How to Get Treasure Chests & Presents in Stardew Valley


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Learn how to get treasure chests and presents in Stardew Valley!

How to Get Treasure Chests & Presents in Stardew Valley

The rarest items in Stardew Valley can be obtained in several ways. Destroying rocks, killing monsters, and cracking open Geodes can guarantee elusive loot. But occasionally, you may also end up with a rare find while trying to catch fish. If you want to know how to acquire treasure through fishing in this game, read on because this guide will tell you about it!

Stardew Valley has many items, and most fans would agree that it will take hundreds of hours before you can collect them all. The rarest items are, of course, the hardest ones to find. Should you enjoy fishing in this game, you might have already found a Treasure Chest plenty of times or have tried fishing in places you did not expect to reel in a Present.

Getting Treasure Chests in Stardew Valley

TreasureChest Minigame

These are the items that can always take anyone by surprise. A Treasure Chest is not technically an item but an icon that pops out while you’re playing the Fishing Mini-Game. You might feel fortunate to encounter a Treasure Chest icon, but obtaining its contents still heavily relies on your fishing skills.

Aside from that, you will also need to level up your Fishing Skills to get even rarer items from Treasure Chests. Some exquisite items will only appear if you fish in the correct Fishing Zone. A Fishing Zone is where your bait usually lands after you cast your rod over the water.

For example, to get your hook to the Fishing Zone of 5, hold down the Tool Button until the meter fills up. In other words, the farther the distance you cast your hook from the land, the higher the Fishing Zone is. 

Each time you cast a rod, you will only get a 15% chance of finding a Treasure Chest. The technique you can use for collecting them is to try getting the Fishing bar and the Treasure Chest bar up high by switching to the two bars. Unfortunately, you can not perfect a catch by doing this, but the contents you will acquire inside a Treasure Chest are very much worth it!

TreasureChest Get

It certainly is not that easy to spot Treasure Chests in Stardew Valley, but here are some items that can increase the likelihood of finding them:

TreasureChests Magnet

Magnet: This is a bait you can attach to your Fishing rod. It boosts your chances of getting Treasure Chests up to 30%. You can craft it using an Iron Bar or purchase it from Willy’s Fish Shop when you reach Level 9 in your Fishing Skill.

TreasureChests TreasureHunter

Treasure Hunter: Equipping a Treasure Hunter can prevent Fish from escaping while you try to grab the Treasure Chest in the Mini-Game. This tackle can be crafted using two Gold Bars or bought from Willy’s shop when you get to Fishing Level 7. However, you can only attach it to the Iridium Fishing Rod.

TreasureChests CorkBobber

Cork Bobber: This tackle stretches the size of the fishing bar, making it easier for you to catch fish while in the Mini-Game. You may buy it from Willy’s Shop after you reach Fishing Level 7, or you can also make it with ten pieces of wood, ten pieces of Hardwood, and ten Slimes.

TreasureChests SeafoamPudding

Cooked Dishes: If you have not had the chance to max out your Fishing skill level, you would likely need to consume Cooked Dishes to increase it temporarily. Some of the easiest meals to prepare are Chowder and Trout Soup, but one of the best ones you can cook is Seafoam Pudding. This dish can enhance your Fishing level to 4, and you can make it using one Flounder, Midnight Carp, and Squid Ink.

5 Rarest Treasure Chest Items in Stardew Valley

It is always a treat to haul in Treasure Chests in Stardew Valley, but finding out what is inside them is an even more pleasant surprise! You might get useful resources such as Diamonds or Iridium Ore, but below are the rarest items you may chance upon while fishing:

Genie Shoes

Getting Footwear items from Treasure Chests is a rare occurrence. Among all the shoes or boots you can fish are Genie Shoes, arguably the best ones you can get. Footwear items are known to raise the Defense and Immunity of their wearer, and Genie Shoes can provide an Immunity boost to 6.

Apart from Genie Boots, you can also find Firewalker Boots, Dark Boots, Thermal Boots, Tundra Boots, Combat Boots, Work Boots, Leather Boots, Rubber Boots, and Sneakers inside Treasure Chests.

Iridium Band

TreasureChests IridiumBand

Regarding Treasure Chests, Rings are another accessory item that is hard to come by. Rings can grant you different passive abilities or status buffs. Consider yourself lucky if you have found an Iridium Band while fishing if you have not gotten one yet. The Iridium Band has the power of three Rings in one—it can boost your attack power, make you glow like a human torch, and automatically pick up enemy loot around you.

