How to Get Valorant Points


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Valorant Points (VP) can be hard to come by, especially for players who are not keen on spending real-life money on the game.

How to Get Valorant Points

For this reason, saving points has become something of a habit among many players. While waiting for sales, many players will only purchase cosmetics for their favorite agents and let the rest of their roster get by with the vanilla assets. Similarly, most prefer grinding Battle Pass Contracts rather than exchanging their VP for Radianite Points.

However, no amount of patience will get you, the VP, to buy all of the skins and gun buddies you want. This article will share several ways to get more Valorant Points and upgrade your agents faster.

How to Get Valorant Points?

The fastest way to get your hands on some VP is to purchase them using your credit card. Although this is the same method that we mentioned so many players avoid, it is nevertheless very straightforward.

You can do so from the in-game store if you do not mind spending real money on Valorant Points.

Currently, Valorant Points come in packs of 475, 950, 1,900, 3,325, 4,750, and 9,500, with the smallest pack costing $4.99 and the largest $99.99. It is worth mentioning that, from the 950 pack onward, every purchase comes with bonus VP. For example, if you choose the 1,900 pack, you will get 2,050 Valorant Points.

valorant points 1

However, purchasing from the store is not the only way to get more VP. There are alternative and more exciting ways to acquire the currency.

How to Get Valorant Points Without a Credit Card?

One of the most exciting ways to get Valorant Points without using your credit card is through artwork.

Instead of exchanging money for VP, you can trade your creative effort to earn some points. Submitting game-related artwork can earn you a certain amount of Valorant Points, depending on the game representative’s decision.

The artwork you submit can be anything, from drawings to audio clips, as long as the content is tied to the game. Here is what you need to do to earn VP with your artwork:

  1. Go to the Valorant support website and log in with your account.
    Valorant support page
  2. Click the “Hamburger” button in the upper right corner to open the drop-down menu.
  3. Go to “Submit a Ticket.”
    submit request
  4. In the “Choose a Request Type” field, pick either “General Game and Feedback” or “Purchases & In-game Content.”
    opition 1
  5. Fill out your ticket with a task request or upload the artwork right away. You can also specify how many Valorant Points you would like to get, although that will not necessarily be the amount on your account.
    fill up the form
  6. Submit the ticket and wait for a representative to reply.

If you are successful, you will receive some Valorant Points. However, the downside of this method is that you can only do it once. Also, the maximum number of VP you can get this way is 50, regardless of the quality of your artwork.

How to Get Valorant Points Cheaper or for Free?

Unfortunately, there are not many methods of getting VP at a lower price or for free. Most of the options include participating in giveaways or finding websites that offer small discounts.

However, keep in mind that none of those options are official or dependable. Various influencers claim to give away Valorant Points to people who engage with their content, but winning VP that way comes down to chance.

While other websites may have excellent offers, they can also be of suspicious origin. For that reason, it is best to stick to regular purchases and refrain from sharing your credit card or other personal information with third-party sites.

What Can You Do With Valorant Points?

As a premium in-game currency, Valorant Points can purchase different cosmetics and Radianite Points.

Cosmetics have five categories: skins, titles, gun buddies, sprays, and cards. Each of these types can change the appearance of your Agents, their weapons, or other in-game visuals.

Skins apply to weapons and range from simple recolors to those that change your weapon drastically, both in appearance and animations.

vandal gia 1

Titles are an addition to your in-game name, and they are shown in the player lobby and loading screen.

Title 2 1

Gun buddies represent various charms you can attach to your weapon.

buddies 1

Sprays are graffiti-like images you can place on any map surface. You can equip three sprays, and some come with animation or sound effects.

spray 1

Cards can change different parts of your account, including your icon, loading screen, and background image.


Radianite Points represent another in-game currency, and you can spend them on evolving your weapons. The modifications you can purchase using Radianite Points include different animations and effects, sounds, finishers, and skin variants for store-purchased skins.

radianaite points 1

While you can spend VP to buy Radianite Points, the opposite is impossible. You also can not purchase new Agents with Radianite Points or spend them on tier upgrades for Battle Pass.

Although nothing you buy with Radianite Points will give you an in-game advantage, the upside is that, unlike VP, you can acquire Radianite Points through gameplay.

Spend Your Valorant Points Wisely

Valorant Points are a rare commodity in the game, and the only viable way to get a significant amount of them is through real-money purchases. Alternative methods of getting Valorant Points either will not be reliable enough or will not get you a considerable amount of the currency.

With that being the case, it is best to keep to the proven method and save up your VP for essential purchases only. You can invest in the game carefully, wait for sales, and track how many VP you need for the next upgrade.

While this is not the ideal solution, it is currently the best. Now that you have learned everything about getting Valorant Points, you know how to use the VP you have most efficiently.

How many Valorant Points do you have? What do you plan to buy with them? Let us know in the comment section below.

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