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Out of all the heroes in Overwatch, none are as unique as Echo. This is kind of weird to say considering that her front is that she can copy other heroes. As one of the most versatile heroes in Overwatch, it’s high time that you consider mastering Echo so that you can rise through the ranks and later on increase your win rate as well.

How To Master Echo In Overwatch

Echo is the last and latest hero to be added to Overwatch before the sequel hits shelves at a yet-to-be-announced release date. Although she’s last, Echo is definitely one of the best DPS heroes in the game currently and it all has to do with the amazing skill set that allows her to adapt to most situations that players will face during intense fights in the game.

Echo Abilities


Let’s first talk about Echo’s passive ability. Her Glide allows her to gently and slowly fall down from elevated places. This gives her a lot of control while in the air but it does leave her susceptible to snipers and hit scan heroes like McCree and Widowmaker. When gliding, make sure to move frequently to make it hard for enemies to track your movement.

Her Glide ability matches well with Flight. When using this ability, Echo can fly in any direction. She can reach great heights using Flight. If you use Glide at the right time, it is possible to keep Echo off the ground for the entire game. This is a good strategy if you have close-range heroes like Reinhardt, Reaper, and Roadhog on the enemy team.

The combination of Glide and Flight makes Echo the most mobile hero in the game – even better than Pharah. It does take some practice to master shooting and gliding at the same time though. However, once you do manage it, you can use Echo as a means to take out the enemy support on the backlines.


Echo’s primary fire is called Tri-Shot. As the name suggests, she fires three bullets at the same time through her hands. Keep in mind that each pellet deals its own damage. As such, the best way to use Echo’s Tri-Shot is to get as up close to the enemy as possible so that they get hit with all of the pellets for maximum damage. Although there’s no fall-off damage from her bullets, it’s still best to keep around close to medium-range for Echo.

Sticky Bomb

Many players argue that Echo’s Sticky Bomb is her best skill. Although hard to hit, Sticky Bomb can deal massive damage to heroes. Again, it’s hard to make all of Echo’s bombs hit. As such, you should focus on targeting the walls or the floor. Think of Sticky Bomb not just as a damaging ability, but also one that can clear the ground as well because enemies are sure to avoid it.

Echo’s Sticky Bomb can hurt her too. Even if the bomb is stuck on an enemy, Echo can get damaged if she’s too close. As such, it’s best to step back just in case Echo gets too close to the Sticky Bombs.

Focusing Beam

At a glance, Echo’s Focusing Beam seems like a weak skill. However, the damage it makes increases when the target hero’s life is below half. As such, it is best used against fleeing and/or injured targets. You’ll know that the Focusing Beam is working if it begins to grow larger and louder.


Echo’s ultimate ability is Duplicate. Once used, Echo will duplicate the looks and abilities of a target enemy hero for a certain period. What’s great is that while copying that certain hero, Echo will be able to charge their ultimate ability at a faster rate. That means if you’re copying an enemy hero, you have the chance to use their ultimate ability at least more than once.

While useful, the problem when using Echo is that the enemy team is most likely going to focus their attack on you until Echo’s Duplicate wears out. As such, it would be much better if you coordinate with your team first so that they give you cover throughout the duration of your ultimate. Without proper protection, your ult will be wasted.

When To Use And When Not To Use Echo

Echo’s a situational hero. It’s because the utility of her ultimate ability greatly depends on who the enemy team picks. However, when picking Echo, it’s always best to make sure that she’s accompanied by a good support hero. Some support heroes that work well with Echo include Ana for her Nano Boost and Mercy for her pocket healing.

Overall, Echo is a complex hero to master because using her means you need to be prepared to use the hero she duplicates in battle. You should at least have the basics down of the hero you are duplicating so that you can make the most out of their abilities. As such, Echo is one of the more complex and more rewarding heroes in the game.

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