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In Moonlighter, one of your main objectives is to fight monsters and collect their spoils to use as wares in your shop. Occasionally, you will find an item that might fetch a high price, like a mysterious-looking egg, for instance. However, this egg is not your typical monster loot because it will eventually turn into a helpful companion that’s called a Familiar.

How to get Familiars in Moonlighter

Get Familiar with “Familiars”‘

Familiars are pets that follow you around and assist you in the dungeons. They are from hatched eggs that come from killing certain types of enemies a specific number of times.

Things can get pretty chaotic when you get overrun with mobs in the dungeon. Good thing these friendly little creatures can be rather handy in a fight. They can inflict damage on enemies and perform various actions based on their abilities, like picking up items or recovering your health.

Familiar eggs can take up space in your inventory, but they will automatically be added to the farm beside your house after exploring the dungeon for the night.

Types of Familiar

There are four types of Familiars you can acquire in the game: the Melee type, the Support, the Ranged, and the Storage.

The Melee type likes to charge fearlessly at enemies. The Ranged Type fires projectiles at foes. Some Support Type Familiars heal you, and some add status effects to your attacks. The Storage Type Familiars picks up items from a distance.

How to Obtain these Familiars


The Flying Golem is a Melee type Familiar. It can swoop at enemies at will, although its attack does very little damage. The Flying Golem is also a Storage type that can pick up and hold items for you. You get this Familiar after killing 10 Flying Golems in the Golem Dungeon.

Another Melee type included in the Between Dimensions DLC is a Spike Chain Familiar. It is an armor-clad creature that swings its ball and chain at foes. The Spike Chain Familiar Egg can be obtained after slaying 10 of its kind in the Wanderer Dungeon.


The Wind Tree Sprout is a Ranged type Familiar that you’ll receive after defeating 10 Wind Tree Sprout in the Desert Dungeon. It shoots gusts of wind at foes every 3 seconds. 

The Golem Turret is a Familiar that fires a stream of water bullets at opponents. Its egg will be available once you kill 10 of its kind in the Golem Dungeon.

The Blade Tree Sprout has sharp leaf blades that can shoot at enemies. You can acquire its egg after killing 10 Blade Tree Sprout in the Forest Dungeon.

If you bring a Mother Golem Familiar with you in the dungeon, it will spit out fire elementals that attack nearby opponents. You can obtain it by killing 10 Mother Golems in the Desert Dungeon.

The Graaf Generator is a Tech Dungeon dweller. It can electrocute nearby foes with its attacks. If you slay 10 of these, you’ll get a Familiar egg.

Included in the Between Dimensions DLC is the Gas Suit Familiar. It can fill the area with toxic fumes using its gas-making machine. Kill 10 of these yellow suit-wearing enemies, and you’ll get an egg.


The Golem Baby Slime attacks and stuns hostile enemies. Your weapons can also inflict this status ailment on your opponents if you bring this Familiar with you in the dungeons. To obtain this Familiar, defeat 15 Golem Baby Slimes in the Golem Dungeon.

The Forest Baby Slime strikes at foes with poisonous attacks and applies the poison effect to your weapons as well. Slay 15 Forest Baby Slimes to acquire its egg in the Forest Dungeon.

The Bard Puppet heals you depending on the damage it deals on an enemy before defeating it. It can be acquired after killing 10 Bard Puppets in the Desert Dungeon.

The Recharger Familiar creates healing potions from slain opponents. The Tech Dungeon is where Rechargers dwell, defeat 10 of them, and you’ll receive an egg.

The Tesla Baby Slime hits foes with an electrifying effect and applies it to the player’s weapon. Get a Tesla Baby Slime egg by slaying 15 of these slimes in the Tech Dungeon.


The Mimic Familiar picks up items using its mouth-like chest. This Storage Type Familiar can double your inventory space because it possesses a chest inside its body. If you get defeated and pass out, the Mimic can even keep all the items stored inside it.

Mimics spawn in any dungeons, and after slaying 35 of these, you’ll receive a Mimic Egg.

What was the first Familiar that you received, and which one is your favorite? Share your experience in the comments section below.

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