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Unlike Apex Coins, you cannot buy Legend Tokens with real money. Instead, they are rewarded every time a player levels up. For every level a player earns, they gain 600 Legend Tokens. (Note that Apex Legends has a level cap of 500.) Players will still receive Legend Tokens if they eventually reach the level cap. The Legend Tokens award is based on the experience gained, which coincides with leveling up. By then, the reward would be based on the experienced gain to level up for the level-capped player. Also, players will start to earn Legend Tokens once they hit Level 4.

How to Earn Legend Tokens in Apex Legends Quickly

The main reason players look for the fastest and easiest way of gaining Legend Tokens is the tokens are one of the two in-game currencies that can be used to purchase the Legends (game characters). The other currency is the Apex Coins. Apex Coins can only be bought with real money, subject to some exceptions where the game rewards you with some quantity as an incident like purchasing the Battle Pass or reaching a certain account level. Ultimately, earning Legend Tokens is the only way to unlock Legends for free.

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A Match Summary with the Breakdown of XP points

You can only earn Legend Tokens by playing the game to level up. Below are the ways to get more experience points while playing the game.

  1. Play during experience events – Respawn often hosts events or special occasions which nets players double experience points. This is the best time to grind so you can gain the most experience points to level up and, as a result, more Legend Tokens.
  2. Play in Arena – Arena may not be the most popular game mode in Apex Legends but the amount of experience to be gained in playing this mode is better than the battle-royal default mode in terms of gain to time spent.
  3. Play the game to the best of your abilities – For every net positive thing you do in Apex Legends, a certain amount of experience points are gained. Surviving the game nets you the best experience points, especially when playing with friends. Refer to the table below for the breakdown of experience point gains in Apex Legends.
  4. All three methods must be followed in conjunction – For the best results possible, all of the three aforementioned ways must be followed in conjunction. Playing the game with friends as a 3-stack in Arena will net you more experience than any other method. The percentile increase for every friend and the inherent massive experience points in Arena is exponential.
ActionExperience Points
Emerge as Champions / Winning the Match900 XP
Finish in the Top 5300 XP
Time survived 3 XP per second survived
Kills (non-Champion)50 XP
Damage Done 0.25 XP per 1 damage point
Revive Ally25 XP per revive
Respawn Ally200 XP per respawn
Kill the Match Kill Leader50 XP
Kill the Champion500 XP per member killed in the Champion Squad
Being the Champion Squad500 XP
Play with Friends+5% XP per friend (obviously, +10% maximum)

What are the Uses of Legend Tokens in Apex Legends

As mentioned already, Legend Tokens are used to buy Legends for 12,000 Legend Tokens per character. Other than that, there are a few other uses for Legend Tokens. One of them is buying the recolored, limited-time weapon skins and Legend skins off of the in-game store, provided, of course, you already own the Legend and the weapon.

Another use for Legend Tokens is that it is the currency used for rerolling Daily Challenges. One Daily Challenge can be rolled for free; subsequent rolls require 200 Legend Tokens. Rerolling challenges using the Legend Tokens is not recommended. The daily challenges are usually not that difficult to complete and the Legend Tokens are too valuable to use this way. Even if you do not like the Daily Challenge, it is an opportunity to learn a new Legend or weapon.

We hope this article helped! If you have any more questions or found another way to get Legend Tokens, let us know in the comments below!

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