing of the castle. She is under a tree and does not want to be disturbed, but you should still talk to her.

Again, introduce yourself by saying, “Fellow companions who’ve forgotten their homeland.

When she mentions that she might as well go “wash the dishes,” which means to be exposed or captured, tell her to “Stay cool, you’re still young….”

In the next set of choices, select the one that says, “No, I will clench my left hand.

In the conversation with all three undercover Fatui members, if you made one wrong choice or said something that does not relate to what the secret code meant, this will raise the Fatui members’ suspicion, and you have to redo the entire conversation from the start.

After gathering information from each of the discovered undercover Fatui members, they will also change into their real form if you choose to reveal your true identity. You will then have to defeat them on the spot.

Common Complain

These three secret agents are complaining about a woman named Lyudochka. She is the same person pretending to be the shrine maiden Gendou Ringo assigned to assist shrine visitors when drawing fortune slips.

All three undercover members report her to their superior, “the Teacher.” So now she will be assigned to a different task and leave for Watatsumi Island.

Reporting Back

When you are done investigating, return to Ms. Momoyo’s safe house and report everything that you have learned so far.

Your next task is to follow Lyudochka and find out where she will meet up with “the Teacher.” Momoyo will give you a special bamboo slip that was scattered with some Shuumatsuban-made elemental powder.

You have to pretend to take a bamboo slip from Lyudochka at the shrine and hand her this special one so that traces of the elemental powder will fall on her. That way, you will have a chance of tracking her using your Elemental Sight.

The Shuumatsuban Operations quest will end here, and the next quest in the series will be unlocked.

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