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Stardew Valley is a farming simulation RPG that can entertain you for hours on end. It was designed to be open-ended, which means you can enjoy living off the land and sprucing up your farm as much as you want. But if you are one of those players who want to seek closure in video games, you might want to try to reach 100% completion and acquire the Statue of True Perfection.

How to Obtain the Statue of True Perfection in Stardew Valley

The Statue of True Perfection is a unique item that closely resembles the Statue of Perfection. While the prior mentioned statue produces a couple of Iridium Ore daily, the Statue of True Perfection gives you one Prismatic Shard a day! Read further if you want to learn how to get your hands on this remarkable piece of furniture. But be warned, as there will be major spoilers for those who have just recently started the game or those who play the mobile version of Stardew Valley.

Keeping Track of All Your Achievements

True Perfection’s Statue is obtained by achieving several milestones, similar to passing Grandpa’s Evaluation. This time, however, it is not just Grandpa you must impress. You also have to gain the approval of Mister Qi.

You might wonder what it takes for someone to perfect the game to a hundred percent? At first, there is no apparent way to keep track of your progress. Not until you get to Ginger Island and access the Perfection Tracker inside Mister Qi’s Walnut Room. You will need to collect a total of 100 Golden Walnuts before you can enter the door found on the western part of the island.

You can locate the deep purple-colored Perfection Tracker on the far right side of the room, next to the large monitor with a glimmering gem above it.

Completing the Game

Like any other farming sim with more than 100 hours’ worth of gameplay, working towards 100% perfection in this game will not only require hard work but also a bit of careful planning. So we have listed down which milestones are the easiest to hit and which ones you need to be prepared for as they might take a long time to accomplish, and this also includes the percentage you can gain for completing each goal.

Farmer Level: 5%

Farming, Mining, Foraging, Fishing, and Combat are all the skills that you can improve as you play the game. You will need to reach level ten in all your Player Skills as it is one of the requirements to get to 100% completion. You will have to keep yourself busy planting seeds, watering crops, taking care of animals, lumbering trees, mining rocks, fighting monsters to gain all the skill levels you need.

Obelisks on Farm: 4%

One of the most achievable milestones is also something you can purchase, but that does not mean that these Obelisks come cheap. Obelisks are Farm Buildings that can teleport you to different places in Stardew Valley. After completing the Dark Talisman and the Goblin Problem quests, they can be bought from the Wizard. These towering pillars cost around 500,000g to 1,000,000g, and you will need to craft 20 Iridium Bars for each Obelisk. As a requirement for perfecting the game, you must have the Island, Desert, Mountain, and Water Obelisks on your farm. Sadly, it will not count if you only possess one or two of them. 

But you can buy all four Obelisks in your third year if you can sustain a steady income of 30,000g to 50,000g per day. It would help if you knew which products are the most profitable ones to sell, especially for crops and artisan products.

Found All Stardrops: 10%

Hidden throughout Pelican Town are the mystical Stardrop Fruits. These star-shaped fruits can be consumed to raise the maximum level of your energy. All in all, there are a total of seven Stardrop Fruits that you can collect. Some of them can be tricky to find, so here is a link to a guide that can assist you in locating all the Stardrop Fruits in Stardew Valley.

Golden Clock on Farm: 10%

The Gold Clock is one of the Farm Buildings that you may buy in the Wizard’s Tower, and it costs a staggering amount of 10,000,000g! But you can purchase this with ease if you’re capable of maximizing your profit in your fourth or fifth year. If you are planning on achieving perfection, you can add the Gold Clock to the list of expensive items that you must save money for.

Golden Walnuts Found: 5%

The Golden Walnut is a currency used to trade with parrots to unlock areas on Ginger Island. A total of 130 Golden Walnuts can be discovered in rocks, enemy drops, trees, artifact spots, the beach or rivers, and other places. There are plenty of hints that can point you to where you can find these walnuts. For instance, the Parrot found in Leo’s house can give you one-liner clues which are often incomplete sentences. Journal Scraps are torn pages of log entries written by an anonymous sailor, and included in those notes are hints as to where you can find some of the Golden Walnuts hidden on the island. 

Spending a lot of time on Ginger Island will give you all the Golden Walnuts you need, and thus, that will make you one step closer to achieving perfection.

