How to Get the O Archon, Have I Done Right? World Quest in Genshin Impact



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The “O Archon, Have I Done Right?” is one of the world quests in Genshin Impact that you need to complete to achieve your maximum reputation level in Inazuma.

How to Get the O Archon, Have I Done Right? World Quest in Genshin Impact

The key to achieving this is patience and memory because you can only get this quest as a daily commission. That means you can not predict when you will get it.

This chain of world quests involves two commissions, and you have to pick the right choice to trigger the second part. This will happen three times, and selecting the right choices in each commission will start the world quest.

First Commission Quest

The first one is “Oh Archon, Hear Me!” You will get this from Shouta at the shrine in Inazuma City just west of the teleport waypoint, two stairs down.

commission 1 shouta

Shouta is a kid who wants to offer something to the shrine to have his wish granted by the Archon.

He will ask you to help him ask Yayoi Nanatsuki to teach him how to make lacquerware to use as an offering to the shrine.

commission 1 nanatsuki

Nanatsuki will turn him down because the process will take more than a night to learn, and the materials are not readily available.

You will return to the shrine, and Shouta will ask you what he should offer now that lacquerware is no longer an option. He will make you choose between a Tricolor Dango and a sachet of petals. You should select the Tricolor Dango for this quest.

commission 1 tricolor dangp

The next day you will find an item that was offered to the shrine. This means that the next time you get the daily commission under the “O Archon, Have I Done Right?” series, it will be the second part.

Second Commission Quest

The day after you found and investigated an item near the shrine where Shouta made a wish, you will likely get a commission as a sequel to Shouta’s last request. It is titled “O Shrine, Show Your Power Once Again!

commission 2 shouta

The kid is excited to tell you that he received a response from the Archon. He would like to make another wish and make offerings to the two other shrines in the city.

commission 2 location choices

You will have to choose to go to the shrine by the outskirts first or the one near Komore Teahouse. Choose any of the two locations and then help Shouta decide to give desserts as his offering for his wishes.

Wait until the next time you get this commission and then choose to go to the other location. You still need to suggest that Shouta give food as his offering to the shrine. If you are lucky, you will get this quest again the following day, but if not, you will have to wait for a couple of days.

After completing this daily commission for both locations, the world quest “O Archon, Have I Done Right?” will now be available to you.

O Archon, Have I Done Right? Quest Guide

Head back to the shrine inside the city to talk to Shouta for this world quest.

o archon sad shouta

The kid is disappointed because he still has not received a response from the deity and that his wishes were not granted. He will ask you to check the shrine outside the city.

When you arrive at the shrine, treasure hoarders will be there searching the area for anything they can take. After defeating and confronting them, the thieves will flee the scene. Shouta will keep wondering why his wishes weren’t granted.

You will then have to ask people in the city about how giving offerings to the shrine works.

First, you need to talk to a kid named Kouichi, who is standing next to a tomato garden near the city entrance.

o archon kouichi

Next, you will need to talk to Yayoi Nanatsuki, the owner of Yayoi Lacquerware. She will try to explain to Shouta what it means to give offerings and pray to the deity.

o archon nanatsuki

After the discussion, the quest will be completed, and you can tick this off the list of world quests needed to increase your Inazuma reputation.

o archon reputation complete

Trivia: In all the shrines, you need to make Shouta give sweets as an offering to the deity. Based on her story quest, Ei, the Electro Archon, loves desserts. Venti even thinks that it is her weakness.

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