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Wondering how to unlock weapons in Supergiant Games’ Hades? The answer is Titan Blood! According to Hades’ lore, a terrible power rests within Titan blood. A drop of it awakens memories, memories of the battle these Titans faced, within the weapons now under Zagreus’ possession. Titan Blood is one of the essential Artifact currencies in the game.

How to Get Titan Blood in Hades

Here are the uses of Titan Blood:

  • To unlock and upgrade Weapon Aspects. This allows Zagreus to customize his Infernal Arms.
  • To buy the Stygian Theme from the House Contractor for 10 Titan Blood
  • Ranks can be bought from the Resource Director for 10 Titan Blood and other currencies)

Zagreus cannot upgrade his weapons from the get-go, however. Skelly will mention that Zagreus’ Infernal Arms are glowing once you have unlocked all of them. Then you will be able to upgrade a weapon and see its upgrade tree.

Ready to farm some Titan Blood? Here are a couple of ways to obtain them:


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Zagreus can obtain Titan Blood by defeating the first boss (Megaera, Tisiphone, or Alecto) and the final boss for the first time with each weapon. This means you can collect 12 Titan Blood after using all six weapons for the first time.

After that, you can obtain Titan Blood by raising the Heat on the Pact of Punishment before starting a run. After leaving the Underworld for the first time, this can be unlocked and makes your runs harder but resets the boss rewards or Bounties. However, for each run on a certain Heat level with each of Zagreus’ Infernal Arms, you will have to increase the Heat gauge by an additional point to earn any rewards for using that weapon again. This means finishing a run again with the same weapon on the same Heat level will not grant you any Bounty. After that, you have to raise your Heat level by one to farm more items with the same weapon.

If you fail on finishing a run on a certain Heat level, you will not be able to claim the Bounties from bosses you already defeated, but only from bosses that you have not defeated yet. For example, if on your last run you were not able to defeat Theseus and Asterius, on your next run with the same weapon and the same heat level, you will not get any Titan Blood from the first boss anymore, but you can still obtain Titan Blood if you beat the final boss. 

You can farm up to 240 Titan Blood after finishing every Heat level for each of the Infernal Arms.


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You can purchase Titan Blood from Charon’s Shop in the Temple of Styx if you have 1200 Obols to spare. Although easy to obtain, this is not a great way of obtaining Titan Blood as there are other more valuable items to spend your Obols on. But, if you want to, this method is available nonetheless.

After each run, you can also purchase Titan Blood from the Wretched Broker. Although the Wretched Broker always sells Titan Blood, regularly check for better deals.


The Sturgeon fish in Greece can be exchanged for 1 Titan Blood. Fishing for Sturgeon, however, is not a reliable source of Titan Blood for the following reasons:

  1. Greece is the final area in the game which means you would have to go through each boss and survive. This would take a lot of time.
  2. It is not definite that a fishing spot would spawn once you reach Greece
  3. Sturgeon is classified as a Legendary fish which means catching it would also be tricky.

After every run, you should exchange caught fish with the Head Chef in the kitchen of the House of Hades. Remember to exchange them after every run, as they will not carry over on your next run.


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The Fated List of Minor Prophecies has a few quests that reward Titan Blood, like the Master of Arms for 10 Titan Blood, Harsh Conditions for 15 Titan Blood, Dark Reflections for 8 Titan Blood, and the Wanton Ransacking for 3 Titan Blood.

Final Thoughts

Titan Blood is hard to farm as defeating bosses are needed to obtain it, and, as you progress in farming, the game gets more challenging because of the Heat gauge. You should not worry, though, as getting more Titan Blood means upgrading the Infernal arms, and the more you upgrade Zagreus’ Infernal Arms, the more powerful Zagreus is going to get.

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