How to Get Water in My Time at Sandrock


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My Time at Sandrock is an open-world RPG and crafting sim packed with content that will keep you entertained for hours on end — despite still being an Early Access game. Like its predecessor, My Time at Portia, your goal is to help rebuild a town and gain prosperity after suffering a devastating cataclysmic event. 

How to Get Water in My Time at Sandrock

You begin your journey as a fledgling builder, crafting objects for commissions and gathering all the available resources you can get. Water is one of the most important resources you will need to stock up on in this game.

Water Craft2

Water cools down all the machines or crafting stations in your workshop. Without water, your production machines will overheat and stop functioning. It is made and processed in the Worktable after you collect ten pieces of Dew.

Since the game is set in the desert, resources like wood and water may seem scarce. However, you can gather enough water adequate to your needs if you know the best methods to obtain them.

Ball Cactus

Water BallCactus2

What Sandrock lacks in Trees makes up for all the small plants or bushes scattered throughout the desert. There’s a long list of plants you can discover and record in your encyclopedia.

Plants can drop fiber, wood, flowers or fruit, and dew. But mostly, you can look for small cactus plants shaped like a sphere as they have a higher chance of yielding dew. Apart from that, it does not take a lot of stamina to chop them down as they can break easily.

Water ThornyJumper

But be careful, as you may hit Thorny Jumpers that resemble Ball Cacti. Thorny Jumpers are passive monsters but can hurt you with spikes if you attack them. 

Ball Cactus plants spawn near Cactus trees, so you may also want to watch out where you hit your axe because you may accidentally chop these trees down and get penalized by Burgess for logging.

Aside from plants, you can also spot several foraged items and rocks that contain dew in the southern outer areas of the town.

Water World

Water Waterworld2b

One of the ways you can get water fast is by purchasing them from Water World. The Water World shop is managed by Burgess, where you can buy various farming materials.

Considering water is an invaluable commodity in Sandrock, Burgess will sometimes sell it at a higher price. But that depends on how many water jugs he has got in stock.

If Burgess has 250 water jugs, he will sell them for 400 Gols each. If he has 50 in stock, he will sell water for 200 Gols. And if he has only 25 water jugs, you can purchase each for as low as 50 Gols.

Dew Collector

Water DewCollector

The best method for getting a steady water supply is to use a Dew Collector. It is a machine that collects moisture from the air.

Diagrams can be purchased at the Research Center with Data Discs. Wait three days until Qi, the local researcher, emails you the diagram which displays the materials you must gather to make a Dew Collector. (You can also give Qi more Data Discs to speed up the research process.) You can craft the Dew Collector at the Assembly Station after getting its Diagram.

Gather 3 Wood Sticks, 3 Basic Leather, 2 Marble Bricks, and 2 Stone Troughs to craft a Dew Collector.

Wood Sticks can easily be crafted in the Worktable if you have a couple of pieces of wood. You will need a total of 9 pieces to make 3 Wood Sticks.

Stone Troughs can also be crafted in the Worktable. You must gather 12 Stones to make the required 2 Stone Troughs.

Basic Leather comprises 3 Raw Animal Skins and 1 Sea Salt. Raw Animal Skin can be purchased from the Wandering Y store and loot Wild Yakmel. Sea Salt is sold at the By The Stairs and Blue Moon To-Go shops.

Get four pieces of Marble to make Marble Bricks. Marbles can be mined from Hard Rocks and Raw Minerals in the outskirts of Sandrock. But you will need to upgrade your pickaxe to Bronze quality to cran.

You can also process it in the Furnace. However, you are required to buy its recipe first from the Commerce Guild Store.

Water Tankinside

Build at least f You can also purchase Marble for 12 Gols from the Construction Junction shop next to the City Hall. You can regularly check the water level in your tank outside your house to prevent it from running dry.

If you have some extra water supply, you can also give them away to NPCs as gifts. Most of the residents of Sandrock will also be pleased to receive water for free. 

And that is how you can obtain Water in My Time at Sandrock! For beginners looking for the most effective methods to get Wood in this game, check out our How to Get Wood in My Time At Sandrock guide.

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