How to Get Your 2022 Flashback in VALORANT


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How to Get Your 2022 Flashback in VALORANT

You can tell a lot about how a player likes to play and performs in VALORANT by looking at in-game stats. Generally, a player’s matches won, K/D ratio, and most-played Agents can tell you a lot about what roles they play and how well they play the said role in VALORANT.

There are several stat trackers for VALORANT – and are two of the most popular and provide valuable data such as headshot percentage, win-loss ratio, and matches played. Players can use the data they gather from these stat lines to evaluate their weaknesses and address them with the help of third-party aim trainers or just some good ole bot practice in The Range.

Ironically, data such as headshot percentages or win rates aren’t accessible in VALORANT, leaving players with no choice but to download third-party applications to evaluate and track their per-game performance in VALORANT.

It’s not like Riot Games doesn’t have access to these stats; VALORANT is their game, after all. The VALORANT team chooses not to show these stats in-game yet.

Riot has access to every data point on every account on VALORANT; they just choose to save it for promotional emails such as last year’s Year One recap and now the 2022 VALORANT Flashback.

How to Check Stats in VALORANT?

As mentioned above, you must use third-party services such as or Third-party trackers are currently the only way to keep track of and check advanced stats in VALORANT on a per-game basis.

image 233

That said, players can also use Riot Games’ online tool, the My VALORANT Badge, to check basic stats. However, players will be limited to Agent-specific stats such as Agent K/D, Agent Damage/Round, Agent Win Rate, and Agent Headshot Accuracy.

What is VALORANT Flashback?

When Riot Games celebrated VALORANT’s first anniversary, the company sent players an email containing stats and achievements they collected throughout the year.

The Year One recap included stats such as Matches Won, K/D/A Ratio, Damage Done, Shot Accuracy (Headshots, Body Shots, and Leg Shots), and a quick statement summarizing your shot accuracy.

For 2022, players can expect to receive a similar email from Riot Games by the year’s end called the VALORANT Flashback. While all players should normally receive their VALORANT recap via their linked email, those who have disabled receiving newsletters and marketing emails in their account settings might not receive the email sent by Riot Games if they do not subscribe by December 26.

Enable Communication from Riot Games to receive your 2022 VALORANT Flashback

No one likes receiving spam mail, which is why some players probably turned off the option to receive newsletters regularly from Riot Games.

It is completely understandable if players chose to block emails from Riot Games. Unfortunately, players will not be able to receive their VALORANT Flashback if they turn off the option to receive these mail in their Riot Account settings.

If you are looking to activate the feature to receive your VALORANT Flashback this year, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the VALORANT Official website:
image 229

2. Click on “Play Now” the Sign-In to your VALORANT account:

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2 13

3. Enter your account details to sign in:

image 230

4. You will be redirected to the VALORANT Official website. Click on your username:

3 6

5. Click on Settings:

4 5

6. In the Account Management page, click on “Communication Preferences” in the left menu pane:

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7. Under Communication Preferences, tick the box that says “Communication from Riot Games”:

6 2
image 232

Enabling this option will allow Riot Games to send you newsletters and other promotional material such as offers, invites, and VALORANT news. Of course, enabling this option also means Riot Games can send you your VALORANT Flashback for 2022.

Another Great Year for VALORANT

VALORANT had a great year in 2022, as Riot Games brought in tons of new content with several new Agents entering the roster and the addition of new maps such as Pearl. Throughout the year, Riot Games has also had to change things around, which resulted in Split’s indefinite leave from the Competitive Map Pool, Sova’s fall from the Initiator hierarchy, and the rise and fall of the game’s most controversial Agent in Chamber.

Riot is always looking to switch things up for the better, which means players can expect VALORANT to look and feel different from when it first came out in 2020. With that said, the 2022 VALORANT Flashback should give you a good idea about how you performed in-game throughout the whole year. Hopefully. the stats you receive in the mail will motivate you to improve your gameplay for next year.

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