Cooking Recipes Made: 10%

Gathering ingredients for cooking can be both enjoyable and laborious. But obtaining cooking recipes is a different matter. All 80 cooking recipes can be acquired by tuning in to the Queen of Sauce program every Sunday, getting along with the villagers, and buying them from merchants and Stardrop Saloon. Should you miss an episode of the Queen of Sauce, the show has a re-run every Wednesday and rotates its episodes every two years.

Great Friends: 11%

Becoming popular in Stardew Valley is a great thing when you want to have broader options for marriage and if you would like to receive gifts or cooking recipes from the residents. Having full hearts with all the NPCs seen in the Relationship Menu requires completing the game.

You will only need to earn at least eight friendship hearts for marriageable NPCs, while you must gain ten hearts with non-marriageable NPCs. Unfortunately for speedrunners, you will not perfect the game in your first year because of Kent. Kent is a non-marriageable resident, and he only arrives in Pelican Town in the Spring of your second year.

Monster Slayer Hero: 10%

You will have to finish all the Monster Eradication Goals in the Adventurer’s Guild to attain 100% completion. Countless monsters spawn and crawl in different dungeons, but you will only need to focus on killing these monsters: Slimes, Void Spirits, Bats, Skeletons, Cave Insects, Duggies, Dust Sprites, Rock Crabs, Mummies, Pepper Rexes, Serpents, and Magma Sprites. Grinding through all this can be a daunting task. Therefore, you may check this guide to help you finish this goal.

Produce and Forage Shipped: 15%

Going for perfection means you will need to sell all 145 items found in the Shipping Collections Tab of the Player Menu. The items you will have to ship are produced on your farm, mined from caverns, or foraged from all over Stardew Valley. This one is arguably one of the hardest tasks to accomplish because you must find a way to acquire rare goods like the Dinosaur Mayonaise and items that are only available in the end-game, such as the Magma Cap, Cinder Shard, Radioactive Ore, etc.

Fish Caught: 10%

One of the goals you will need to complete in the Perfection Tracker is to catch every type of fish in the game. To accomplish this goal, you will have to be dedicated to fishing. Aside from being skilled in fishing, you have to be equipped with the right tools to have a better chance of catching every fish found in Stardew Valley.

There is indeed plenty of fish swimming in the sea, and there are a total of 67 different types of fish you must catch, including all five Legendary Fish!

Crafting Recipes Made: 10%

Crafting items is a major requisite for you to progress through the game. Before gathering and assembling resources, you will also need to fulfill special quests to get their recipes. Other ways to obtain crafting recipes are leveling up your skills and purchasing them from merchants. Suffice to say, crafting all 129 items could be more challenging than most of the goals in this list.

Certain rules differ if you play on Multiplayer Mode with your friends. There is one extra item you will need to craft in this mode: the Wedding Ring. In addition to that, you will only need one of each Obelisk and one Gold Clock if you share a farm with four players. 

When it comes to collecting fish or shipping items, the Perfection Tracker shows the player’s score who has the most progress in a goal or whoever’s closest to completing a milestone. This rule can also be applied in other categories with a score counter, except for the Golden Walnut task. All four players will have a shared counter for the number of Golden Walnuts you collect.

You and the other players will have to divide tasks and work together in completing them if you are all inclined to go for 100% perfection.

Acquiring the Statue of True Perfection (and other Unlockable Content!)

Once you finally complete all the goals mentioned above, you can unlock a special cutscene if you head to The Summit. The Summit is an extended area north of the Railroad, and it can be accessed after you achieve perfection. Without spoiling it too much, you will witness a scene that will showcase all the accomplishments you have gained in your playthrough, coupled with a heartwarming scenario with some of the residents who are closest to you.

After that, you may acquire the Statue of True Perfection the next time you visit Qi’s Walnut Room. The Perfection Tracker will then turn into a Statue that produces one Prismatic Shard a day. You will also see a stone carving of a Stardrop engraved above Grandpa’s Shrine. Apart from that, a strange-looking mask that appears like the avatar of Stardew Valley’s creator, ConcernedApe, can also be retrieved from a monkey in the Volcano Dungeon. Completing the game will also unlock Golden Eggs, which you may purchase from Marnie’s Ranch or Qi’s Walnut Room. You can also get one from the Witch when she randomly flies by your farm to put a spell on your egg in one of your coops.

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