God of War Ragnarok: How To Return To Temple of Light


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If you are curious about how to return to the Temple of Light in God of War Ragnarok, this guide will show you how!

God of War Ragnarok: How To Return To Temple of Light

God of War Ragnarok may have brought players to new places across the Nine Realms, but Kratos and Atreus have also found themselves returning to realms from the first game.

At one point in the game, the duo find themselves in the Temple of Light in Alfheim, and though players spend a good chunk of their time trying to escape the temple, some have realized that it’s actually kind of tricky getting back.

While some think that the exit to the temple would be closed for good, some have discovered a way around it, opening up the way for players to try and complete any collectibles they left behind when they were first going around the temple.

First Visit to the Temple of Light

Alfheim is one of the main realms of the World Tree, and its main residents are the Elves–particularly the Dark and Light Elves. The realm is where the Light of Alfheim is located, and it’s said to be the source of power for the Bifrost and can be used to traverse the realms via Tyr’s Temple.

When Kratos and Atreus first visit Alfheim, they discover that the Light has been blocked out by the Dark Elves, who constantly struggle with their Light counterparts over generations. Thanks to Kratos and Atreus, the Light of Alfheim gets released again, and the realm begins to shine anew.

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In Ragnarok, Kratos, Mimir, and Tyr plan a visit to Alfheim to visit the Jotunn shrine of Groa—just to learn more about the prophecy or Ragnarok. Though Odin thinks that Ragnarok will destroy the nine realms, it’s revealed that a warrior would unite the realms against Asgard, and the Aesir’s home would be destroyed.

Players can find all kinds of Easter Eggs and treasures on their first visit to the Temple of Light, but after exiting, you’ll find that most of the quests take place around the deserts of Alfheim.

Of course, some players want to complete the game and return to the Temple of Light to catch up on what they missed, but several players have expressed how difficult it is to return to the temple.

Pass-Through the Strond

It has been said that players must have already acquired the Draupnr Spear when deciding to return to the Temple of Light. Back in Alfheim, return to the pathway called The Strond, and tracing back the steps should lead players back to a bridge leading to a gate of the Temple of Light.

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Admittedly, some players still find that though they get to the gate, they still have trouble entering the temple. Though some players think that they should go Southwest into the cavern of the temple, they should be going Eastwards and up, which will allow them to loop around the path and back into the Temple.

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There are ten collectible items in the Temple of Light: 2 Artefacts, 3 Legendary Chests, 2 Lore Scrolls, a Nornir Chest, and 2 of Odin’s Ravens.

While there are some collectibles that players can go for. At the same time, they are at the temple for the first time, it’s pretty easy to miss out on some items, especially since the location gets locked off after you complete the main narrative involving the temple.

Legendary Chest #2

During Groa’s Secret quest, head up some stairs and slant to the right. There is a spot on the left where you can drop down. Once you do, take the next left and drop down even further. Another left turn will reveal the chest.

Legendary Chest #3

Found during Groa’s Secret quest, upon finding another light door, you will discover a part where you can drop down on the left. Down there, go through some round, gold doors. You will find a chain that you will have to pull down. While holding it, throw the axe at the Twilight Stone. Then release the chain and recall the axe; go down again, and you can open the chest.

Legendary Chest #4

Also found during Groa’s Secret, after the first encounter with Light Elves, there will be a point from which to grapple, but swing over to the left instead of grappling across. Use the Blades to swing the Twilight Stone and bounce the axe off it as it swings to the right. Use the revealed grapple points to go upward, and you’ll find the chest there.

Nornir Chest #3

Available during the Groa’s Secret mission, you’ll see a chest on the right after you push over the statue to create a light bridge. Inside is a Horn of Blood Mead.

Odin’s Raven #2

Accessible during Groa’s Secret, some stairs will curve right. You can spot a place on the left where you can drop down. Follow the path to the right, and you’ll see a raven behind a metal grate. You must bounce the axe off the Twilight Stones to get the bird.

Odin’s Raven #3

Found during Groa’s Secret Mission, after you open the third Nornir Chest, Kratos will have to battle some Light Elves. Upon exiting, climb the stairs to the right, and you’ll spot the raven on the balcony to the left.

Artefact (Visions After Rest)

Found during the Groa’s Secret quest. A room has a light door and a broken barrier on the right. Nearby is a grappling point; climbing it would lead you to the artefact that’s on the floor to the left.

Artefact (Spirits Within Walls)

Found during Groa’s Secret; above the light door, there’s an opening. The Artefact can be found on the left on a small table.

Rune Read #2 (Limitless)

Located during Groa’s Secret, there is an elevator in the room with two statues on either side. Go up and look right. Firing a sonic arrow at the right statue will release a grapple point. Go back down and use the grapple to get across; on the right will be the Rune.

Lore Scroll #1 (The Bifrost Bridge)

Found during Groa’s Secret, go up some stairs that curve right; a spot on the left can be seen where you can drop down. Once there, take the next left, and at the end of the path will be the Scroll.

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