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The Queen of the Southern Seas

Make way for your Queen! Yes, you heard it right. The Queen of the Southern Seas has arrived. Do not be fooled by her beauty. Kadita can destroy an enemy with one combo. Like the lightning-powered mage Eudora, this aqua hero can be an impossible threat to assassins, marksmen, and even fellow mages. Combined with her tricky skills and burst ultimate, enemies will indeed be killed– primarily when she uses the bushes to her advantage. So enemies, beware. You have been warned.

Mobile Legends: Beginners Guide to Kadita

Kadita is a beautiful yet formidable mage hero who uses water as her magic power. She can transform into a mermaid when she uses her first skill. She is also a burst-type of hero. Her skills, when used correctly, have great power against other heroes. Her passive enables her to heal after receiving damage. Indeed, Kadita may be the hero everyone should watch out for.


We always say that the best battle spell for any hero is the one you are comfortable using. However, with Kadita, we advise you to use one of these three: Execute, Petrify, Flicker. Execute inflicts damage to enemy heroes. This is used whenever an enemy is about to die. This particular battle spell is used to finish the job once an opponent has a low HP.

On the other hand, Petrify sets an enemy into a paralyzed state. Use this to stun your enemies, then immediately cast your combo. Lastly, Flicker transports you a short distance. Players use this to make sure those who try to escape are hunted and killed.


Increasing Kadita’s CD reduction will allow her to use her skills repeatedly. She can either use it to attack or to escape from enemies. Magic lifesteal may be helpful when she casts her spells. This will heal her each time she lands a magic attack on her opponents. Moreover, an increased magic penetration also increases the effectiveness of your magic power. This means with higher magic penetration, the higher effect against enemy heroes’ magic defense. Lastly, use Impure Rage to harness extra magic damage and restore more mana.


DEMON SHOES provide increased mana regeneration and additional movement speed. This starter item is perfect for heroes who consume mana like Kadita. These boots are a must-have, especially during the early game, to give her the advantage of sustaining her lanes as long as possible.
CLOCK OF DESTINY should be bought next after the boots. This item gradually gives Kadita an additional HP aside from its magic power blessing, perfect for our Impure Rage mage emblem unique attribute. Remember that Impure Rage’s magical power also depends on the hero’s health points. With the added HP, your hero’s power will also increase.
LIGHTNING TRUNCHEON works best for Kadita since she has relatively wider Area of Effect (AoE) skills. This item provides additional magic damage for each casted spell to surrounding enemies, both creeps and enemy heroes.
HOLY CRYSTAL, when bought as early as possible, will surprise your enemies. This item gives your skills an added percentage of magic power. The proportion is dependent on your total magic power at present. This increases as you increase your hero’s level.
GENIUS WAND scales down the enemies’ magic defenses depending on your level. This means that your magic attack becomes more effective and powerful.
MAGIC WINGS is dubbed as the final equipment for mage heroes. This item gives the highest magic power of all magical items available in the game. A powerful 150 magic points are added to your hero once you acquire this equipment. Not only that, but this also provides an additional HP and magic shield against mage enemies.


1. OCEAN ODDITY allows Kadita to transform into a mermaid along with an ocean wave. Kadita and the wave she summoned will travel in a specific direction dealing magical damage to enemies along that path. She will return to her original position at the end of the skill. You may stop Kadita from coming back to her position by clicking on her first skill again. In this form, she is immune to any crowd control effects. Using this skill also lets Kadita travel through walls. Powerful, right?

2. BREATH OF THE OCEAN is Kadita’s second skill. She places an ocean wave in a particular area. After a few seconds, this wave will splash upward, causing any enemy in that area to be stunned. This skill is perfect when you set up for a clash or a combo.

3. ROUGH WAVES is Kadita’s ultimate skill. She dives into the place where she stands, inflicting magic damage to nearby enemies. After a few seconds, she will return, summoning ocean waves dealing magic damage. This particular skill makes Kadita a powerful magic burst hero. Keep out of the bushes, enemies!

This strong water mage is not as popular as other mage heroes. She is tricky to use and takes time to master her combos. However, with the right amount of patience and proper practice, you and Kadita can be unstoppable. Players use her as an assassin. The following are additional tips:

Her best gameplay is to hide among the bushes. Strike once the enemy is near.
-During team clashes, wait for the tank to set before going deeper into the battle zone.
-Focus on eliminating mages, assassins, and marksmen. If you target tanks, you may fail in killing them with your combo.
-Use Kadita’s first skill in escaping certain death. Travel through walls to succeed.
-Timing is very important in this aqua hero. Be sure to practice your timing.

THERE YOU HAVE IT! Nobody commands the deep ocean except the Queen of the Southern Seas. But why only the south, right? We still have to wait for Moonton to update us on this. For now, take her as your partner, and you will go up in the ranks in no time. Were you able to do it? How many wins did you have with Kadita? Tell us your story in the comment section!

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