Escape from Tarkov The Bunker Guide (Part 1)



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With the new additions to the Reserve map comes new quests. This is one of them.

Escape from Tarkov The Bunker Guide (Part 1)

Beneath the helipad near the pawn buildings is a new underground bunker. This is where you’ll need to go to complete quest “The Bunker part one”.

You won’t need any special keys or anything, as this quest is in the early-game, you only need to be Level 10. Let’s jump right in.

Find Underground Bunker

First thing to do is drop into the Reserves and make your way to the pawn buildings. The quickest route to the location you’ll need to find is to head into the White Pawn building.

Head down the flight of stairs and into the basement. Next to the stairs should be a short hallway that leads into the new area. Head down that way and look for a staircase down.

Depending on what side you enter the building from, you’ll have to turn either left or right to find the staircase leading down. The staircase is towards the middle of the building, so just keep in mind where you came in from and head in the direction that would lead you that way. Head on down and you’ll find yourself in the bunker.

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Locate Control Room in the Underground Bunker

After carefully making your way down the stairs, you’ll enter into a large open hallway with support pillars in the middle.

There will be a hallway to your right that leads further down in the same direction, ending in what looks like a dead end.

Head down that way and enter the room to your left. It’ll be a sort of generator room, inside of which you can flick a switch to turn the lights on, and activate a new extraction.

Inside the generator room is two doors, only one of which you can open.

That is where you need to go to find the location for the quest. Simply open the door, and head in.

You should have the task complete at this point, so you can make your way to an extract.


Finishing the quest will net you the usual rep with Prapor and some cash, alongside an AK-74N assault rifle and a box of 5.45×39 BT ammunition. He won’t give you any magazines for it though.

Completing The Bunker – Part 1 will also unlock The Bunker – Part 2

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