How to Get DOTA 2’s Battle Pass for Free


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On May 25, 2020, Dota 2 released the latest version of Battle Pass, known as The International 2020 or TI10. Upon release, a lot of players asked how can you get the Battle Pass for free, or if the Battle Pass is actually worth the price.

How to Get DOTA 2's Battle Pass for Free

In this article, we’ll explore these questions and see if the Battle Pass is actually worth the hype.

Can You Get the Dota 2 Battle Pass for Free?

Quick answer: No, the Dota 2 Battle Pass is one of the ways that Valve has for monetizing the game. As such, you can’t earn any of the items offered in the Battle Pass without paying for it. There may be a few ways to get it without paying money, but they’re not guaranteed. One of them is to wait for giveaways and promotions, and another, though not really free, is to have someone buy it for you.

There’s also a roundabout way of getting a Dota 2 Battle Pass, and that’s by earning Steam Wallet Credit. There are a lot of ways to do this, like selling game trading cards, crates, and inventory items. The base Dota 2 Battle Pass is about $9.99, so if you can get Steam Wallet Credit through playing other games, and participating in Steam Events, then you’re technically getting it for free.

There may be sites that offer free Dota 2 Battle Passes in exchange for answering surveys, or giving them your personal info, but these aren’t a good idea. A lot of these are phishing sites try to get your contacts to use in scams. Be careful of webpages offering freebies. When they’re too good to be true, they usually aren’t.


What’s in the Battle Pass Exactly?

If you’re having trouble deciding whether to get the newest Battle Pass or not, consider the contents of the pass itself. First off, the pass comes in three prices: the basic pass that’s $9.99, the Level 50 pass which is $29.35, and the Level 100 pass which is $44.99.

The rewards for all these passes are exactly the same, what’s different is what level you start at. If you get the Basic pass, you start at Level One, earning levels as you play. The others start you at higher levels, giving you more stuff from the outset. Seeing that the pass lasts until January 2021, unless you play very rarely, there’s no reason to get the higher level passes unless you want all that stuff right off the bat.

An advantage for the Battle Pass holder is the ability to create guilds. Anyone can join a guild, but only a Battle Pass holder can make one. The Battle Pass also gives you options to level up your guild by making you earn more Guild Points than those without the pass.

There’s also the Side Shop, a new feature that was introduced with the Battle Pass. It’s like a mini game that allows you to collect and upgrade heroes using Side Shop Gold, then exchange those heroes for gems. The higher the level of heroes, the more gems you earn. This can then be used to buy Arcanas and other great stuff. Further Side Shop gold can be earned through grinding in the game.

Summer Events are also available to Battle Pass holders, along with a Bounty System, and Cavern Crawls, each offering rewards of their own. Along with over 2,000 levels of rewards, there are literally thousands of skins, treasures, and items available to earn.


Is the Battle Pass Worth It?

Asking if the pass is worth it will depend on how much you actually play. If you play rarely, then no. The chances of you getting your money’s worth is practically nil. If, on the other hand, you play a lot, then the pass is surely worth the price. For a little under $10, you’re getting a lot of items in return. With an expiration date of January 2021, that’s still plenty of time to earn them all.

You can also buy more levels, if you fancy spending money, that is, or have more Steam Wallet Credits to use. Five levels go for $2.49, 11 levels for $4.99, and 24 levels for $9.99. Of course, you can just earn those levels by playing the game, but if you really want a certain item that’s within reach of a paid level up, Dota 2 gives you that option.

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Free to Play Schemes

Like all Free to Play games, Dota 2 has its monetization schemes to try and get you to pay for additional items. Whether or not the Battle Pass is worth your time and money depends entirely on how much you enjoy the game. Being able to get the Battle Pass for free though, is another matter entirely.

So, do you know how to get a Dota 2 Battle Pass for free, at least one that works? Let us know in the comments section below.

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