Other Rings like the Small Glow Ring, Glow Ring, Small Magnet Ring, Magnet Ring, Amethyst Ring, Topaz Ring, Aquamarine Ring, Jade Ring, Emerald Ring, and Ruby Ring can also be acquired through fishing Treasure Chests.

Dressed Spinner

TreasureChests DressedSpinner

Dressed Spinner is a type of Fishing tackle you can buy from Willy for 1,000g, but you must be at Fishing Level 8 to unlock it in his shop. When attached to your rod, the Dressed Spinner can raise the possibility of getting bites by a Fish. They are not as rare as the other items in this list, but we have included them here because you can only find them in Treasure Chests after reaching Level 6 in your Fishing skill.

Golden Egg

A Golden Egg is unique because you can only obtain it after reaching 100% Perfection, which is not easily achieved in this game. These Eggs are sought after for their Market Price, having a base price of 500g per Egg, but the highest it can go is 1,200g. After you complete the game to a hundred percent, there is a tiny chance you may find a Treasure Chest that contains a Golden Egg.

Prismatic Shard

TreasureChests PrismaticShard

Although it has many uses, the Prismatic Shard is considered one of the rarest items in Stardew Valley. The odds of you catching a Treasure Chest with a Prismatic Shard inside is only as low as 0.012%. High daily luck can raise your chances of getting Prismatic Shards, so you can check out this guide to learn all about elevating your luck. You must also get to Fishing level 6 before acquiring a Prismatic Shard by collecting Chests.

Encountering Fishing Presents

TreasureChests Present

These Secret Collectibles you can discover on certain fishing spots were only recently added in the 1.5 update. Presents appear like Gift Boxes as you reel them in, and you will only discover their contents once they are in your Inventory.

The good thing about Presents is you do not need to play the fishing Mini-Game to collect them. Instead, you will only have to fish in specific areas to get hold of them. 

5 Most Unique Presents

12 Hidden Fishing Presents can be found somewhere in Stardew Valley. Some of these items you can only obtain once. Some are found in places where you least expect them. So, if you are looking for more rare collectibles, here are the 5 Presents you can only come across in unique and inconspicuous locations:

Iridium Krobus

The Iridium Krobus is the perfect centerpiece decor in a dark-themed room! It is purple, made of Iridium Ore, and shaped like Krobus. The statue is located near the Sewers’ entrance in Cindersap Forest. However, you can only reach the Fishing spot if you have gained Level 15 in Fishing. How would that be possible if you only get ten Fishing skill levels? You must eat a Gold Quality Seafoam Pudding mixed with Qi’s Seasoning or use a Rod with the Master enchantment to gain 5 Fishing levels temporarily. It is also worth noting that only one Iridium Krobus can be earned per player.

Squirrel Figurine

TreasureChests SquirrelFigurine

The Squirrel Figurine is a brown-colored piece of furniture that would look splendid when placed beside the Chicken statue, Leah’s Sculpture, and the Bear Statue. Although the Squirrel Figurine appears normal enough, you can deem its location as one of the strangest things in the game.

You can find the stone statue by fishing in the river outside the secret exit of the Volcano Dungeon. As soon as you enter the dungeon, make a path using your Watering Can on the river of lava on your left, and continue walking until you find the secret exit. 


Vista is a painting that gives off a soothing vibe, so it only makes sense to fish it in a pond outside the Spa. Unless you are not trying to acquire the Ornate Necklace after reading Secret Note # 25, you can reel the painting in from that pond. Multiple Vista paintings can be obtained after that, but you will likely get trash here most of the time.

Physics 101

TreasureChests Physics101

Physics 101 is another peculiar painting that you can hang on your wall. Despite the name, you could say that this painting ironically defies physics since you can only find it in the scalding hot part of Ginger Island. You can obtain the painting if you fish at the top of Volcano Dungeon, where the Forge is located. You should count your lucky stars if you acquire this painting, as it is elusive, and you can only get it once in the game.


A painting named ‘Boat,’ which shows an image of none other than a rowboat, is a unique piece of art. You can only obtain it if you own a Beach Farm. On the left side of the Beach Farm’s pond, you can head down to the hidden path leading to the ocean, where you can fish the painting. You can only get one ‘Boat’ painting and not purchase it anywhere else.

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